By Larissa Batista (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


Let me tell you about Elite Squad, a movie that show us the sides of a city, the omission, Impunity and attempts at peace failures. Here we got a corrupt police, which made the poor life harder than harder. In fact, this movie is a documentary about the police world, after this movie we (Rio de Janeiro residents) finally find out what’s happiness in our city. We know not every policy is corrupt, but still sad about the eighty percent there are.

In this movie, we have Captain Nascimento and he despairingly need to get out of the police, his level of stress is growing every day and he doesn’t wanna this job anymore, he need to think about his family and his baby boy. So, he needs a substitute, fast and a series of event bring to him this substitute, but like everything on life, is hard. In flashbacks, he tell us all the events, the good and the bad, how police can be corrupt, how the population is not that safe, how the economy classes see our world and feel about, how our choices can change many life, and is not always for good.

We also have Matias and Neto, two new polices that only wants what everyone wants to, that laws to be used, for the benefit of the population. They are good, they care about whole population but they quickly understand how life on Police Corporation really works. They see how their superiors think about the population, they don’t care, the only thing that matters are there paycheck. When they know Nascimento, they can’t imagine how their lives are going to change, a flip so hard that neither one would imagine, at the climax of the events, one of them will need to make a choice.

The impunity of the highest levels of the police, make us believe that no one is trustful and everyone can be corrupted. The time that movie was realized, it was a watershed, when the population finally open there eyes and get out of the bubble, the people of Rio de Janeiro know they can change that reality if us really want that. The system is good, bureaucracy is good (sometimes), but the people that place them into practice are the problem, they make everything to themselves and with this movie we can feel a little bit about all the things that governs our life.

And what really disappointed me was the fact that the real culprits don’t pay for what they did, except when someone kills theme, but kill is not the answers, make them pay like a normal people do, on jail, to me, is better. However, I’m not an innocent child our even Pollyanna, I know people will never be a hundred per cent honest, nevertheless I wish that we should try a little, just to see what happens.

If you really want to know a little bit about what people suffer in the ghetto, try watch movie, but please, a beg you, put our on pre-established thoughts in a box and watch movie only with doubt, I highly recommend this, let’s see a part of a different culture with clear eyes and mind, and maybe have a little bit of empathy.

Rating: 4/5


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