By Amy Rosenfeld (New York City)


I recently saw the new movie Annie, where the main character, Annie is African American. This was a twist on the first movie and play. There are several similarities between the two movies. First, both characters are orphans with the same first name. In addition, in both films they live with a foster parent and other orphans. Likewise, both characters who play orphan Annie like to sing and perform; both character Annie’s have a dog named Sandy, and finally, they each get taken in by a caring parent/parents.

There are also some differences in the new movie Annie. In the most recent movie, as of December 2014, the African American Annie gets taken in by an African American rich fellow. He flirts with a white female co-worker, and you can tell that they like each other as friends as well.

The plot of the movie thickens when Annie finds out through chatter or rumor that they think they have tracked down her birth parents. However, there is something a bit suspicious about this scene. It turns out that the couple who claims that they are Annie’s real parents are not, and try to take her away, though they do not succeed and Annie ends up being adopted by the rich African American man who was running for mayor, and working hard, but by the end of the film, he withdraws his mayoral candidacy and instead decides to adopt Annie and invites his white female co-worker to join him and Annie to make a family.

I like the movie, because it has character, and a nice ending, though, my heart thumps hard during the part of the movie when Annie is in the car with her dog Sandy and realizes that the couple who claimed to be her birth parents are not really her birth parents.

I hope that there is a sequel to this movie; or an Annie number 3 movie, with a different twist; maybe an Annie who has a disability and is taken in by a family and helped by that family.

Finally, I liked the twist with this movie, that a rich African American working fellow adopted Annie, and at the same time, invited a white female co-worker to join him and Annie, to make the family whole. I feel that this was a good twist on the movie, because it highlights mixed marriage, which is becoming more prevalent in today’s world.

I give this movie a thumbs up.


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