By Ketan Gupta (Bangalore)


Argo was easily one of the best film of 2012 with fantastic direction, tight screenplay and catchy story line.

Argo is the name of a fake movie created by CIA-Canadian collaboration to escort 6 fugitive Americans from highly-tensed Iran.

Ben Affleck (Gone Baby Gone, The Town) is getting better and better with each film. Gone Baby Gone was more of crime-drama, whereas The Town was more of action-thriller but with Argo he has cemented his status as a matured director. Argo, loosely based on the true events taking place in the 80’s era, was directed with aplomb. Affleck made sure he handles the sensitive subject effectively and the outcome was awesome. Screenplay is engrossing. The moment you are in the film, you will be impatient to know how will be the hostages freed from devastating state of Iran. Cinematography is eye-catching capturing the beautiful city of Istanbul, Turkey. Art direction is great. The 80’s period has been shown very-well.

Performances by the cast is good, however, it’s Affleck show all the way. Not only is he a good director but a great actor as well. His action spoke more rather than words and was very expressive. Alan Arkin gives in a good support.

Overall, Argo was one of the finest movies produced in 2012. It will be remembered for depicting a true story with accurate details and amazing direction.

Rating: Very Good 4/5

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