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The Fast and Furious franchise is one of the most beloved action franchises of this generation, and probably the longest running. Originally a smaller racing franchise, the series has now evolved into much larger blockbuster territory, with its movies being centered around vehicular warfare.

The movie itself merely met expectations, without exceeding any. From watching the trailers and the previous films, it is easy to speculate what you will get from this movie, and it will always be just that. They do step up on some of the crazy stunts and the cars, but they did not really do anything revolutionary. A lot more shaky cam was used in this one, and it was harder to see in this movie than in the previous movies. Also, the editing of the action scenes was too fast so a lot of the stunts in the action scenes could not be seen properly. The plot was ok for an action movie, and the best parts of the movie were probably the exotic locations that the plot took the main characters to.

The cast of this movie got a big boost from Jason Statham, Djimon Honsou, Ronda Rousey and Nathalie Emmanuel. While their potential wasn’t necessarily wasted, one cannot help but notice that an actor like Djimon Honsou was quite badly miscast and out of place. The old gang of characters, consisting of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson, have been the backbone of this franchise thanks to their chemistry, and they have stuck with the series as it transitioned from a smaller racing movie into the blockbuster franchise that it is today. In this movie, they are still strong and they work well together as always. Though a lot of the jokes in this movie fell flat, it was still nice to see them have fun together doing the movie.

Unfortunately, lead actor Paul Walker tragically passed away after an accident on set, and the production was postponed. A small portion of the movie was devoted to paying tribute to the late Paul, in a heart wrenching montage that had fans of the franchise and regular viewers both in tears.

They did announce that they are making an 8th movie in the franchise. Even though this one was nothing groundbreaking, it’s always fun to see the cars, the cast and the action, and this is definitely still a franchise that deserves more movies, that are hopefully just a little more inventive.


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