By Marcus Turner (Derry, NH, USA)


Enter the Void is one of the craziest concept of a movie I’ve ever heard. I was recommended this movie by a friend. Just from the beginning of the movie the visuals altered my thoughts and feelings. The POV shot from the beginning of the movie really pulls in the viewer and becomes more connected to the main character (Oscar). He begins by doing a hallucinogenic (DMT), and begin to trip like I was him. Bright visuals begin to appear on the screen. Hearing people outside, and soft music.

His friend calls him to meet him at a club and he begins to try to get out of the trip. And as I too get 10 minutes into the movie Oscar is shot and killed as the camera is still in the POV shot, his heartbeat begins to slow down as you hear him talk to himself and after a minute or two of darkness, his “spirit” is slowly lifted out of his normal body and the camera slowly pulls away from Oscar’s dead corpse.

His “spirit” starts to go around the building he got shot in. Sees his friend call his sister telling her that he is dead. As his friend is calling Oscar’s sister, she is getting laid by a character that Oscar always hated. Oscar soon after picks up the phone to listen to the voice mail and Oscar’s “spirit” sees his sister cry because of his death and the camera becomes out of focused and it begins to get louder and louder and the camera pans into a light that is flashing multiple colors.

This transfers the spirit into past things in his life. The camera is in the third person of Oscar. The movie begins to run through Oscar’s entire life. Every childhood moment. Every last minute he spent on this earth. You begin to understand why he was who he was. Near the end of the movie you see Oscar look at his dead body one last time and that is right before they burned his body.

This movie really made me rethink a lot of things. What life really is, is there actually such thing as reincarnation, or is this what really happens when you die? These are questions no one knows the answer too till the day we die. There’s no way to prove this happens when you die. This is one of the craziest movies I’ve ever seen. It’s mind altering. It really made me think about a lot of things all at once.

If you are a person who really likes movies that stays in your mind, then I truly recommend this one. There are some really slow parts in the movie and it seems like the movie is dragged on but it is one of if not the greatest movie I’ve ever seen.


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