By Heather Lombardo (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)


Eat Spirit Eat, Didn’t Disappoint

In Eat Spirit Eat a band of orphans use their strengths along with their promises to help Oliver find and create a perfect world for his absentee father. The audience will immediately recognize the love and characterization that writer/director James Bird brought to all of the misfit orphans, it is remarkable.

I had the proverbial “Awww” moment seeing the relationship that the main character, Oliver (Owen Williams) and Mrs. P, the free spirited house mother who is really the catalyst for the group. My only issue was a break in character every once in a while from Williams, but overall he was absolutely amazing and I chuckled a bit trying to figure out if he was just a man child or actually not very bright.

Watching Vera (Adriana Mather) with her spectacularly neurotic behavior and speech was refreshing. Her type A personality was very lovable rather than annoying and Mather played it perfectly.

My favorite character was Inny (Ezequiel Stremiz). I thought he was just so funny having a Latino accent yet he wasn’t raised in that environment, he adapted. He recognized his Native American Heritage, which was a big plus for me. Inny just genuinely loved and appreciated the people around him. The happy, supportive best friend type is always my weakness.

This movie has it so right that even the music has a mention. Anya Remizova put together an array of cool bands to score the film. Whimsical, edgy and dare I saw I felt some 80s influence, killer. Hoping a soundtrack is in the works!

Lastly, I enjoyed how Bird introduced each character into the script. They have a back story but it didn’t take over, the questions were answered and it was relevant to the main concept. Eat Spirit Eat was great overall, really loved this movie and would highly recommend it.

I can’t wait to order From Above and catch Honeyglue after I can only imagine it wins a plethora of independent awards. Both From Above and Eat Spirit Eat can be found on iTunes, no excuses!

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