By Reno Rangan


Rediscovering an Old Friendship in a Long Walk

I am very impressed for the recent films of Robert Redford, but the timings were really bad. His one man show All is Lost that overlapped with the popular flick Life of Pi, and now this with Tracks and Wild. People tend to choose the big one and forget the small one, or simply point the finger to the other one for having similarities. Anyway, I wanted to see it, and I did that.

Like the Pacific Crest Trail from the movie Wild which is from the western part of the Unites States, this one is from the east called Appalachian Trail and both of these are biographical films. It’s a six month trail that covers approximately 2,000 kilometers and even after learning that the odds are not in their favor, these two old men embark on their journey with the only thing fixed in their mind to achieve their goal.

I did not know it was a screen adaptation of a real event. I won’t consider it a great movie, not even for the year 2015, but it was fun to watch. A sweet little movie that I expected something, but it delivered another thing, overall it satisfied me. Maybe the reason I’m showing concern for this is it is a comedy, so it looked more like an entertainment product than an inspiring theme. But you can’t deny the seriousness apart from those fun bits that it was based on someone’s memoir. Especially knowing those two men are in the twilight of their lives and their attempt was admirable.

“No, writers don’t retire. We either drink ourselves
to death or blow our brains out.”

I always love children and older people movies with quality narration. Children’s films are fun to watch and elder’s teaches us their experiences, sometimes sympathy wins for their struggles. There were a couple big female star characters who are part of the story but not in the main narration. This film centers only on two characters that’s wonderfully played by the 80 year-old Robert Redford as a 60 year-old Bill Bryson and the other one was Nick Nolte as Katz who actually stole the show. Yep, I must agree Nick Nolte is the backbone of the movie; otherwise the people would have turned away without showing any interest in this including myself.

This film was not all about the hiking or achieving something out of all of a sudden in their old age. It gives us a few glimpses of the beautiful landscapes like those we’ve seen in the 17th, 18th century paintings. Despite it being a comedy, mostly it dealt with facts, rediscovering a lost friendship and uncovering old memories. The entire life was brought back for a few minutes in words for us with their sweet recalls.

It is an R rated flick because the majority of the jokes were adult’s. If you decide to watch it, I suggest to give it a try with your best friend, because you both might be seeing the future of yourselves. My finishing statement is, it is definitely not a must see, but it won’t disappoint either if you’re not anticipating in a large scale adventure that includes emotions and harshness. If it was from before the 90s it would probably be considered as a good film, but in this modern CGI world, movies about life and self-discovery is fading away from young people’s mind. All they want is superheroes, loud music, fancy costumes, and of course violence.

Rating: 7/10



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