By Su Choi (McDonough, GA, USA)


Came out as a comic series by Frank Miller in 1998, the 300 was brought back to life as a movie this time directed by Zack Snyder. Starring Gerald Butler and Lena Headey, this movie is about the story of King Leonidas in the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C.

The movie itself starts out as one of the survived Spartans from the Battle of Thermopylae, Dilios (played by David Wenham) narrating the story of King Leonidas from his birth to his death. As the power of the Persia becoming stronger and threatening the liberty of Sparta and the whole Greece, King Leonidus and his three hundred Spartans sacrifice their lives to take a charge of delaying the march of the army of “God-King” Xerxes. With a little help from other Greek alliances, Spartans create a wall between the famous valley in Thermopylae and attempt to hold off the Persian army. Even though the enemy numbers are over a million, well-trained Spartans are able to just butcher the weak, ill-equipped Persians. Used to be known as an unstoppable force in Asia, Xerxes is now worrying about whether he should abandon his campaign or not.

Vivid and flawless computer designs and soundtracks shed new light on once thought to be forgotten three hundred Spartans. Gruesome battle scenes and some sexual contents in the movie make it difficult to watch for some immature audiences, but it is one of the most exciting movies and it will keep audiences at the edge of their seats the whole time.

Acting is superb for not only the main characters but the entire cast in the movie and makes 300 unique and unconventional film experience for viewers. With a bittersweet ending, the movie will leave viewers heartbroken yet satisfied. Bottom line, it is one of the best war films ever created in movie history.


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