By Sooraj Subash (Bangalore)


First thing I have to say about the movie Bangalore Days is – WOW!!

So much can be spoken about this film. It is one of those which whilst you are watching it you are unsure what to think, and when it finishes you feel completely overwhelmed by what you have just seen. All of this and the film isn’t really about anything on the surface and doesn’t have any major scenes to get you on the edge of your seat. It is simply a film with fantastically written and acted characters that you care about and want to follow on their journey, which is the brilliance with this film. It is very easy to start a film interestingly and convincingly but it is much, much difficult to END it interestingly and convincingly. And this film manages this!!!

Bangalore Days moves with an energetic and liquid flow from the first. Scene follows scene with imperceptible grace, never held too long, never cut short. The visual rhythm is perfectly sustained. There aren’t any wrong notes. The whole cast are constantly alive and right. Bangalore Days is a stylistic triumph from first moment to last. This is very assured, almost blessรจd, filmmaking. It vibrates with such life, love and energy. This film will keep you laughing hysterically while unexpected turns may leave you sad and perplexed. Bangalore Days is yet another example of fine Malayalam cinema that plays like a movie but feels like a novel.

I went into this movie knowing all the strong reviews and I expected to be underwhelmed. But I wasn’t. The film impressed the hell out of me. By all means – a clever and deep film. Every scene drips with colour. Bangalore both shines and fades in different lights. The movie gets a big push with Sameer Thahir’s superb cinematographic skills and a brilliant composition of music by Gopi Sundar.

Coming to the performances, the entire cast has done a terrific job at keeping the flow of conversations very natural or in capturing their characters’ dilemma & other emotions with Parvathy Menon impressing the most. The characters certainly seem to jump out – living and breathing at you. And even the lesser characters are well-played and well-defined.

Another great aspect of Bangalore Days is how the female leads in the movie were not given the ditsy, self-indulgent, shallow personality most female actors in Malayalam films are insulted with. Anjali Menon creates a set of striking women, both internally and externally.

On an overall scale, Bangalore Days is a firmly crafted movie that wonderfully presents the mastery of Anjali Menon over every filmmaking aspect. She is a great director and deserves to be considered as one of the best working today.

How this simple movie manages to be so good is a mystery. It is not glamorous, but yet it’s mystical and beautifully romantic. Not much happens in the story, but that’s the absolute charm of this movie. It is the unsaid that is dramatic and emotional. This is a really eye-opening film and one that must be seen several times to appreciate all its subtexts. And it’s damn fun to watch, too!

Bangalore Days is an exuberant and adventurous work of ‘pure cinema’, reminiscent of the ambitious, visually candid, highly personal Malayalam films of 1980’s when script and performance meant more than spectacle. We can only hope for more unflinching and challenging films from Anjali Menon and her contemporaries. The film industry needs it.

Enough people have written about most of the beautiful things in this movie, so I won’t repeat all of that. What needs to be said, though, is that Anjali Menon is a Genius. Sometimes a movie comes along that is extra, extra special and this is one of those movies. This is one of those films that makes two hours seem like fifteen minutes. All and all, watching this film is a definite boost to your senses and minds.

So there – I said it. Now feel it, believe it and love it. It’s there. Just see it, you will not be let down! I wish I could see a dozen more movies each year as fresh, spontaneous and honest as this one. Once again Bravo to all concerned!! You have a made winner!! Two thumbs WAY UP!!! We really need more movies like this!!!! Thanks and Congratulations!

Malayalam Cinema should be in a Buoyant Mood after this film.

Cheers to another Celebration of Life! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


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