By Clarence Toh (Singapore)


Escape Plan, as the name suggests, is meant to be an all action, eye-catching, suspenseful kind of thriller. However, I was greatly disappointed with a few things during the movie. Firstly, let’s talk about the actors. In Stallone and Schwarzenegger, we have two of the best action movie stars in history. There was a lot of hype about the movie simply because these two veterans were casted. I was just shocked at how uncomfortable these two actors were in the movie. Their accents were overboard, considering the fact that the movie had a lot of explanation of how they escaped from prisons and stuff. There was simply too much of them talking. They were not doing what they did best, which was just action. I found myself drifting into deep slumber throughout the movie. I truly believe that these are brilliant actors. No offence to both actors, I just feel that they lost it. 50 Cent should just stick to rapping or his business empire. The person who did the casting for the movie should reconsider his goals in life.

The plot wasn’t fantastic. To be fair, it was clever to put the prison in the middle of nowhere but the director and scriptwriters have to be mindful that they are competing with shows like Prison Break when dealing with this kind of movie. It wasn’t well thought out and I could not bear comparing the genius of Prison Break with the illogic of Escape Plan. It was incredulously weird that Stallone had so much success with getting out of the prison. Come on, I would at least like to see him in trouble with the villain or something. Schwarzenegger, as an ally, has to be more unwilling. How can someone trust a stranger so much?

The setting of the movie was poor. I like the idea of using a former Soviet Union warship which was old and rusty as the prison. It sounds badass enough. But what is inside were like high-tech cabins used to hold the prisoners inside. It was simply a contrast in ideology. The guards looked like they were borrowed from Star Wars and it kind of reminded me of Star Wars? Come on! I want to see water leaking from roof tops; prison cells in the worst possible conditions; guards looking tougher than Stallone. I’d just wished that a bit more thought would have been put in this area.

There was a lot of computer-generated imagery (CGI) in this film. If someone told me this was filmed in 2013, I would not have believed him. It looked so fake, it made Hulk look real. There were a lot of unnecessary usage of the F-words and the jokes they made were half as funny. The villain, on the other hand, didn’t impress me one bit. I was not afraid at all. He didn’t even pose as a threat.

Despite the fact that it followed the guidelines of how an action blockbuster is created, it was not well thought out, illogical and clich├ęd. It lacked the badass factor and had a poor ending. Combined with poor acting and screenplay, I cannot put into words how terrible the movie was. Maybe I’m a bit critical here but I just help but say that Stallone and Schwarzenegger should prepare for retirement. No one in this world deserves this kind of treatment at the movies. Innocent ones, save yourselves!


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