By Cody (Phoenix, Arizona)


No spoilers in here.

We’ve had an abundance of superhero movies in the past few years, but even with the inclusion of superpowers in the film, it shouldn’t be compared with movies like Superman, or Iron Man and I’ll explain why.

This is the story of three teens in high school who come across something strange one night and as a result acquire superpowers. Now the film itself revolves around the character Andrew Detmer who is bullied at school, living in an abusive home. The movie itself is filmed from the point of view of Andrew’s video camera like how the movies Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity are, but don’t let that fool you. Rather than always being filmed in first person like Cloverfield/Paranormal, the director Josh Trank skillfully takes advantage of the character’s telekinetic powers by having them float the camera around allowing us to gain full perspective rather than just one.

The acting is top notch, especially the main role of Andrew played by Dane DeHaan. The script is also very unique in the sense that it is very well written because it consists of things actual friends would say to each other. One last point I would like to mention is how the movie forces you to think. While watching this movie and seeing Andrew’s development as both a person and a super being I couldn’t help but ask myself, if I had the power to change my life entirely, would I?

Without going too much into detail to avoid unnecessary spoilers, I’ll just say the action scenes are also high quality for anyone who enjoys a good throwdown/tussle.

Overall I give Chronicle 4 out of 5.

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