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[in the basement, they see a woman named Rosa lying on a bed under a sheet, Ben pulls back the covers to show that her she's contorted her body in a bizarre manner, Ben turns to Rosa's mother]
Father Ben Rawlings: Bless you for your prayers. You must leave her to us now. Alright?
Mrs. Sorlini: Yes, Father.
[to Michael and Isabella as he injects Rosa]
Father David Keane: This is help loosen her limbs, keep her calm. It's very similar to a muscle relaxant.
[we then see Rosa pop her joints and contort herself back into a normal position on the bed]
The Devil Inside Quotes

[Rosa is strapped in the bed for her safety and David monitors her vital signs]
Father David Keane: It's Thursday, December 2009. Subject Rosa Sorlini, last session November 13th, 2009. Rosa appearance has worsened in skin color and weight. Temperament appears stable, vitals are slightly elevated, but basically normal. The pupils are dilated to approximately nine millimeters.
Father Ben Rawlings: Okay. Let's begin.
[Ben says a prayer in Latin]
Father David Keane: Pupils gone normal.
Father Ben Rawlings: Rosa, are you...are you in there? Can you hear me? I want to know how you're feeling today, Rosa?
[the demon speaks through Rosa]
Rosa: [subtitled] She can't hear you, priest.
Father Ben Rawlings: Remember last time, Rosa, you were strong, you spoke to me.
Rosa: [subtitled] I hear you priest. She was in agony.
Father Ben Rawlings: No, she's strong. And getting stronger.
[turning her head towards Ben]
Rosa: [subtitled] You're fucked.
Father Ben Rawlings: You don't want this one anymore. It's not good for you.

[as David and Ben are performing the exorcism Rosa turns to Isabella]
Rosa: [subtitled] What's your name, my daughter? Isabella?
Isabella Rossi: She said my name. She said my name. How does she know my name?
Father Ben Rawlings: Don't listen to her.
Rosa: [subtitled] Do you mind, priest?
[Rosa says something obscene in English and licks her lips]
Father Ben Rawlings: I want you to leave the girl out of this.
[Rosa shouts out something else in another language]
Father Ben Rawlings: I know who you are, demon.
Rosa: [subtitled] Keep that away.
Father Ben Rawlings: Behold the cross of the lord. Let lord have mercy.
Father David Keane: Let lord have mercy.
Father Ben Rawlings: Christ have mercy.
Father David Keane: Christ have mercy.
Father Ben Rawlings: God the father of our lord, Jesus Christ, I appeal to your holy name that you graciously grant me help against this force...
Rosa: [subtitled] Stop, Ben! I'm fine. You did it. You won. Isn't that what you care about?
[Ben places the cross on Rosa and continues]
Father Ben Rawlings: And you graciously grant me help against this unclean spirit, this tormented soul.

[as Ben tries to perform the exorcism, Rosa reacts violently and says perverted things to them]
Rosa: [subtitled] Please let me suck your cock, David.
Father Ben Rawlings: You are not Rosa!
Rosa: [subtitled] Yes, yes I know you've fantasized about it.
[she turns to Ben]
Rosa: [subtitled] A curse on your ancestors!
Father David Keane: Her pressure's going crazy! It's two twenty over one.
[suddenly Rosa breaks her restraints and David tries to restrain her]
Father David Keane: Ben!
Father Ben Rawlings: Just keep hold of her!
Rosa: [subtitled] May they rot in hell! May they rot in hell
[suddenly Rosa breaks away from David and the camera goes black for a moment]
Isabella Rossi: Oh, my God!
Father Ben Rawlings: David!

[as they try to restrain Rosa, Ben continues to say prayers to cast out the demon, Rosa screams violently]
Father Ben Rawlings: You foul treacherous beast. Give way to Christ, in whom you found none of your words! Bow down before God!
[Rosa begins to relax and her vitals signs are more stable]
Father David Keane: She's stabilizing. She's stabilizing.
[as they restrain her on the bed again the camera is turned off]

[December 4, 2009; David, Ben and Isabella watch the video of Rosa's exorcism]
Father David Keane: Right there! Right there! Do you see how her pupils are normal again? That indicates that she's clean.
Isabella Rossi: Now that you have this, you can tell the church, right? That you saved her?
Father Ben Rawlings: No.
Father David Keane: Yeah, it worked. That doesn't mean the church will support it.
Isabella Rossi: That doesn't make any sense. Why not?
Father Ben Rawlings: Because...because the church will have us arrested and deported.

[after Isabella gets a call about her mother]
Isabella Rossi: That was the Diocese of Rome, I asked for a reevaluation of my mother.
Father Ben Rawlings: What did they say?
Isabella Rossi: They thanked me for my concern, and said that any interference will probably jeopardize her well being. Oh, and that God would be watching us over these trying time.
Father Ben Rawlings: Are you alright?
Isabella Rossi: Fine.
[Isabella upset turns and walks off]
Michael Schaefer: I can't believe the church turned you down.
Father Ben Rawlings: Well, of course they didn't turn her down.

Father Ben Rawlings: We don't know what's wrong with Isabella's mother, nobody does. Because she hasn't been evaluated in over fifteen years, she deserves a second opinion.
Father David Keane: Second opinion?
Father Ben Rawlings: It would give us enough time to determine her condition.
Father David Keane: No. No. You wanna give an exorcism to Isabella's mother.
Isabella Rossi: That's not what we're saying. We just need time and we need to know that she's actually possessed.
Michael Schaefer: Yeah. Yeah. Then she can get the proper attention.
Father David Keane: Okay, that's not how this works. You're here to document, you're not here to get involved. First of all it's illegal.
Father Ben Rawlings: No, it's not illegal.
Father David Keane: Yes, Ben, it is! And in the eyes of the church...
Father Ben Rawlings: Forget about the church, David! Why does it always come down to that?
Isabella Rossi: What if this worked? What if we find out that it's not D.I.D?
Michael Schaefer: Yeah, think about it, David. This could work.
Father David Keane: Michael, look. I know...I know what you're doing. I know it would be provocative for your film, but we will be arrested.
Isabella Rossi: No, that's not it.

Father David Keane: How would it even work? As soon as they find out what we were doing, they'd shut us down.
Father Ben Rawlings: No, the hospital staff won't be allowed with us in the room.
Isabella Rossi: Yeah, we should have the right to privacy on her behalf, right? So?
Father David Keane: Yeah. You're right
Father Ben Rawlings: David, just... What if it was your own mother?

[December 7, 2009; David is talking into the camera]
Father David Keane: I'm really nervous. I'm an active priest, in good standing with the Holy See. And regardless of the outcome, the church will find out and it will put my job in jeopardy. At the same time, there are problems within this institution, there are things that I don't agree with. In the case of Maria Rossi, I think we should take the time to actively deduce whether or not she's being tormented another presence.

[Ben talks into the camera]
Father Ben Rawlings: What's the church's stance on Maria Rossi? Well, she's um...faded into the system. She's pumped full of drugs and forgotten.

[Ben continues talking into the camera when at the same time we see them arrive at the hospital, install some cameras and Maria is brought in with Dr Costa]
Father Ben Rawlings: I feel the church could change. Bottom line here is that something horrible happened back in 1989, and it wasn't Maria Rossi's fault.

Father Ben Rawlings: I feel the church needs to change. We're so eager to just brush things under the carpet as if they don't exist. I don't fit in this church and the eyes of the church and this guise of the church, and I'll have to do what I believe.

[Isabella talks into the camera]
Isabella Rossi: I know it's dangerous and it might not even work, but I can't just sit back and do nothing.

[Dr Costa steps out after Maria's arms are restrained on a gurney and David monitors her vital signs]
Father David Keane: The time is 8:32 a.m., on Monday, December 7th, 2009. Subject is Maria Rossi, session one. Subject appears docile, heavily medicated. Pupils are mildly dilated due to medication.
Father Ben Rawlings: Okay, let's wake her up. When she wakes up, we'll see if she gets a reaction.
Father David Keane: Counteracting her medication. Medication should take effect in twenty seconds.

[Ben begins the exorcism and shows Maria a cross]
Father Ben Rawlings: Maria do you know what this is?
[Maria stares ahead blankly and is unresponsive]
The Devil Inside QuotesFather Ben Rawlings: Maria, is there someone in there with you?
Maria Rossi: I don't know.
Father Ben Rawlings: Yes, you do, Maria. Who's in there? We can help you. We can free you from it.
Father David Keane: EKG is normal.
[Ben makes the cross sign on Maria' forehead]
Maria Rossi: They'll be angry.
Father Ben Rawlings: There's more than one?
Father David Keane: Maybe she's fine.
[they hear a beeping sound from Maria's monitor]
Father Ben Rawlings: What was that?
Father David Keane: I think I got something.
[David check's her monitor]
Father David Keane: Her pupils are still normal.

[noticing that Maria looks like she's sleeping]
Isabella Rossi: Is she alright?
Father David Keane: Yeah. She's sleeping.
Father Ben Rawlings: It's the first time I've seen a possessed person fall asleep when confronted by a priest and holy water.
Isabella Rossi: What does that mean?
I don't know. I think, wel, you might be wasting your time.
Isabella Rossi: I'm going to do everything I can to help her.
Father David Keane: This...this isn't consistent with any form of possession that I've ever seen. I'm sorry, Isabella.
[suddenly Maria screams]
Father David Keane: Her pupils are almost fully dilated!

[Ben and David begin their exorcism rites, Maria reacts violently and yells]
Father Ben Rawlings: Christ have mercy.
Father David Keane: Christ have mercy.
Father Ben Rawlings: Christ hear us.
Father David Keane: Christ hear us.
[Ben holds up her cross over her]
Father Ben Rawlings: In God, the father.
[Maria looks up at Isabella standing behind Ben]
Maria Rossi: I know you! I know you, little girl!
[Ben and David continue saying the exorcism rites]

[as Ben and David try to perform the exorcism, David is knocked to the floor, Ben gets closer to Maria and suddenly she looks at him, telling him something about his past]
Father Ben Rawlings: Oh, you can't get back in your God's good graces, priest. Not after what you did.
[Maria's voice sounds like it's possessed by several demons]
Maria Rossi: [subtitled] ...inaudible...
[Ben looks shocked, suddenly Maria breaks free from her gurney, and the camera falls as they try to restrain her again]

[as they restrain Maria back on the gurney]
Father Ben Rawlings: Show your name, coward!
[Maria throws Ben against the wall]
Maria Rossi: Come that close to me one more time and I'll use your tongue to skull fuck the baby killer over there!
[suddenly Maria starts singing nursery rhyme, Itsy Bitsy Spider]
Maria Rossi: The itsy, bitsy spider crawled up the water spout. Down came the rain, and washed the spider out. Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain, and the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again.
[Isabella seems transfixed by this and starts singing the rhyme with Maria]
Father Ben Rawlings: Isabella, don't listen to her. It's not your mother.
[Isabella, still transfixed, moves closer to Maria]
Father Ben Rawlings: Isabella! This is not your mother!
[Maria is still looking at Isabella]
Maria Rossi: You know the words.
Father David Keane: Isabella, snap out of it!
[suddenly Isabella snaps out of it]

[Ben continues doing the exorcism rites and Maria starts yelling again]
Maria Rossi: [subtitled] Your God wants what it cannot have.
Father Ben Rawlings: You are guilty before our lord, Jesus Christ, whom you dare to nail up on the cross
Father David Keane: Her pulse is two eighty four, it's way off!
[Maria starts screaming and talking in a high shrieking voice]
Father Ben Rawlings: You're not like the others, demon. Do you hear me, transgressor? Seducer!
Maria Rossi: I hear you, priest. All you fucking do is talk!
[Maria spits into Ben's face]

[Ben and David continue doing the exorcism rite over Maria who is now very agitated]
Isabella Rossi: You're gonna kill her! Stop!
The Devil Inside Quotes[Isabella rushes over to her mother and tries to speak to her directly]
Isabella Rossi: That's my mother.
Maria Rossi: You'll burn. Burn, for the child.
[Maria becomes calm and the hospital guards start knocking on the door]
Father Ben Rawlings: Maria? Maria, can you hear us?
[David checks her vitals]
Father David Keane: Slowly regaining consciousness. Pupils are returning to normal.
[Dr. Costa and the hospital guards come in to the room and tell them to stop filming]

[December 10, 2009; Isabella and Ben are watching the video of Maria's exorcism on a laptop]
Father Ben Rawlings: This is preternatural movement, right here. I've seen it before, but I've never captured it on tape.
Isabella Rossi: So what does that mean?
Father Ben Rawlings: It means we've got everything we could need right here. This is huge, Isabella.
Isabella Rossi: Let's play it again.

Father Ben Rawlings: Do two you realize how big this is? We've got the evidence, the Holy See has to see it. They have to! We can go to the press with this and in an instant we'd have a thousand people standing out there.
Father David Keane: But our priority right now should be getting her back to the states.

[David talks to the camera]
Father David Keane: The endorsement of Dr. Costa is vital. After the results that he saw, there's no way that he can't agree.

[Isabella talks to the camera]
Isabella Rossi: Dr. Costa doesn't believe that she was possessed or anything, he thinks that it was an exercise that shocked her system. Anyway, it doesn't matter what he thinks, because his referral is actually gonna help us get her back to the states.

[as Ben and Michael listen to Maria speaking in more than one voice]
Michael Schaefer: Ben, what's she talking about? Is she talking about your uncle?
[we see Ben is visibly upset and turns away from the camera]

Father Ben Rawlings: I found four voices on the recordings. I found four voices on the recording.
Father David Keane: You found four?
Isabella Rossi: Wait, what does that mean?
Father Ben Rawlings: It means that your uh...the entity in your mother has disciples. We call it multiple demonic possession. You might have heard Gallo talking about it in class.
Isabella Rossi: Right, so it's a powerful demon.
Father Ben Rawlings: No, it's the beast.
[David gives Ben a look]
Father Ben Rawlings: What?
Father David Keane: Do you know how lucky we are?
Father Ben Rawlings: Look, we're gonna...we're gonna deliver all our findings to the Holy See next Friday.
Father David Keane: Yeah, maybe. But he hasn't agreed to see us yet.
Father Ben Rawlings: Well, have you told him that the press might be interested in this.
[David walks away]

[David is going through the papers and worries about what the Vatican will do]
Father David Keane: Did Father Gallo call you?
Father Ben Rawlings: No. You?
Father David Keane: Yeah, he called me twice. He said that he wants to help us make the right decision, he's worried about us. Especially, he's worried about me.
Father Ben Rawlings: You? Why?
Father David Keane: About my job, man!
Isabella Rossi: David, what are you doing with the papers? Are you okay? Do you need...
Father David Keane: I'm fine! I'm fine! The conversation just gave me a little bit...
Father Ben Rawlings: David, he's just trying to scare you, that's all. He's a moral man, he's toeing the company line on this one and you know it.
[we see drops of blood falling the paper on the desk]
Isabella Rossi: David, you got something on your....
[David touches his nose and sees that it's bleeding]
Isabella Rossi: You okay?
Father David Keane: Oh, God!
Father Ben Rawlings: Are you okay?
Father David Keane: Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm fine.
[David walks off]

[December 14, 2009; Isabella walks out of Centrino Hospital looking upset]
Isabella Rossi: They won't release her.
Michael Schaefer: What? Why not?
Isabella Rossi: I don't know. They won't say. They can't or won't believe that she's better.
[she then fusses over her losing her keys and yells at Michael in frustration]

[talking to the camera]
Father David Keane: There's no way the church can't see this. I can look them in the eye and tell them that it was the right thing to do.

[talking to the camera]
Father Ben Rawlings: This is what they do! They cover things up, they ignore it. No matter who it hurts or destroys. Well, not this time. Not this fucking time!
[he gets up in anger and looks away from the camera]

Isabella Rossi: This is supposed to be about my mother. Not anybody else, not about Ben's ego or David's job.

[David is looking nervous and upset as he talks into the camera]
Father David Keane: I've this sinking feeling I'm gonna be excommunicated for all this. For...what we did.

[Michael is talking to the camera, also looking agitated]
Michael Schaefer: They have this group of three and I'm like the guy...the annoying guy with the camera.

Michael Schaefer: If it weren't for me, no one would know anything about what the hell they're doing in their church and in their...basements.

[December 15, 2009; Isabella and Ben are looking at the footage of her mother's exorcism again and they notice that the cameras cut out at the same time, David walks in looking upset]
Isabella Rossi: David, you have to see this.
Father David Keane: I have...I have to go.
Father Ben Rawlings: David, you have to see the film.
Father David Keane: I know, I heard you. I have to go.
Father Ben Rawlings: What's the matter?
Father David Keane: The bishop denied our request.
Father Ben Rawlings: What? Well, it's just a bloody meeting. Well, what was the reason?
Father David Keane: Um...the incident's under investigation.
[Isabella tries to comfort David but he pulls away]
Father Ben Rawlings: David, it's gonna be okay.
Father David Keane: I hope so.

[talking to the camera]
Father David Keane: Baptism is the transferal of sins, of original and personal. For example, if a baby were to die after being baptized, it would go to heaven. And if before, could go to hell.
[Michael films the baptismal ceremony David is performing, and David does the ritual and takes the baby for the water immersion, suddenly he puts the baby in the water and holds it down, as the crowd tries to save the child David passes out]

[talking to the camera]
Isabella Rossi: Do you know what I'd like to do? I'd like to take this camera, turn it around, stick it in Michael's face. I'd like to ask him; what's it like, Michael? What's it like when your mom's fucked your father's best friend?

[as Isabella is talking to the camera, David and Michael return from the baptism, David walks straight up to his room]
Father Ben Rawlings: Michael, what's wrong with David? What's happened? What's going on?
Michael Schaefer: The kid almost died.
Father Ben Rawlings: What? What happened? What did you say?
Michael Schaefer: The baby he was baptizing, he almost drowned it.

Isabella Rossi: Is the baby okay?
Michael Schaefer: Yeah, I think so.
Isabella Rossi: You think so? Did you see it? Were you there or not?
Michael Schaefer: Yeah, I think the baby's okay. Yes!
Father Ben Rawlings: Is he in trouble?
Michael Schaefer: I don't know. They called the police, but he just left.

Father Ben Rawlings: He's been acting strange all day. Did you see it happen?
Michael Schaefer: See it? I filmed it! It was like he lost it!
Isabella Rossi: He's been under a lot of stress lately, so maybe...maybe that contributed to this...this...
Michael Schaefer: I don't know. You should have been there. It was like he was...he was crazy! Has anything like this ever happened?
Father Ben Rawlings: No, of course not!
[suddenly there is a loud noise that sounds like a bang and the lights go out]
Isabella Rossi: David!
Father Ben Rawlings: David?
Isabella Rossi: What the hell's going on?
Father Ben Rawlings: Michael, get the camera, we need the light.

[using the camera night vision they go upstairs to check on David, as they walk into his room they see pages of the bible stuck all over the walls]
Isabella Rossi: What the hell is all this? Ben, are those bible pages?
Michael Schaefer: Oh, Jesus!
Father Ben Rawlings: David!
The Devil Inside Quotes[as the camera pans the room they see David in the dark, covered in blood with his eyes rolled back]
Father Ben Rawlings: David! David!
Isabella Rossi: Oh, my God!
Father Ben Rawlings: Get his arms up! Put them up! Put them up!
[David starts mumbling something]
Father Ben Rawlings: Shh! Shh! What is it?
Isabella Rossi: What do we do? What do we do?
Father Ben Rawlings: I don't know! I don't know!
Isabella Rossi: What do you mean you don't know?
[the camera pans back to where David was sat and they see he's disappeared, suddenly they hey hear more bangs and run downstairs]

[the Italian police arrive to arrest David, a policeman goes upstairs, but David takes his gun from him and emerges from his room]
Father Ben Rawlings: David, listen to me. Put down the gun. Put down the gun, okay?
Isabella Rossi: No. David!
Father Ben Rawlings: David, listen to me. This is Ben, Okay? It's your friend.
[suddenly David puts the gun in his mouth]
Isabella Rossi: No! No!
Father Ben Rawlings: Be quite, Isabella.
[Ben walks slowly towards David]
Father Ben Rawlings: Alright, this isn't you. Listen to my voice, okay? This is your friend, Ben. This isn't you, something else is taking control of you. You know this. You know this. Okay? Focus on my voice. You need to trust me, David. Okay? Stay calm.
[David looking scared, starts to cry]
Father David Keane: I can't stop it! I can't stop it, Ben! I can't stop it.
Father Ben Rawlings: You need to fight it. Just fight it! Fight it, David.
Father David Keane: Oh, God!
[he starts saying the Lords' prayer then stops half way and slowly takes the gun out of his mouth]
Father David Keane: I forgot it.
Father Ben Rawlings: That's alright. Just give me the gun. Give me the gun.
He says to say thank you.
[suddenly David shoots himself in the mouth and Isabella suddenly collapses into a seizure]

[as Michael and Ben follow the ambulance carrying Isabella to the hospital]
Michael Schaefer: You saw his eyes, right?
[Ben looking upset doesn't answer]
Michael Schaefer: Ben!
Father Ben Rawlings: I saw! I saw his eyes!
Michael Schaefer: Tell me what's happening?
Father Ben Rawlings: I don't know!
Michael Schaefer: You don't know what's happening, Ben!
Father Ben Rawlings: Maybe it's some transference.
Michael Schaefer: Demonic transference?
Father Ben Rawlings: Of course I mean demonic transference, Michael!
Michael Schaefer: Transference, like...?
Father Ben Rawlings: Michael, please! Just shut the fuck up!
Michael Schaefer: Don't you fucking yell at me, Ben!
Father Ben Rawlings: Of course I'm gonna fucking yell at you! You've been here the whole fucking time! Have you not listened to anything?
Michael Schaefer: Jesus!

[in the hospital]
Italian Nurse: She's doing much better, your friend. She's stable and she's resting, so I suggest you go.
Father Ben Rawlings: Can we see her?
Italian Nurse: She's gonna be here overnight, so you can see her tomorrow.
Father Ben Rawlings: Overnight? That's not possible.
Italian Nurse: Why is that?
Father Ben Rawlings: There-there's something wrong with her. It's not safe here.
Italian Nurse: No, this is very safe, I assure you.
Father Ben Rawlings: There's something wrong with her we need to get her out of here right now.
Italian Nurse: No, gentlemen...
Father Ben Rawlings: Do you know who Father Robert Gallo is?
Italian Nurse: Ah, Father Gallo!
[suddenly they hear a loud noise and run into Isabella's room, in the room a nurse is on the floor bleeding heavily from the neck and Isabella is being restrained by the doctors and nurses, Ben and Michael are able to drag Isabella out of the room and pin her to the floor but she contorts into a weird position, Ben tells the staff he is a priest and that they need to help the people in the room]

[Ben and Michael take Isabella out of the hospital and get her back into the car to take her to Father Gallo]
Michael Schaefer: You really think Gallo is gonna help?
Father Ben Rawlings: Yeah, I need help! I need to fix this
[suddenly Isabella regains consciousness]
Father Ben Rawlings: Oh, shit! Shit! She's waking up! She's waking up!
[to Michael]
Father Ben Rawlings: Come on! We haven't go much time!
[to Isabella]
Father Ben Rawlings: Stay with me!

Isabella Rossi: Your uncle told me he was an exorcist. You think you can get back into God's good graces, priest. Not after what you did.
Michael Schaefer: Ben?
Isabella Rossi: You wanted him to die, didn't you?
Michael Schaefer: Ben, what's she doing?
Isabella Rossi: He says to say thank you.
Father Ben Rawlings: Who are you?
Isabella Rossi: You know me. Everyone knows me.
[suddenly Isabella screams, struggles in the back with Ben and then tries to strangle Michael as he is driving, but Ben is able to get her off of him]
The Devil Inside Quotes

[last lines; as Ben tries says the exorcism rites to try and calm Isabella]
Michael Schaefer: Is she alright?
Father Ben Rawlings: I got her under control, but I don't know for how long! You gotta hurry up!
[suddenly Michael starts to show signs of being possessed, he unlatches his seat belt and begins to accelerate, the car hits another oncoming car and we see footage of the car rolling and flipping over and then the camera gets cut off]

[the film ends with the statement]
'The facts surrounding the Rossi case remains unsolved. For more information about the ongoing investigation visit:'

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