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Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Sloppy Movie Making

Now, this is my first movie review, so I may be a little sloppy but stay put for now.

Now, I know that the film has been out for a while now, coming out almost a year ago on February 17, 2012 but I just got round to watching it and all I can say is…What The Flying Titties is this? Excuse the phrase but this piece of junk was just down right awful!

I’ll start by saying that the pacing/storytelling of the film was so bad that it actually made it tough to try and appreciate the plot and even the action scenes where the focus isn’t to appreciate the work put into them. The otherwise simple plot becomes a task and even a bore to follow due to the bad editing and pace of the story. They threw in a few “comedic” moments that may encourage a chuckle, but only as to stop you from bursting into tears after realizing that you actually PAID to see the damn thing.

The few action scenes were lackluster to say the least, with either the enemies being defeated way too easily or via the sheer lack of change in how they are beaten. Most of the enemies are defeated by being hit with the whip and bursting into menacing dust, ooh scary… I mean, the least they could’ve done was show the whip alight rather than the dull red tint you get when you leave a kettle on the stove for too long. It looks as if you could save yourself by standing under a slight drip. The first movie had it right, what happened, did they run out of oil to pour onto it?!

Now I don’t want to spoil too much but I’ll just mention briefly that later in the movie, there is an action scene where Ghost Rider (Nicolas Cage) takes control of one of those large excavator machines, the machine lights on fire which looks cool enough but is ruined by how the rest of the scene is just a few clips repeated over again to give the impression of a longer fight, I don’t mind when directors do this too much since I know that filming isn’t cheap but it can be too much when you see the same goddamn guy get crushed about five times.

I’ll move off the topic of action scenes and onto the overall effects. In my opinion, the fire/flame effects are good which is as expected in a movie centered around a flaming character. But, again returning to the whips which really bugged me, they didn’t use the effects which could’ve turned the movie towards the level of hotness that the first had. Now before I get ahead of myself, I should just say that I believe that a good movie doesn’t need effects. Too bad that this one isn’t good! The effects were really a last hope for GR2 and they bodged it, maybe I could’ve ignored it if the storytelling and pacing were better, hell, the whole story itself could’ve made the movie alone if it was good!

I’ll admit that I liked how GR himself looked, moving from the fairly clean skull of the original to a scorched one as well as the flames feeling like they fitted the body more, but unfortunately the outfit we all loved in the first was gone and I know I can’t really complain about him changing clothes but they could’ve at least kept the flame effects and spikes on the leather. Another problem I had was that his bike changed from an old Chopper to a less-cool looking Yamaha VMax. They could’ve at least kept the bike the same, no excuses apart from money again.

I suppose after all that I should say what I actually liked in the movie and I’ll seriously have to think about it… If I liked one thing, it was the music. The music was used well to convey how the actors are feeling…THEY FEEL LIKE CRAP! Because of this stupid mofo’ing movie! I also liked John Whitworth’s Carrigan. He feels like a bad guy and acts like a bad guy, he doesn’t over play his role with cheesy puns and dastardly plots. He just kills people to get what he wants. He feels like a proper mercenary, he just wants to get paid. I would even go far enough to say that he plays his role better than Nic Cage, and before you flip it with me, just hear me out.

John Whitworth portrays Carrigan as you would expect a merc to act. He can be scary one moment and progress to awesome steadily but fluently the next and uses his abilities he gets later as you would if you were him. Whereas NC acts as if he’s about to have a seizure half of the time. I understand that he’s fighting the GR but the constant shaking, or manic shouting he does is just OTT and makes the movie hard to watch. Don’t misconstrue, I love Mr. Cage, especially in the first installment of GR but in this one he really needed to stop focusing on how he’s told to act, and just act as he felt he should’ve which couldn’t have been hard since he is a major fan of GR (he even has a GR tattoo that had to be covered with make-up) and knows how Johnny Blaze should act.

Now that my rant is over, I should probably give my final thoughts on the film.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance isn’t the WORST movie ever, but could be a candidate for runners-up. It could’ve been saved if there was less fancy camera-work and more storytelling. The pacing needs to be reworked and it needs to be less focused on fancy effects… BUT LIGHT THE GODDAMN WHIPS!

Thanks for reading!


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