By Spencer Green (Davenport, IA)


Pixar’s at it again!

At first look I was considering skipping this movie, but then decided that since it was made by Pixar that it wouldn’t be as it seemed. Sure enough it came to no surprise that I ended up highly enjoying this movie! The very first thing that I noticed was its magnificent music. Now, you can normally tell when a movie will be good when it starts out with a solid introduction, and this one did not disappoint!

The music was something all in of itself, and got me thinking of medieval times right away. Almost instantly the music drew me in, and I happily took the bait. I eventually learned that this music would hold strong throughout the entire movie, and that is key to having a good overall outlook. Next we have the graphics. The animation and graphics of this movie were spectacular. Everything appeared to be a lush and powerful color that vibrantly spread throughout the lands. Not only was this a major factor in the movie, but the animation was flawless! Every characters action was so realistic I could hardly believe it. The animation made the characters seem more relatable and created a feel as though you were a part of the movie itself.

Now, the story line was a little drawn back then I was hoping. Now, what do I mean by that? Well, to put it simply how many of you have seen a movie where a witch gives a potion to someone and transforms them then they have to survive against their own family and friends in order to get their life back. Well, all of us have if you’ve seen Brother Bear. The movies story line was lacking in the unique department, but made up for it quite nicely with the character development.

The overall performance was magnificent! Every time I heard any form of dialog I couldn’t help but think that the voice actors were spot on. It went with a flow just as any normal conversation would in real life. The movie itself didn’t move along to fast, and it didn’t take too long. By this I was able to stay completely captivated by the film. Now, after careful consideration I would deem this movie worthy of achieving the score of 8.5 out of 10!

So, is it worth seeing? Absolutely, I wouldn’t have missed this movie for anything!

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