By Jasmine Black (California)


Last night I saw a highly anticipated movie. When I say “highly anticipated,” I mean that people are waiting to see what the critics had to say, if it was worth it, if it will bomb enough for Fox to sell the rights back to Marvel. Right now, as I write this, Fantastic Four has 10% on Rotten Tomatoes. When I went last night, it was at a whopping 9%. So another critic thought it was good while I was sleeping. WARNING: This might be long because I am going to try to make my point clear as to what I personally thought about the movie compared to what the critics say.

Compared to the goofy original that came out ten years ago, I think this one was better. It goes with the seriousness of the other movies that Fox has released recently (a.k.a. X-Men: Days of Future Past). In terms of the tone for the movie, it was a happy medium between the super seriousness of DC movies and some of the light hardheartedness of MCU movies. The one thing that people don’t seem to realize about the main difference between the two movies is that they are from different Marvel comic book universes. That means Stan Lee didn’t create this decades ago, which is why he was probably didn’t make a cameo. So let’s begin talking about the actual film.

I liked the story behind Benn and Reed’s friendship. It was innocent, since they started as children, and adds a since of understanding for what happens throughout the movie. Unlike the original movie, there was no sense of foreshadowing of what they characters end up becoming. The way they get their powers is shown and made perfectly clear who gets what power (if you didn’t know or never seen the original or never heard of the superhero team… ever). What I liked about the movie was that they used real time (timing ranged from 2007-2015) and everyone was around my age (I’m 21). They didn’t go over much of the science stuff so I didn’t have to pretend that I knew a thing of what they were talking about.

I thought most of the actors did as good as a job they could portraying their characters. Miles Teller did a good job playing a nerdy guy. Michael B. Jordan is a good match for Johnny Storm. Stan Lee even said so and yet I still don’t see why everyone was making a big deal out of it when Marvel is re-imaging their famous heroes to be culturally acceptable. Maybe it’s because they haven’t made it to the big screen yet. Who knows. Jamie Bell did well in the thirty minutes he played a human. Same with Toby Kebbell who played Doom. Kate Mara played Susan Storm, and for some reason I was bothered with her performance sometimes. I never imagined the Invisible Woman to act distant and a bit rude. There were some moments when she was acting compassionate, she wasn’t acting consistent.

Honestly, I don’t know if I would recommend this movie to other people. The reasons are as follow: everyone compares it to the original/what critics say/bad publicity/opinions of others and it clouds their judgement. It makes them try harder to walk into something with an open mind then having a clean slate. My friends either saw the original, didn’t see it or didn’t know much about the heroes. Compared to other Marvel films, this is less than the Thor movies. I feel like this would show that I’m not really a fan of the Thor movies. But this is better than the Hulk movies. I think that Fox should give Marvel the rights and stick with continuing to make X-Men great. That is the franchise that they should focus on because each movie gets better and better. Fantastic Four was a decent movie, something that is passable but not something I would run to buy when it comes out.

If I had to give this a grade it would be a C-. It’s a superhero movie because there are people who have super powers. The action was sub-par. This is a movie that should’ve come out in the beginning of the 2000’s and not in 2015 when there is a line of fantastic movies constantly dominating the box office. This one was not fantastic, it was slightly acceptable.


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