By Jacob Montgomery (Texas)


Is Big Brother watching you? The idea that your cell phone, and all the vast amounts of technology surrounding you being able to record and track every single thing you do is a frightening prospect, and that offers up some great potential stories, and it especially does so with today’s technology being what it is.

The basic premise of Eagle Eye is that two completely unrelated strangers start getting mysterious phone calls from a woman, who apparently is watching their every move. They are forced to do everything she says, or else, they will die. But little do they know that she has a plan and a higher purpose for something that they couldn’t have possibly imagined. That idea alone could create some good paranoia and offer up some good action, and it does.

First off, I want to say that the film does do a couple of things genuinely right. The action scenes are well made and shot, of note there is a spectacular car chase that lasts several minutes and is thrilling to watch. And the performances of the film are all fairly good. Even Shia LaBeouf is fine here, playing a character that isn’t really someone we would want to hang out with, but is someone you genuinely want to see get through the movie. That’s impressive work.

And I will say that Eagle Eye is a very consistent movie. It is consistently ludicrous and stupid. The film has a lot of twists and turns that don’t really make a lot of sense, and there’s even a ridiculous scene where the antagonist kills someone by vibrating the wires of a telephone pole until they break, and then the wires fall and electrocute the guy. It’s just as stupid as it sounds.

This film not only knows that it’s stupid, it fully embraces it. It seems almost gleeful and joyous in not only how far can it suspend its audiences disbelief, but in how far it can shatter it. The film absolutely doesn’t take itself seriously, and it has as much fun as it can, and I think that fun is the key word here.

Eagle Eye left me at a loss for words. The film has so many moments that make you want to scream, “It doesn’t work like that!” or “You’ve got to be kidding me.” The film’s plot when you really think about it does not hold up, especially when you take into account the villain’s plan and what the villain is capable of. This is a very dumb thriller.

And I enjoyed every second it.

At first I tried to watch the film, questioning everything I could, until I realized exactly what the movie was going for, a brain dead action film with great action. I eventually decided to give up, just sit back and let the film entertain me, and it did. Make absolutely no mistake; Eagle Eye is not technically a good film, particularly when it comes to the story, but I cannot say at all that I regret seeing this film. In fact, I had so much fun that in a few years, it’s a trip I’d love to take again. I also can’t tell you not to see it either, because I had so much fun watching it and I want you to experience it too; I think you just need to be in the right mood and know what you’re getting into in order to really enjoy this film. God bless you Eagle Eye, you ludicrous but highly enjoyable piece of crap.

Rating: 7/10


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