By Sheyla Mendez (Phoenix, Az)


The incredible but cold blooded and heartbreaking Fruitvale Station is a wonderful film that is intended to get the audience attention and make them feel anger when they are watching this film. It is a great film based on a the true story of Oscar Grant III tragic death by Ryan Coogler whose intention was to inform that authority here in the United States can get away with a lot. Mr. Coogler’s purpose to make this movie was so that his audience can feel the frustration and anger that Oscar Grant’s family felt when all this was happening.

On January 1, 2009 Oscar Grant III was shot down by a police officer who supposedly had no intentions of shooting Mr. Grant. This happened on a subway station in Oakland, California. Michael B. Jordan who plays Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station can connect to this story because he is African American just like Oscar Grant was and the whole reason behind this incident was race. The officer who was involved in this incident was against African Americans and since he was an authority figure it was so easy for him to shoot Mr. Grant.

Many people have had different views on this movie. Many say that Fruitvale Station was obviously made to be against Officer Johannes Mehserle who was the one who had shots fired at Mr. Grant. This incident was taken to court and according to Officer Mehserle he was going to tase him but he had mistaken his taser for his real gun. And that’s where all the controversy started. Many people believed that an Officer who was trained properly would have never in a million years have done such a mistake where it would cost another innocent person their life.

The movie goes through Oscar Grant’s dramatic life prior to his death. We get to see Oscar’s low points in life and how he struggled to keep a job and have income coming in for his wife and family. Coogler’s film makes us think that Oscar Grant wanted to turn his life around. But of course we don’t know that for sure. We see an innocent African American male who wants to quit doing drugs and change for the sake of his family.


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