By Jacob Broussard (Texas)


As of the past two years or so, I have found that almost every single one of these so-called “horror” movies that I have gone to see while in the theatre’s are nothing but diminished deviations of ideas that are all originating from a movie from the past that was once either, a good movie or a movie that is a “classic”. Typically, all the audience is left with are new characters and a slightly different twist in this “new” movie. If that sounds familiar to you then do not let your mind drift somewhere else because As Above, So Below is a phenomenal movie!

I am sure when in the concept stage of writing and/or directing a new “horror movie” in our modern day it must be a truly grueling process to create a film that can keep the audience on the edge of their seats’ (literally, not just figuratively) but still retains an unused and authentic plot. The timing of both the writer and the directors’ idea to bring this real-life monumental burial grounds to the movie screens of Hollywood – with the addition of few myths or unknowns made true – really helped in making this movie flourish. This movie by far exceeded the expectations that I once had after seeing only the trailer and the ‘fresh off the bus’ cast line-up that the movie had.

(Spoiler alert – beginning the third line down)

The aftermath of this movie is quite surprising; the whole idea that nobody can truly be sure of what lies within the deepest crevice(s) of these bewildering tunnels truly can leave any normal person questioning the catacombs to some extent. After seeing the proclaimed – SPOILER ALERT – “entrance to hell” towards the end of the movie, a person might find himself or herself drifting deep into the realm of curiosity. The fact there is a numerous amount of legitimate missing person’s cases filed with the local police in Paris in which the typical case has a situation where an individual was last known to be in the catacombs.

This just adds to the whole “it is even scarier because it is real” factor, in the movie. Regardless of whether this film made/makes someone want to go explore the catacombs, or if it just makes an individual want to stay away without a doubt, you can at least say As Above, So Below genuinely made you contemplate different things regarding the movie and/or the Paris Catacombs, themselves.

This is one hell’uva (pun intended) movie between the strong plot and that it bases some of the creepy footage off of the real Paris Catacombs and the grim nature of the mysterious occurrences that have gone unsolved. The plot is not the only part of the movie that was good; the cast actually surprises the audience with their ability to show genuine fear for such extended durations of the movie. It is also evident that the characters in the movie were created with passion and delicacy. The audience almost becomes inspired seeing that regardless of who or what tries to stop Scarlett and George, they maintain an impeccable level of determination to do what is needed and still care for each other at the same time.

Finally, the depth of the script itself and the thought process that had to occur before the writing itself must have been intense because there was a significant arousal of idealism within the audience. Despite some of the bad reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie gets a 5/5 rating from me.


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