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[back on the USS Saratoga as they watch the footage of the MUTO in Oahu Stenz turns to Serizawa]
Admiral William Stenz: The cat’s out of the bag, no more secrets. Our highest priority now is safety. There’s close to a million people on that island.
[Stenz goes over to Hampton]
Admiral William Stenz: Give me our eyes on the air.godzilla-6
Captain Russell Hampton: We’re picking up something else, approaching from the Pacific.
Admiral William Stenz: We need to check out that object. Check our course.
[Hampton picks up the phone]
Captain Russell Hampton: Bridge, this is the Captain.
[at the same time Serizawa leaves the room with Graham following him]
Vivienne Graham: Where are you going?
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: Up to the flight deck. I think he’s coming.
Vivienne Graham: What are you doing?
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: I have to see this.


[Special Forces jets are sent to launch an attack on the MUTO in the forest]
Pilot: Two-Charlie-six, we are circling the target, go ahead and command. Standby, got a visual.
[the MUTO is starting to get agitated]
Pilot: We have eyes, ready to engage target.
Special Forces Soldier #1: Guardian 3, we’re getting toasted down here.
[suddenly the MUTO gets ready to attack]
Special Forces Soldier #1: Take cover!
[the MUTO fires off its EMP which knocks out the navigation control for the jet]
Pilot: Control, I’ve lost power! I say again, I’ve lost…
[suddenly the jet plummets to the earth and explodes, the attack is felt by the train Ford is traveling on and it also loses power; to Akio]
Ford Brody: You alright? You give it ten seconds, lights gonna come back on. It’s okay.
[he takes Akio’s hand to give him some comfort]


[at a hotel in Honolulu a crowd watches the explosion of the jets in the distance, a little girl turns and notices that the sea water seems to be receding from the shore at a rapid pace]
Young Girl on Beach: Dad!
[her father turns and rushes towards her]
Father on Beach: Zoe! Zoe!
[he picks up his daughter and notices the sea water receding]
Father on Beach: Oh, my God.
[suddenly an alarm is sounded]
Father on Beach: Run! Run! Run, a tsunami!
[everyone starts running]
Lead Fighting Pilot: Charlie to Bravo, target spotted offshore, two knots due east to your position. It could be a bogie.
[on the USS Saratoga Serizawa watches in horror as Godzilla rises from under the sea which then causes a tsunami in Honolulu, the crowds in the streets then watch in horror as the military launch an attack on Godzilla]


[the power in Honolulu is restored including the train Ford is on; to Akio]
Ford Brody: There you go, what did I tell you?
[as everyone looks out the window they see the MUTO looming over the train tracks, they jets fly in and start shooting at it, everyone on the train starts screaming as it heads straight into the MUTO’s jaws, Ford grabs Akio before he slides out of the train]
Pilot #1: Guardian, the target’s in sight. Two o’clock, about three hundred meters.
Pilot #2: We’re in six-zero-one. Target confirmed.
[the jet starts shooting at the MUTO but it flaps its wing and causing the jet to explode, just then Godzilla appears and roars at the MUTO]


[back in San Francisco Sam is lying on the couch in front of the TV falling asleep]
Elle Brody: Sam, please turn that TV off.
[we see the TV is showing news of the developing destruction of Honolulu by the MUTO and Godzilla]
Elle Brody: Hey, did you hear me? Off!
[Sam continues to watch the news as it shows the MUTO briefly fighting Godzilla before it flies away]
Elle Brody: Come on, Sammy. Let’s go. Let’s go, it’s bed time! Sammy!
Sam Brody: Mommy, look, dinosaur.
[Elle looks at the TV with dawning horror forming on her face]


[the next morning in the devastated Honolulu, Ford carrying Akio in his arms makes his way to one of the emergency camps and approaches one of the medics]
Ford Brody: Excuse me? Hi. Excuse me, I’m sorry. The boy’s been separated from his parents.
Medic: Just fill out this form, we’ll be with you in just a minute.
[as he picks up the form he turns to the man standing next to him filling out his form]
Ford Brody: Hey, you got service on that cell phone?
Man: No, the pay phones don’t even work.
[just then Akio wonders off, Ford turns to find him missing and walks off to look for him when he notices Akio has found his parent and is running towards them]
Akio: Mama! Papa!
[Ford watches with relief as his parent pick him up and leave]


[Ford notices the U.S. army walking through the street he approaches a soldier]
Ford Brody: Sergeant! Lieutenant Brody, U.S. Navy. Listen, I need your help. I’m trying to get to the mainland.
Sergeant Tre Morales: Well, it’s your lucky day, sir. Anything not tied down is moving east.
Ford Brody: Woh, woh. You’re telling me they’re quitting?
Sergeant Tre Morales: Yeah, I guess we’re monster hunters now.
[as they army heads off Ford follows them]


[back on the USS Saratoga, they follow Godzilla as he tracks the MUTO; to Stenz]
PO #1 Martinez: Satellite transfer complete. Simulation’s uploaded. Satellite tracking continues. That last satellite tracks the MUTO continuing due east. All our models have the targets converging on the Pacific coast. As of now it looks like Godzilla is still following the MUTO.
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: He’s hunting.
Admiral William Stenz: Have our vessels maintain current distance from target. And plot the speed and heading of these things, I want to know exactly when and where they’re going to make land.
Captain Russell Hampton: Yes, sir.
Admiral William Stenz: Doctor, what did you mean by hunting? You think it’s chasing this MUTO?
Vivienne Graham: But if the MUTO is his prey, the signal shows a call. Why call up a predator?
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: No, it didn’t. I think Godzilla was only listening. The MUTO was calling something else.
[a realization comes over Serizawa’s face]
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: The pattern.


Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: Focus the search on Nevada.
Captain Russell Hampton: Nevada? Why would it go to Nevada?
Vivienne Graham: It can’t be, it’s impossible.
Admiral William Stenz: What’s impossible?
Vivienne Graham: There was another spore, intact, found in the Philippian mine.
[to Serizawa]
Vivienne Graham: But we intercepted it. We ran every test on it for years. You confirmed it for yourself, it was…it was dormant!
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: Maybe not anymore.
Admiral William Stenz: This spore, where is it now, doctor?
Vivienne Graham: It was highly radioactive. It was disposed of, the Americans, they…they took it!
Admiral William Stenz: Doctor, where is it?
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: Where they put all the nuclear waste.


[the troops arrive at the Nevada Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository and rush inside to look for the second pod]
Army Soldier: Alright, let’s go! Get me a mark on every bomb!
[the troops search and find the second MUTO has hatched and escaped, making a path through the desert towards Las Vegas and destroys the city]


[back on the USS Saratoga]
Navy Soldier: Captain, our UAB’s have footage of the new MUTO.
Admiral William Stenz: Let’s have a look at it.
[they watch footage of the new MUTO, which is wingless, as it destroys Las Vegas]
Navy Soldier: This is from five minutes ago.
Admiral William Stenz: Oh, my God.
Navy Soldier: Currently that’s all we have on it.
[to Serizawa]
Vivienne Graham: It’s almost three hundred feet. It’s far bigger than the other one.
Admiral William Stenz: This one doesn’t have any wings.
Vivienne Graham: They’re different sex?
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: A female.
Vivienne Graham: That’s who he’s been talking to.
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: It must be a mating call. The female remained dormant until the male matured.
Vivienne Graham: And now they’re seeking radiation…to reproduce.
[Serizawa slowly nods his head]


[Stenz holds an emergency meeting with his officers including Serizawa and Graham]
Military Analyst: Current tracking models indicate that all three targets are converging here, San Francisco Bay. But if we rig a nuclear warhead with a shielded timer, put it on a boat and send it twenty miles out, the radiation lures the MUTO’s and the MUTO’s lure Godzilla.
Captain Russell Hampton: Then we detonate, with minimal fall out risk to the city.
Vivienne Graham: You can’t be serious! They feed on radiation.
Captain Russell Hampton: Correct. That’s why we use the bomb as bait.
Military Analyst: And kill them with the sheer force of the blast.
Vivienne Graham: This is crazy.
Admiral William Stenz: Doctor, if you have any other ideas, I am all ears.
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: Admiral.
Admiral William Stenz: Yes, doctor?
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: Godzilla may be the answer. I believe he’s here to restore balance, he can defeat them.
Admiral William Stenz: And what, we just stand by and watch? I’m sorry, doctor, I can’t take that risk.
[to his men]
Admiral William Stenz: You’ll need to prep the warheads and get them moving to the coast.
Captain Russell Hampton: Yes, sir.


[after the men leave the room]
Admiral William Stenz: Doctor, I know you don’t agree with this, but my first priority is to safeguard our citizens.
[Serizawa gives Stenz and old looking pocket watch]
Admiral William Stenz: It’s stopped.
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: Yes, 8:15 in the morning, August 6, 1945.
Admiral William Stenz: Hiroshima.
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: It was my fathers.
[Serizawa takes back the watch and walks out of the room]


[on the military plane Ford has joined]
Airman: Alright, heads up! We’ve got new destination and new orders, so let’s get geared up!
Ford Brody: Hey, so where?godzilla-7
Airman: Another one of those things popped up in Nevada, sir.
[along with the other soldiers, Ford is brought to Lone Pine, California in a military vehicle]
Lieutenant Commander Marcus Waltz: Okay, everybody out! They’re in line with each other. We are within reach of its EMP. So from here on out, it’s on the ground or it’s not at all! Let’s go!
[they all get out and Ford notices the nuclear warheads being brought in on a train]
Lieutenant Commander Marcus Waltz: Alright, listen up! This train and these weapons are headed to San Francisco! Anyone not part of this mission disembark now!


[after Ford requests permission to join the mission to San Francisco]
Lieutenant Commander Marcus Waltz: Negative! Can’t do it, sir. This is a high risk mission, that train out there is a national asset, not Amtrak.
[to his officers]
Lieutenant Commander Marcus Waltz: You’re good to.
Ford Brody: From the look of the casing on those Minuteman ICBM’s, I’m guessing the digital module’s been bypassing and you’re prepping for a full analog retrofit.
Lieutenant Commander Marcus Waltz: Was my jaw supposed to drop? I get it, you’re EOD, but I’ve already got my crew and they know what they’re doing.
Sergeant Tre Morales: Aim the pointy end at the monsters. Right, Sarge?
[Morales walks off]
Ford Brody: When was the last time you let one of your guys put their fingers on a live bomb? Look, this is what I do. This is my job.
[Waltz turns to walk away]
Ford Brody: Sergeant?
[Waltz turns to face Ford]
Ford Brody: My family’s in the city, okay? I need to get on that train.


[Sam watches the news on the TV at the hospital where Elle is working at]
Head Nurse: Sam, your mom is gonna be right back,
[she picks up the phone which has been ringing]
Head Nurse: Emergency, can I help you? Hello?
[she listens for a moment]
Head Nurse: Oh, yeah. Just here.
[she turns and calls out to Elle who’s with a patient]
Head Nurse: Elle, for you!
Elle Brody: Well, tell them I’ll be there in a minute.
Head Nurse: Elle, it’s your husband.


[Elle goes to a private room to speak with Ford on the phone]
Elle Brody: Hello?
Ford Brody: Elle?
Elle Brody: Oh, thank God!
Ford Brody: Are you alright? How’s Sam?
Elle Brody: You know I’ve been trying to…I’ve been calling you everywhere, are you okay?
Ford Brody: Yeah. I’m Fine.
Elle Brody: I’ve got Sam’s with me.
Ford Brody: Great, cause I was thinking, I want to get you both…
Elle Brody: I can’t believe this is happening. Ford, are you okay? Are you doing okay?
Ford Brody: I’m okay. Elle…Elle, please don’t worry.
[Elle starts crying]
Elle Brody: Baby, I’m so scared.
Ford Brody: I know. I’m gonna be at the hospital by sunrise, then I’m gonna get you and Sam out.
Elle Brody: Okay.
Ford Brody: The military is planning to do all these things. I’m gonna get you both, okay?
Elle Brody: Okay. Okay, please just hurry.
Ford Brody: I will. Elle, I just…I just want you to know I love you.
Elle Brody: I love you too, just be safe.
See you soon.
[Ford hangs up the phone]


[as Ford gets ready to board the train, we see news footage on a TV at a nearby house]
News Reporter: As blackouts and electrical interference radiate further and further west, citizens within two hundred miles of the creature’s current sphere of influence are being urged to please find shelter, stay indoors and stay off the roads.
[at the same time we see the whole city is prepping for an emergency evacuation causing a backlog of traffic on the main roads]


[on the USS Saratoga Stenz is on the phone to the President]
Admiral William Stenz: Yes, sir. Yes, warheads are on the move.
[pauses as he listens]
Admiral William Stenz: I completely agree, sir.
[Stenz ends the call, looks at Hampton for a moment and nods his head, Hampton turns to the crew]
Captain Russell Hampton: Alright, people, let’s go. I need to know the exact location of the MUTO’s ASAP.
PO #1 Martinez: Aye, sir. We’re updating our models with their tracking status right now.
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: Admiral.
Admiral William Stenz: Yes?
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: Please don’t do this.
Admiral William Stenz: I understand your concerns, doctor. But I am sacrificing lives every minute just trying to steer one of these things clear of population centers and there are two more of them on the way. There are millions of lives at risk. All I want to know from you is will it work and can they be killed?
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: But we tried that before.
Captain Russell Hampton: We’re talking tolerable yield, megatons not kilotons. Nothing can withstand that blast, makes the bomb we tried to kill it with it in ’54 look like a firecracker.


[as they travel on the train at night with the two nuclear warheads]
Ford Brody: Sergeant Morales, give me a hand.
Sergeant Tre Morales: I thought these nukes all detonated by remote control?
Ford Brody: The MUTO’s knocked out everything electric, including detonators. These can’t even range without these things going haywire. But this, this on the other hand, this is old school. Clock work.
Sergeant Tre Morales: Takes a licking, keeps on ticking.
[suddenly they see something exploding in the sky then the train comes to a stop and they watch as there’s more explosion in the distance]
Sergeant Tre Morales: Oh, shit.
Lieutenant Commander Marcus Waltz: Sergeant Morales, get down here with that radio, on the double! Move, move!


[speaking into the radio]
Lieutenant Commander Marcus Waltz: Snake Eyes, this is Bravo to November. Is the bridge clear? Over.
[all they hear over the radio is sounds of screaming, explosions and gunfire]
Lieutenant Commander Marcus Waltz: I say again, we got a train of VIP cargo headed for the coast. Is the bridge clear? Over. Snake Eyes, I need a…
[as Waltz continues to get through the radio for help Ford walks on ahead to see what’s out in front of them]
Lieutenant Commander Marcus Waltz: …secure or not? Over.godzilla-8
[all they can hear over the radio is screaming, they hear the MUTO in the distance, they decide to walk on to see if the bridge is there]
Ford Brody: Do you think it’s intact?
Lieutenant Commander Marcus Waltz: Only one way to find out. Do you want to take the top?
Ford Brody: Sure, you check below. Sergeant Morales, you come with me.
[Ford and Morales walk on top of the bridge with Waltz and another soldier, Jones, climbing down to check below]


[as they walk along they Ford and Morales hear a noise, Morales stumbles and drops his flashlight]
Sergeant Tre Morales: Shit!
[the flashlight nearly hits Waltz and Jones as they walk under the bridge]
Lieutenant Commander Marcus Waltz: Jesus.
[they hear something turn and suddenly a helicopter in flames is thrown towards them nearly hitting them]
Lieutenant Commander Marcus Waltz: Jones, you alright?
Jones: Yeah, I’m good!
[they look ahead and notice the MUTO has destroyed everything ahead, Waltz uses his whistle to try and warn Ford and Morales above them on the bridge but they don’t hear the whistle and carry on walking]
Ford Brody: The bridge is intact.
[Morales talks into his radio]
Sergeant Tre Morales: Bulldog, this is Eagle. All clear to move out, over.
Bulldog: Roger that, Eagle.
[on hearing this command the train starts moving ahead towards the bridge]


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