The Devil Inside Quotes: Tense and Uncomfortable!

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Directed by: William Brent Bell
Written by:
William Brent Bell
Mathew Peterman
Fernanda Andrade – Isabella Rossi
Simon Quaterman – Ben
Evan Helmuth – David
Ionut Grama – Michael
Suzan Crowley – Maria Rossi
Bonnie Morgan – Rosa
Brian Johnson – Lieutenant
Preston James Hillier – Male Reporter
D.T Carney – Detective
Maude Bonanni – Aunt Sorlini
Marvin Duerkholz – Luke Castagna
Marius Flowian – Serbian Pimp
Suzanne Freeman – Female Reporter
Les Mahoney – Young Isabella


There’s a lot of negativity surrounding this movie, I may be on my own here, but The Devil Inside quotes aren’t that bad. The movie certainly doesn’t break any new ground in presenting us with yet another faux documentary ‘found-footage’ horror, but it does offer some intriguing ideas about exorcism, some tense and uncomfortable moments with some interesting characters.

The story centers around a young woman who as a child witnessed her mother three people in what is later discovered to be an exorcism. Wanting to find out the truth the woman embarks on a trip to Rome to document her finding on exorcism. The narrative is sometimes slow but never off topic and provides some depth to each character.

Verdict: Many audiences felt that where this movie fails is the conclusion, which is extremely abrupt with a total lack of closure resulting in an uneven experience without any real payoff. However, I found this is just what the movie needed. An abrupt and quick ending!

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[movie starts with the following statement]
‘The Vatican does not authorize the recording of Roman Catholic exorcisms. The Vatican did not endorse this film nor aid in its completion.’


[first lines; October 30, 1989, we hear a 911 operator taking call from a woman speaking in a calm voice]
911 Operator: South Hartford 911, what is your emergency?
Maria Rossi: Three.. Three people…
911 Operator: Three people. Ma’am, what’s the problem? Are they injured?
Maria Rossi: Three people… Three people are dead.
911 Operator: Did you say dead?
Maria Rossi: I… killed… them. Send the police.
911 Operator: Ma’am, excuse me, who did you kill?
Maria Rossi: I killed everyone.
[we hear the woman hanging up the phone]
911 Operator: Ma’am? Ma’am?


[we see footage from ‘Crime Scene Walkthrough – South Hartford PD’]
Lieutenant Dreyfus: I’m entering what appears to be the living room. Living conditions are best described being in a state of disarray. Watch your step.
[Dreyfus walks into the kitchen]
Lieutenant Dreyfus: Kitchen also in a state of disarray. Approaching the stairwell, where first victim was found, dumped the instrument on the floor. Victim number one is facing north, male, approximately hundred and sixty pounds. Sustained injury to the left temple.
[camera cuts to Dreyfus walking towards basement]
Lieutenant Dreyfus: Now entering the basement, where victims number two and three were found.
[we see Dreyfus entering the basement]
Lieutenant Dreyfus: This is the basement to the house. We found victim number two, female, approximately hundred and twenty pounds, facing west and the victims right hand holding a religious paraphernalia, appear to be clutching. Heading south, found another instrument on the floor. We found victim number three. Male, approximately two hundred and ten pounds. There’s trauma to the head, apparent strangulation with a rope, which is broken, torn away. We have blood splattering against the door.
[the camera pans towards the center of the basement]
Lieutenant Dreyfus: In the center of the room we have a chair. The right armrest of the chair is broken, apparent claw marks from struggle. Various straps used for restraint
[we hear a loud noise, the camera pans the room slowly looking over debris and junk, suddenly something falls onto the camera and it cuts out]


[we see footage of a local breaking news report that tells the details of the crime scene]
Male Reporter: The quite South Hartford community was leveled by tragedy as three clergy members were found dead.
[we see interview footage with Det. Pullman]
Det. Robert Pullman: At about 11:47 P.M., on Sunday evening, on the twentieth, we received an emergency call on 911 wire.
[we see news footage showing the bodies being taken out of the house]
Voice of Female Reporter: Three bodies were taken out of this house. Two local priests and a nun.
[new footage goes back to the interview with Det. Pullman]
Det. Robert Pullman: We checked the location for any other victims and have not found any.
[news footage goes back to show the house where victims were found]
Voice of Female Reporter: Apparently, Maria Rossi, was hosting a church group meeting in her home.
[footage goes back to the interview with Det. Pullman]devil-inside-2
Det. Robert Pullman: Our homicide detectives are currently conducting an investigation.
[news footage shows police officers escorting Maria Rossi out of her house]
Voice of Female Reporter: Mrs. Rossi was found by police in a crawl space.
Det. Robert Pullman: We can’t speculate as to what the cause or the motive may have been, but we’re not ruling out any possibilities. However, at this time we don’t want to speculate on what may or may not have been the cause.
[news footage shows Maria Rossi being escorted into a police car and then a close up of Maria Rossi sat in the car; as she turns and looks towards the camera the footage freezes]


[just after the news footage about Maria Rossi ends we see her daughter, Isabella Rossi, talking into the camera]
Isabella Rossi: My name is Isabella Rossi, and that was my mother. The thing I remember about my mother is that she just had a huge heart
[Isabella holds up an old family showing her mother and father and herself as a child]
Isabella Rossi: And here we are. That was actually on my first. Can you see that?
[she holds the photo closer to the camera]
Isabella Rossi: That was my first Birthday Party. And I don’t think it was until I was about six years old that I actually started to notice, you know, something was different. Her moods were changing, then she went away for a little bit and when she came back they said she was better, but she wasn’t. We couldn’t understand what was happening and I want answers.
Michael Schaefer: So why are you doing this now?
Isabella Rossi: Because I really need to understand what happened.


[we see filmmaker, Michael Schaffer, speaking about Maria Rossi]
Michael Schaefer: What Maria Rossi did and her subsequent life is incredibly tragic and clouded. And caught in the middle of it is her daughter, who is just now learning the uh…circumstances of that tragedy.


[urologist Dr. Jeff Victoroff speaks to the camera; he describes what disorders Maria Rossi may be suffering from]
Dr. Jeff Victoroff: If someone had asked me, how is it possible for Mrs. Rossi to have done what she did, I would have gone through the list of things that cause human aggression. Something like a major depression, schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder.


[Father Christopher Aimes speaks to the camera about Maria’s condition]
FR. Christopher Aimes: It’s my understanding that her current psychiatric doctor prognosis has been D.I.D. Well, this is her seventh different diagnosis since 1987.


[Isabella talks into the camera]
Isabella Rossi: You start wondering, is it in my genes? You know, am I…am I gonna flip out one day? Is it just a matter of time?


[we see news footage reporting about Maria Rossi’s sentencing]
Male Reporter: Two years after she brutally murdered three people in her home, the South Hartford jury found Maria Rossi, not guilty, by reason of insanity. Rossi was committed to the South Hartford State Asylum.


Isabella Rossi: And then September of that year my mother was transferred to the Centrino Mental Hospital for the criminally insane in Rome, Italy. I never really questioned why Italy.
Michael Schaefer: And when did your father tell you about what really happened?
Isabella Rossi: Uh…May 23rd, 2009. I was twenty five years old. He just said it. He said, mom attacked those people during an exorcism. An exorcism performed on her.


[we see more interview footage of Dr. Victoroff and Father Aimes]
Dr. Jeff Victoroff: It’s the job if science to try and sort out what is a reasonable, plausible explanation.
FR. Christopher Aimes: But science can’t explain everything. Such as a person levitating two feet off the ground during an exorcism.


[as we see Isabella driving to the airport]
Isabella Rossi: I asked my dad if he thought she was possessed. He said he didn’t know, that she was gone and it didn’t matter. Not anymore. He died a few days later.


Isabella Rossi: I called the church that the priests had come from and they wouldn’t talk about it. They said they don’t have an ordained exorcist, they never did.


[on the plane to Rome]
Isabella Rossi: So we’re on our way to see the Vatican School for Exorcism and to see my mother.
Michael Schaefer: Are you nervous?
Isabella Rossi: Yeah, I’m nervous. Twenty years is a long time, you know?


[as Isabella arrives at the airport in Rome]
Isabella Rossi: So later, I was contacted by the Diocese of Rome. He told me they never authorized my mother’s exorcism. That’s when I knew I had to go to Italy.


[November 26, 2009; Isabella arrives at the Apostolic Academy of Rome]
Isabella Rossi: This school draw a lot interest from all over the world. Maybe they can help me understand my mother’s situation for the better.


[at the Apostolic Academy, Isabella walks into a classroom where a lecture is being given about exorcisms]
Father Robert Gallo: Sometimes a person can be tormented by more than one demon, in what we call; multiple demonic possessions. Those cases are extremely volatile and dangerous, and they sometimes lead to transference. Which means, the demon jumps from one person to another.


[interview footage of Father Gallo]
Father Robert Gallo: The purpose of the class is to educate priests. Uh…and of course the people about the devil’s presence in the lives in modern society. For example, in Italy alone there are over eight hundred satanic cults. We had a problem, we needed more exorcists. If it is possession, then first and foremost, we must rule out mental illness, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder. The course is designed to explore all these conditions.


[after the class of clergymen have watched a video of a woman who appears to be possessed]
Father David Keane: I believe the subject was clearly possessed. The subject spoke in multiple languages, amongst other things.
Young Clergyman: Come on! Speaking in tongues, maybe. Incoherent babbling from a mentally disturbed person certainly. I’m sorry, Father.
Father David Keane: And the subject displayed abnormal strength when confronted with holy water and while heavily sedated.
Young Clergyman: The delusional mind of a paranoid schizophrenic may actually react to holy water as if it were, I don’t know, acid, urine…
Father Ben Rawlings: I’m sorry. I’m gonna have to disagree. The…the girl fractured her own femur.
Male Student #1: Her strength might have been abnormal, but not impossible. It’s very well known that uh… some epileptics do break their bones during the seizure, it’s a fact.
Father Robert Gallo: As I said, we must be sure to rule out mental illness. In the end this case could not be proved as possession.


Isabella Rossi: The diversity of the class was comforting, and it wasn’t just priests or nuns, but regular people. People who are facing the same things I’m facing, people like me, looking to help someone.


[Isabella sits with a group of the students from the exorcism class]
Isabella Rossi: So, why are you here?
Male Student #1: All this knowledge, you all agree on this, all this knowledge is invaluable to us. No?
Isabella Rossi: David, what would you say drew you to this school in particular, to exorcism?
Father David Keane: The combination of science and religion. I think based on my background in medicine, it gave me a greater sense of purpose.
Male Student #1: We all talk so definitively about God and about the devil, but we can all agree that there’s no…no real facts, right? No…no proofs. God has never helped me.


Isabella Rossi: So when do you actually witness an exorcism in class?
Father Ben Rawlings: The class…this class, it’s all theory.
Isabella Rossi: This is the school of exorcism, is it not?
Male Student #1: It’s not reality. Look at the tape we watched today. That girl fitted every criteria for possession, except she wasn’t. It’s a mental disorder.
Father Ben Rawlings: No, when you witness…when you witness, see someone possessed, you’ll know the difference.
Isabella Rossi: You say that like you have. Have you…have you witnessed a real exorcism, Father?
Male Student #1: Yeah. Right after he saw uh…the Easter Bunny.


Father Ben Rawlings: I’m uh…gonna ask you something, Isabella?
Isabella Rossi: Sure.
Father Ben Rawlings: I’m curious. Why are you…why are you doing this documentary?
Isabella Rossi: Uh…I will be honest. My mom, when I was about eight years old, she…she murdered three people, uh…members of her church. I found out that she had committed these murders during an exorcism, uh…an exorcism on her.


[as they are leaving the bar]
Father David Keane: So your mother must be at Centrino, right?
Isabella Rossi: Yes.
Father Ben Rawlings: Have you seen her yet?
Isabella Rossi: Tomorrow.
Father Ben Rawlings: Okay. Well, the uh…the class, they won’t give you the answers you need. You need to see a real one.
Isabella Rossi: How do you know when it’s real?
Father Ben Rawlings: You don’t. Good luck.
Isabella Rossi: Thanks.
[Father Ben and David walk off]


[December 1, 2009; as Isabella drive to Centrino to visit her mother]
Isabella Rossi: You know, my father received a letter from Rome. I guess because the priests were involved, the Holy Church got involved as well and they said that they wanted to treat my mother at Centrino. They called it uh…offering of forgiveness. I remember thinking that meant God was forgiving my mother. I was young.


[referring to Centrino as she arrives at the hospital to visit her mother]
Isabella Rossi: It felt like a prison, an old prison, really. But Dr. Costa seemed concerned, so that was good.


[interview with Dr. Costa at Centrino Mental Hospital who is talking about Maria Rossi]
Dr. Antonio Costa: She is extraordinarily anti-religious. We refrain from religious items and discussions at all times. They can make her hostile.


Isabella Rossi: I’m not sure if you know this, but my mother was involved in an exorcism while she committed those murders. Did you know that?
Dr. Antonio Costa: Um…Isabella, your mother’s case, although unique, is not a matter of demonic possession. It’s a matter of brain function
Isabella Rossi: So why do you think she was transferred all the way from the States to Rome?
Dr. Antonio Costa: I-I don’t know. It was before I arrived here.


[Dr. Costa takes Isabella to her mother and ells her that her mother is prescribed a whole regime of drugs to keep her calm]
Dr. Antonio Costa: She’s having a very good day today, but there still are rules. Don’t talk about faith or God, and stay passive. Hostility and aggression are…well they provoke her.
[Costa turns to Isabella before letting her into Maria’s room]
Dr. Antonio Costa: Let’s be cautious, it will be fine. In fact there will be a very good chance she won’t even recognize you.



[Isabella walks into her mother’s room at Centrino, Maria is sitting at a table and just looking ahead blankly]
Isabella Rossi: Hi, mom. I like your drawings. I’d really like to speak with you if you let me, please. My name is Isabella. Isabella Rossi.
[Maria just keeps staring ahead not responding]
Isabella Rossi: I’m your daughter. I just haven’t seen you in a long time.devil-inside-4
[Maria mutters something repeatedly that makes no sense, Isabella takes out the photo of her 1st birthday]
Isabella Rossi: Do you recognize this?
Maria Rossi: Do you know how to play cuts?
Isabella Rossi: I don’t know what that means.
[Maria shows her cuts she has made on her arm]
Isabella Rossi: Did you do that to yourself?
[Maria shows Isabella a cross shaped cut on her inner lip]
Isabella Rossi: Please, stop.


Isabella Rossi: Maria, I came here from a really long way to see you.
Maria Rossi: Do you wanna see my paintings?
Isabella Rossi: Yes. I’d like that. I’d love that.
[Maria shows her a picture of her herself, Isabella’s father and Isabella as a child]
Isabella Rossi: Yes. Yes. Maria. Maria he was your husband, you loved him very much. Do…do you remember?
Maria Rossi: Who are you?
Isabella Rossi: I’m Isabella. I’m your daughter.
Maria Rossi: I don’t have a daughter.
Isabella Rossi: Yes! Yes, you do. We haven’t seen each other in a very long time.
Maria Rossi: I don’t have a daughter.
Isabella Rossi: Mm-hmm.
Maria Rossi: Do I?
Isabella Rossi: Yeah.
Maria Rossi: Why? Why? Why not? Well, thank you for coming. Please say hello to your family from me. Have a nice day.
[Maria gives back the photo Isabella had placed on the table]
Maria Rossi: Thank you for coming. I have to go. I have to go. I have to get ready. I have to get ready. Ree-aa-ddy!
[Maria sits down and starts drawing and then mutters something]
Isabella Rossi: What did you say? Maria, please, I don’t have a lot of time. Please, tell me something.
Maria Rossi: You shouldn’t have killed your child.
Isabella Rossi: What?
[Maria motions for Isabella to come closer to her and pulls her chair closer to Isabella]
Isabella Rossi: It’s against God’s will now.
[suddenly she starts screaming and the doctor and hospital staff come into the room making Isabella leave the room, Isabella visibly shaken runs out of the hospital and starts crying]


Isabella Rossi: What’s it like losing both parents? Um…it feels empty. Like there’s no safety net to fall back on and it forces you to be resilient. Possession and exorcism have dictated my life. It took my mom and basically killed my dad. It defines me now. I mean, here I am. I flew across, you know, half way across the world to see this woman who I never thought I’d see again. I don’t like that it defines me.


Isabella Rossi: I contacted Father Ben Rawlings and David Keane in hopes that they review my footage from my mother. Luckily they agreed and invited me to their loft.


[Isabella visits Father David Keane; he is an ordained priest and licensed physician]
Father David Keane: Um…it’s hard to say why I wanted to be a priest. Uh…maybe I was drawn to helping people and I think that duality exists within all of us and occasionally it can take form, science can no longer help and religion has to takeover. Which can be really difficult for people to accept.


[Isabella visits Father Ben Rawlings; he is an ordained exorcist]
Father Ben Rawlings: My family were always very religious. My mother and father, they were teachers. But uh…I was closest to my uncle, he was a priest. And by the time I was thirteen, he told me that he was an exorcist. Um…well, as you can imagine, it’s like, I suppose, you know, you being told that it’s…that you’re dad’s Superman. That’s what if felt like to me, that he was in direct, war, I suppose, with the devil. And, I don’t know, it blew me away really. And so, he took me along with him and by the time I was eighteen I’d seen four exorcisms, I’d even assisted on one and it just….changes you. He unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago. But um…anyway, when I was twenty three I went into the priesthood, and by the time I was twenty seven I was an ordained exorcist. But I’ll tell you this, after all the years that I’ve been in the church, I’ve seen the devil way more than I’ve seen God. It’s just not the way it’s supposed to be.


[as they watch the video of Isabella visiting with her mother]
Father Ben Rawlings: What did she say to you there?
Isabella Rossi: Oh, um…yeah. At the end there, she started remembering things. Specific things, and she said something to me. Uh…I’m not sure if she said…
Father David Keane: What? What was it?
Isabella Rossi: Um…I terminated a pregnancy about four years ago, the doctor said I couldn’t carry to term, so. Anyway, she…she knew about it and she said that, something about being against God’s will, or something.


[as they watch the video when Maria tells Isabella that it’s against God’s will]
Isabella Rossi: That means something, right?
Father Ben Rawlings: Well, Possibly.
Father David Keane: You said you had a copy at your…
[Ben pauses the video when Maria was showing the cuts on her arm to Isabella]
Father Ben Rawlings: Wait…what are those?
Isabella Rossi: Oh, um…she cuts herself.
Father David Keane: Those are crosses, Ben.
Isabella Rossi: Crosses? Wait, would she not want crosses if she’s possessed?
Father David Keane: Not necessarily
Father Ben Rawlings: No. No. No. Look at the way she’s seeing them. They’re…they’re upside down, they’re inverted crosses. It’s used in satanic rituals.


[as they watch the video of Maria speaking to Isabella during her visit]
Father David Keane: Wait is she speaking with an accent?
Father Ben Rawlings: Yeah, she did. That’s um…why?
Father David Keane: Different accents can be like speaking in tongues.
Father Ben Rawlings: The pregnancy, did you…did you tell her about that at all?
Isabella Rossi: No.
Father David Keane: You’re absolutely sure there’s no other way she could have found out?
Isabella Rossi: I mean…there’s no way.
Father Ben Rawlings: See, they are basically four factors when it comes to determining demonic possession. Um… one of them mental strength, uh…aversion to holy objects, languages or events that they could not have known, preternatural movement, which is basically uh…objects moving…moving around the room. Um…so, strength, no. Uh…languages, no. And preternatural movement, no. Aversion to holy objects, maybe.
Father David Keane: Her accents, and Ben, she knew that information.
Father Ben Rawlings: Yeah, but that doesn’t interest me.
[to Isabella]
Father Ben Rawlings: Um…we need to show you something.
Isabella Rossi: Uh…okay. Can I bring the camera?
Father Ben Rawlings: Sure.


[they take Isabella to their office, where they show her a wall with pictures of people]
Isabella Rossi: What is all this? Who are these people?
Father Ben Rawlings: These are people the church turned down for exorcism.
Isabella Rossi: And they’re all possessed?
Father Ben Rawlings: We believe they are.
[pointing to the photos on the wall]
Father David Keane: Uh…these two cases are resolved. Those two are open, and we’re almost done with this one.
Isabella Rossi: This is the girl, Rosa, right? From the video we saw in Gallo’s class?
Father Ben Rawlings: Mm-hmm.
Isabella Rossi: You ruled that she was possessed?
Father Ben Rawlings: She is. We think the church made a mistake.
Isabella Rossi: So, correct me if I’m wrong, but you guys are performing these like exorcisms yourselves, without the church’s permission?
Father Ben Rawlings: That’s right. We have to, otherwise these people would continue to suffer.


[referring to the equipment in their office, including cameras, heart monitors and other medical equipment]
Isabella Rossi: What is all that?
Father David Keane: Oh, we monitor everything. Heart rate, blood pressure. We…
[Isabella goes to pick up the equipment]
Father David Keane: Yeah, go ahead. It’s uh…camera we use to determine pupil dilation, which is very important in cases of possession. Nine millimeters is as large as the average pupil gets, maybe ten or eleven under certain substances, like cocaine, salicylidene, amphetamines. Uh…anything above eleven is considered preternatural.


Isabella Rossi: Why doesn’t the church help these people?
Father Ben Rawlings: You see that’s…that’s just it. The church isn’t in the business of healing people, the bureaucracy won’t allow it.
Father David Keane: Their hands are tied. In 1999, the church changed the exorcism rights for the first time in almost four hundred years. Now a priest has to be absolutely certain that there is an evil presence in order to even attempt an exorcism.
Father Ben Rawlings: Yeah, that’s a near impossible task, cause a lot of the time um…it takes an exorcism for a demon to reveal itself. Rather than get distracted by the church’s hypocrisy, we’re going to continue to care for these people.
Isabella Rossi: So that means that my mother’s case can actually be…
Father David Keane: No-no-no! Isabella, the church will never pursue your mother’s case. Because the last time someone did people died.
Isabella Rossi: What do you suggest?devil-inside-5
Father David Keane: If you really wanna help your mother, you need a better understanding of exorcism. A real understanding.
Isabella Rossi: Okay. So take more classes and maybe show Gallo the tape?
Father Ben Rawlings: Isabella…Isabella, you’ll…you will learn more in five minutes of an exorcism than you will in three months in some class. Plus you’ll get to know the real difference between possession and mental illness.
Isabella Rossi: So, witness a real exorcism?
Father Ben Rawlings: Yeah.
Isabella Rossi: With you?
Father Ben Rawlings: If you want.


[December 3, 2009; as they drive to where Ben and David will perform an exorcism]
Isabella Rossi: So the exorcism rights, when they were updated, um…what exactly changed?
Father Ben Rawlings: Well, for one all media coverage of exorcisms were banned, not that they were filmed much anyway.


Father Ben Rawlings: Exorcism can take minutes or they can take years, and no two are the same.


[referring to the exorcism Ben and David are taking them to]
Michael Schaefer: Is this thing we’re doing even legal?
Father Ben Rawlings: No. Not exactly.


[referring to an exorcism]
Father David Keane: You never know what’s gonna happen?


Father Ben Rawlings: Demons, like angels, have orders or spheres to be more specific, hierarchy basically. Now, it’s imperative that you get the demon to reveal itself so you can deduce its rank in that hierarchy.


[referring to the exorcism he is taking Isabella to see]
Father David Keane: In our last session we were able to hone in on our demon’s identity. His name is Berith.


[as they are about to enter the house they are going to perform the exorcism in]
Father David Keane: Look, I know we went over this before, keep us between you and her. I’m not kidding.
Michael Schaefer: Alright, man.


[Michael talks into the camera]
Michael Schaefer: This is it. We’re actually gonna see a person supposedly possessed. So I guess now we’ll see if it’s bullshit or not.
[they go down stairs to basement where the girl is possessed is being kept and say a prayer together]
Father Ben Rawlings: May the lord bless us and keep us. May the lord’s faith shine a light upon us. May the lord lift up his countenance onto us and give us peace.
Father David Keane: Amen.


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