By Reno Rangan


Emotional Dispute for an Innocent Young Soul

One of the beautiful melodrama’s of the year. It is a partial courtroom drama and it was about a biracial kid, whose grandparents fight to own the custody. Obviously a sensitive matter, but incredibly well written screenplay that balanced both stories. This kind of theme is always welcomed, but in this case, again, the critics ruined the movie. It should have been in the Oscar race in any category, but it wasn’t. The reason is simple, when it’s a film about famous people and histories it’s always going to have the edge over the fictional film world.

Child custody battle is a most familiar theme, but not a very common one. In this film the characters are so special and this made a huge difference with an interesting opening plot. At some point I felt scenes were very intensified and old fashioned, but the story and dialogues were not. Lots of emotional scenes involved right from the first frame, especially one of the courtroom scenes in the third act which was a turning point in the story that was so touching. Families are definitely going to love that particular part.

“Well, there are certain things a man can do,
certain thing a woman can do.”

Top notch performances, especially Kevin Costner, and Octavia Spencer in some crucial parts. Apart from them it has some cheerful humour. A movie that is not pinpointing the mistakes of the past like some of the recent films depicted, but looking forward to the future and unifying by removing fences. As a living creature, the conflict within is not invalid, even non-living substances have them when they come together in the form of chemical reaction. So as we’re civilised, it must be minimised. Happy or sad ending, it does not matter, because it is simply delivering a message about the difference between good and bad.

The kid was the centre of the story formation, but the screenplay did not design her to dominate because her presence was vital than to display a stunning performance, as it was a conflict between two different race of people. But how the kid gets affected as the confrontation gets ugly as the story progresses is the point to develop ahead. So that brings us to the climax, and you should watch the movie to know how it all ends. I would say it is a very underrated movie and needs immediate recognition. It’s going to be one of those movies that will be praised in the future.

Rating: 8.5/10



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