Eclipse Trivia
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Directed by: David Slade
Written by:
Melissa Rosenberg (screenplay)
Stephenie Meyer (novel)
Kristen Stewart - Bella Swan
Robert Pattinson - Edward Cullen
Taylor Lautner - Jacob Black
Xavier Samuel - Riley
Bryce Dallas Howard - Victoria
Anna Kendrick - Jessica
Michael Welch - Mike
Christian Serratos - Angela
Jackson Rathbone - Jasper Whitlock
Ashley Greene - Alice Cullen
Paul Jarrett - Mr. Biers
Iris Quinn - Mrs. Biers
Sarah Clarke - Renee
Peter Facinelli - Dr. Carlisle Cullen
Elizabeth Reaser - Esme Cullen
Kellan Lutz - Emmett Cullen
Nikki Reed - Rosalie Hale
Justin Chon - Eric
Billy Burke - Charlie Swan
Kiowa Gordon - Embry Call
Tyson Houseman - Quil Ateara
BAlex Meraz - Paul
Julia Jones - Leah Clearwater
Tinsel Korey - Emily
Chaske Spencer - Sam Uley
Gil Birmingham - Billy Black
Alex Rice - Sue Clearwater
BooBoo Stewart - Seth Clearwater
Dakota Fanning - Jane
Daniel Cudmore - Felix
Charlie Bewley - Demetri
Jodelle Ferland - Bree

'This wasn't a choice between you and Jacob.'

Want to know which scenes were cut out of the movie? Scroll down the Eclipse Trivia to find out all the details.


In late July 2009 Summit Entertainment revealed that they would replace Rachelle Lefevre, who played the role of evil vampire Victoria in Twilight (2008) and New Moon (2009), with Bryce Dallas Howard. They attributed the change to scheduling conflicts of Lefevre's movie Barney's Version (2010). Lefevre later responded by saying she was "stunned" and "greatly saddened" by the decision. Eclipse Trivia

Apparently Bryce Dallas Howard was initially approached to play Victoria for the first movie, Twilight (2008) , but she turned down the role as it was "too small of a part".

As with New Moon (2009), Robert Pattinson refused to let his eyebrows be plucked or waxed as they had been for the first movie, Twilight (2008). Eclipse Trivia

Jackson Rathbone's (Jasper) favorite actress is Bryce Dallas Howard who plays Victoria in this movie. Eclipse Trivia

Apparently Tom Felton and Channing Tatum were both considered for the role of Riley.

Miranda Kerr and Vanessa Hudgens were considered to play Leah Clearwater.

Some of the new cast members are:

Silent Hill's Jodelle Ferland cast as the newly turned vampire, Bree
Xavier Samuel as Riley
Jack Huston as Royce King II
Catalina Sandino Moreno as Maria
Julia Jones as Leah Clearwater
Boo Boo Stewart as Seth Clearwater

Stephanie Meyer mentions in the DVD commentary that they auditioned 250 people screaming for the character of new born vampire, Bree. Apparently many of the screams were done badly and it was a painful experience.

Actors who auditioned for the various new roles were not given a script to work from. Instead, actress Kirsten Prout (who played Lucy) mentioned; "they made the scenes exact transcripts from the book. They didn't give the screenplay out. So, the audition side was just reading a page of Twilight and reading the lines that were interspersed between the descriptions."

Apparently Kristen Stewart received her high school diploma by correspondence one week before filming began on Bella's graduation scene. Stewart took a mock graduation photo with an extra so she'd have a photo of herself graduating high school.

Screenplay & Production:

In February 2009, Summit confirmed that they would begin working on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. On the same day, it was announced that since New Moon (2009) director Chris Weitz would be working in post-production for New Moon, he would be too busy when Eclipse began shooting and therefore he would not be directing the third instalment of the movie.

Paul Weitz and Drew Barrymore were considered as directors for Eclipse.

Summit Entertainment decided that the film would be helmed by director David Slade, with Melissa Rosenberg returning as screenwriter. David Slade dove right into the project, interviewing cast members individually between two and three times to discuss characters and the plot.

Apparently, director David Slade, originally spoke against the Twilight series, stating that he wouldn't go near the franchise. However, shortly after he was announced as the director of Eclipse, he quickly withdrew his previous remarks, claiming it to be a joke he was doing to promote some comedy shorts.

On August 17, 2009 principal photography for Eclipse began at Vancouver Film Studios.

On September 2, 2009 Xavier Samuel together with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were filming at a soundstage for scenes at Bella's house.

Director David Slade published multiple updates on his Twitter account proclaiming that editing was going well.

Slade stated that they filmed a scene with the tent on September 13, 2009. He also said on his Twitter account that they filmed a kiss between Jacob and Bella on September 17, 2009. He said the "story and the way they approached the film calls for a more realistic approach." Eclipse Trivia

For the Jacob and Bella kissing scene they used two different filming locations.

October 29, 2009 filming wrapped up while post-production began in late November.

In January 2010, an early draft of the movie's script was leaked on the Internet. The script presumably belonged to star Jackson Rathbone, as his name was watermarked across each page.

In April 2010, it was revealed that reshoots to the film were needed. Both David Slade and Stephenie Meyer were present at the shoot along with the three main stars.

In the scene where Bella retrieves the note from Jabcob from her drawer, the note is actually the same note that is used in the prologue of the Eclipse novel. Just as in the novel, lines of text are scored out rather than erased.

Apparently the tribal story scene was the worst scene to shoot besides the baseball scene in Twilight (2010).

The original novel does not have the scene in the parking lot where Jane tortures Felix into submission during a moment of insubordination.

A significant portion of the movie was spent on what was happening with Riley and the newborn army Victoria was creating. This story was based on the the novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, written by Stephanie Meyer and distributed, in first draft form, to the cast. There is one particular line given by Edward to Jane which indicates he knew about their alliance which was eluded to in the novella, but, with no proof, ihe couldn't do anything about it.

In certain scenes, the Cullens irises are completely black rather than their usual golden topaz color. While never directly commented on in the movie, in the novel it is referred to as an indicator of a vampire's extreme hunger when the eyes go completely black.

In this movie Jasper introduces himself as Jasper Whitlock to a coven of vampires, but he is also referred to as Jasper Hale in his modern life. This is because he adopted Rosalie's family name to pass himself as her twin brother.

In the scene when Bella visits Jacob after he's been wounded during the newborn battle, a painting of the A-Ka-Lat "Top of the Rock" island formation off the coast of La Push Beach can clearly be seen behind Bella during her dialogue. According to actual Quileute tradition, prominent members of the Quileute tribe have been buried on the A-Ka-Lat island. The island is also known as James Island, but bares no connection the vampire known as James who hunted Bella in the first movie and book, Twilight (2008). Eclipse Trivia

The original editor, Art Jones, was to be solely credited for the film. Three months before the film's release the original editor, Art Jones, was abruptly released by the studio. Summit immediately brought Nancy Richardson (who edited the first film) to recut and fine-tune the editing. Director, David Slade later commented that although Jones' edit was good, Summit felt that it didn't have the intensity that it needed. Jones' name still made the final credits.

Eclipse (2010) is first Twilight film to be released in a large screen format for presentation on IMAX screens.

The final Eclipse trailer debuted on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and in promotion for the movie, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Dakota Fanning made a guest appearance on the show on May 13 2010, the audience also viewed a version of the film.

It was revealed by Robert Pattinson on, Jimmy Kimmel 'Total Eclipse of the heart', that the censors required that the wolves have no genitalia whenever they appear on screen.

Nordstrom and Summit Entertainment joined together to sell a fashion collection inspired by the movie, as was done for the previous installment. Created by Awake Inc., the collection is based on Kristen Stewart's character, Bella and Ashley Greene's character, Alice. The Eclipse collection became available on June 4, 2010.

On June 21, 2010, in a similar style to its New Moon (2009) marketing, Burger King started promoting Eclipse (2010). Their promotion heavily focused on the "Team Jacob vs. Team Edward" aspect of the movie.

On June 26, 2010 in order to tie in the lunar eclipse, Summit Entertainment hosted screenings of the first two films in The Twilight Saga series in 12 cities throughout the United States. The event was streamed live from Philadelphia and San Diego, and included cast member appearances and special previews of Eclipse.

On September 13th, 2010 the movie was re-released into theaters as a celebration of lead character, Bella Swan's birthday.

In April 2010 Summit Entertainmen has greenlit an adaptation of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, which will be split into two movies. The first part is scheduled for release on November 18, 2011 and the second part in November 16, 2012. Bill Condon will be directing, and author Stephenie Meyer will co-produce the movies along with Karen Rosenfelt and Wyck Godfrey.

Bonuses & Deleted Scenes:

Here are the deleted scenes from Eclipse:

There are a few deleted scences described in the DVD commentaries that is not actually included in the DVD. They are as follows:

Kirsten Stewart stated that the first scene she shot on the movie as a "fairly ridiculous" sequence, in which she imagined herself in the fireside flashback as the Quileute elder chief's third wife, who stabbed and sacrificed herself to distract the vengeful female vampire attacking the village. Both Stephanie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey describe the people in the test audience laughing when they saw that scene, so it was decided to be cut.

There was also a scene where after Bella and Jacob kiss in the mountains she imagines them having grown old together, but the test audience laughed at it so it was cut out. David Slade commented; "There were a lot of issues with prosthetic makeup. It gives me a bit of a shiver, as a filmmaker. As an idea, it was wonderful. What happens with a film is it becomes organic and it grows, and it tells you what it wants, and it was screaming loudly, 'I don't want that!' to me."

In the commentary David Slade mentions another scene described that actually never got shot. He said; "Stephenie really wanted to see Edward as a young man again, and we had this vision scripted for a while where Bella and he are together in Victorian times, as a kind of reverie." It was going to be a flash­back to Edward court­ing Bella back in the olden days in black/white.

Apparently there was also a scene with Esme and Bree that was cut and it's not included on the DVD.

There were shots of Riley's dis­be­lief as Vic­to­ria ignored his scream­ing that were cut out.

Kristen Stewart wore a wig for this movie as she had cut her hair short for her role in The Runaways (2010), and listening to her commentary on the DVD it's clear that she really disliked the wig she had to wear. On the commentary Stephanie Meyer describes the wig being a "diva". i.e. requir­ing attention. Eclipse Trivia

Both Robert Pattinson and producer Wyck Godfrey joke on the DVD commentary that when Alice has a flashback during the graduation party, she looks drunk walking down the stairs.

In the DVD commentary it's mentioned that Taylor Lautner dropped Kristen Stewart when they he had to carry her going up a hill. Eclipse Trivia

For the tent scene, it's mentioned in the commentary that they had people shaking the tent outside to imitate the wind.

In the commentary Stephanie Meyer mentions that she wanted Florence and the Machine song in the Beck and Bat for Lashes scene.

Here are some behind the scenes footage:

Still want more, then you can visit the official movie website.


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Total Trivia Entries: 51

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