Starring: Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey, Jim Broadbent, Sally Phillips, Jessica Hynes, Shirley Henderson, Gemma Jones, Emma Thompson, Ed Sheeran

Romantic comedy sequel directed by Sharon Maguire and written by Helen Fielding, David Nicholls, and Emma Thompson, based on the fictional columns by Fielding. The story continues following Bridget (Renée Zellweger) as she enters her 40s and finds herself unexpectedly expecting with two men in her life, Mark Darcy and Jack Qwant (Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey). Bridget now has to figure out who’s the father of her baby.


Best Quotes from Trailer:


[as Bridget enters the church in her wedding dress to walk down the aisle]
Bridget Jones: [voice over] So there I was surrounded by my friends and all ready for my happy ever after. At least that’s how I pictured it.
[we see Bridget sat alone in her apartment, with a plate containing a single cupcake with a candle in it]
Bridget Jones: [voice over] The reality was much more single.
[we hear Celine Dione singing “All By Myself”]
Bridget Jones: [voice over] Oh, fuck off.
[she turns off the song]


Bridget Jones: [voice over] Still not to dwell on the negatives, many positives to note. I’m absolutely loving my new life. have tough job as producer of new program. And maintain good relationship with ex. And my love life is showing signs of improvement. Aside from one tiny development, everything is completely under control. Sort of.


Bridget Jones: [voice over] Dear diary, it’s a sort of funny story. A few months ago I met Jack.


Executive: I’m looking for someone dynamic to lead. Any volunteers?
[Bridget puts up her hand]
Executive: Do you need the bathroom, Bridget?
[Bridget chuckles]


Mark Darcy: How are you?
Bridget Jones: Very well, thanks. How are you?
Mark Darcy: I’m fine.
[leans in to bartender and says quietly]
Bridget Jones: Glass of wine.
[Mark does the same on the other side of the bar]
Mark Darcy: Can I have a whisky, please.
Bridget Jones: Big glass.
Mark Darcy: Double.


[talking on the phone to Bridget about her night with Jack]
Shazza: So it lasted six hours.
Shazza’s Daughter: What lasted six hours?
Shazza: The puppet show that auntie Bridge went to.


Bridget Jones: [voice over] And then the next week Mark, my ex and I, had similar relations. But I can’t go back and keep making the same mistakes, when I can make new ones.


[we see Bridget doing a pregnancy test]
Bridget Jones: I’m pregnant!


Bridget’s Dad: Let’s have a look at you.
[Bridget holds her arms up to reveal her pregnant stomach]
Bridget’s Dad: Aah.
[Bridget embraces her dad]


Bridget’s Mum: Oh, no, Bridget. Who’s the father? Is it Mark’s?
Bridget Jones: There’s at least a fifty percent chance.
Bridget’s Mum: A fifty percent chance?
[looking horrified]
Bridget’s Mum: Did you have a three-way?!


Bridget Jones: There’s still a lot I don’t know about him.
Shazza: Well how much do you need to know? He has a pretty nice sized puppet.


Shazza: [to Bridget] How do you orchestrate such cliffhangers in your life?


Bridget Jones: Surely one of those dates is more likely.
Dr. Rawling: They’re both equally likely, so do bring along the father if you can work out which one he is.
[Bridget laughs nervously and Rawling starts to chuckle]


[the doctor enters the room where Bridget and Mark are waiting to have a baby scan]
Dr. Rawling: So this is dad I presume. So glad you could be here, this is a unique and wonderful moment.
Bridget Jones: Dr. Rawling, I wonder if you could maybe do me a little favor.
Dr. Rawling: Hmm.


[the doctor walks into the room again and this time we see Bridget with Jack]
Dr. Rawling: So this is dad I presume. I’m so glad you could be here, this is a unique an marvelous moment.
[Bridget smiles over awkwardly at Jack]


Dr. Rawling: [to Jack and Mark] It’s like the final of the X Factor. Dial zero one if you want it to be Mark and zero two if you want it to be Jack.


[referring to Bridget who is holding a baby]
Photographer: Give her little kiss on the forehead there.
[Mark kisses Bridget on the cheek]
Photographer: Uh, I was talking about the baby.


Mark Darcy: [to Bridget] So you have no idea which of us is the father?


Jack Qwant: [to Mark] For better or worse fate has brought us together.


[to Mark and Jack]
Bridget Jones: Both of you, stop it.


Mark Darcy: I brought you a nice tea.
Bridget Jones: Thank you.
Jack Qwant: I brought you a super juice.
Bridget Jones: Oh.
[taking her bag]
Jack Qwant: Let me carry that for you.
Bridget Jones: Thank you.
Mark Darcy: Can I carry your…phone?


Tom: Bridget, who do you want to be the father?
Bridget Jones: I don’t know.


[referring to Mark]
Jack Qwant: Are you in love with him?
Bridget Jones: I have been in the past.
Jack Qwant: And me?
Bridget Jones: I could be, one day.


Bridget Jones: [voice over] This is not how I thought this would be, but however we choose to do this, the most important thing is the baby.


[as she sees the scan of her baby]
Bridget Jones: You’re the best thing I’ve ever seen.


[carrying a pregnant Bridget in his arms]
Mark Darcy: Good God, Bridget, you’re immense!
[Jack comes over and gives him a hand in carrying Bridget]
Jack Qwant: This is a two-man job.


[as they carry a pregnant Bridget to the hospital]
Jack Qwant: Don’t drop her.
Nurse: Which of you is the father?
Mark and Jack: I am.
Nurse: Right.


[at the Lamaze class]
Lamaze Teacher: And who do we have here?
Bridget Jones: I’m Bridget, and this is Jack, and this is Mark.
Lamaze Teacher: Lovely. You’re our second same sex couple today.
[the other parents clap]


Bridget Jones’s Baby is set for release in the US and UK September 16th.



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