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Directed by: Gareth Edwards
Written by:
Max Borenstein (screenplay)
Dave Callaham (story)
Aaron Taylor-Johnson – Ford Brody
Ken Watanabe – Dr. Ishiro Serizawa
Bryan Cranston – Joe Brody
Elizabeth Olsen – Elle Brody
Sally Hawkins – Dr. Vivienne Graham
Juliette Binoche – Sandra Brody
David Strathairn – Admiral William Stenz
Richard T. Jones – Captain Russell Hampton
Victor Rasuk – Sergeant Tre Morales
Patrick Sabongui – Lieutenant Commander Marcus Waltz
CJ Adams – Young Ford
Carson Bolde – Sam Brody
Ken Yamamura – Takashi
Garry Chalk – Stan Walsh
Hiro Kanagawa – Hayato
Eric Keenleyside – Boyd
Primo Allon – Mine Team Member


In this reboot, Godzilla quotes are serviceable but leave you wanting more. We follow the story as a mysterious force causes a meltdown at a Japanese nuclear power plant, causing personal devastation to physicist Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston) and the rest of the area, making Joe become obsessed with uncovering the truth of what really happened. Fifteen years later Joe joins forces with his soldier son Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), to find answers and what they uncover is prelude to global-threatening devastation. From then onwards the story focuses on two human characters, Ford and Dr. Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe), who fight the monster and their own personal demons.

As fresh as this reboot is the narrative spends too much time on the human back-stories and not enough on non-reptilian characters prior to Godzilla’s entrance. The first half of the movie starts off well but starts losing focus when Cranston’s character is killed off. The female characters are totally wasted and the remaining male characters are not fleshed out enough to be memorable. However, for all its failings the movie does manages to redeem itself towards the last half hour when Godzilla finally makes its appearance and we get a rousing final showdown that’s sadly way too short.

Verdict: This is more of a human drama, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it just would have been so much more if the humans were more memorable and equal time was given to the monsters.

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[opening credits; we see archive footage from the 50s in which military personnel slip on protective eye wear as a nuclear bomb is detonated when a large creature surfaces from the ocean, they are unsuccessful though in killing it]


[The Philippines 1999 – Project Monarch scientists, Dr. Ishiro Serizawa and his British assistant, Vivienne Graham arrive by helicopter at the Universal Western Mining and are met by an American supervisor]
Boyd: Dr. Serizawa? Jerry Boyd.
[they shake hands]
Boyd: I’m just warning you, it’s a real mess! Just a total mess! Monarch sent me in this morning to look around, I told them we need you.
[as Boyd guides them]
Boyd: They picked up a radiation pocket out here last month. They got excited thinking they had the uranium deposit. They started stacking up the heavy machinery and then, well the…the valley wall collapsed into a cavern below. It just dropped away. It’s just gone.
[Boyd shows them the collapsed site]
Boyd: Best guess right now is about forty miners went down with it.


[as Boyd guides them into the underground cavern]
Boyd: This way. When I first discovered this pocket the radiation levels were only half this strong. It’s almost as if contact with the outside air started catalyzing something.
[Serizawa shines his flashlight on the giant skeleton carcass]
Boyd: Some kind of fossil, right? I’ve been digging them for almost thirty years, never seen anything like it.
[referring to the skeleton as it fills the cave as far as the eye can see]
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: Oh, my God. Is it possible?godzilla-3
Vivienne Graham: Is it him?
Dr. Ishiro Serizawa: No. This is much older.
Mine Team Member: Hey, guys. You gotta see this?
[they find two egg-shaped pods hanging from the cave ceiling]
Vivienne Graham: What is it? Is it some kind of egg? The giant’s spawn? The bones are fossilized, but this…this formation seems to be perfectly preserved.
Mine Team Member: This one looks broken, like something came out of it.
[as they walk further into the cave they notice a something massive has crawled out of the cave and left a massive trail across the landscape as it headed towards the sea]


[Janjira, Japan – at the Bordy household as young Ford prepares to put up a ‘Happy Birthday, Dad’ sign]
Joe Brody: I’ll get it, it’s probably for me.
[as Joe answers the call]
Joe Brody: Moshi moshi.
[there’s a pause as he listens]
Joe Brody: No, Takashi… No, Takashi! Just listen to me for a second! I’m asking for the meeting because if I have to shut the reactor down, you’re not gonna want to read about it in a memo. Because I’ve been following these tremors since they started in the Philippines and now they’re in our own backyard.
[Ford quietly watches Joe from behind as he talks on the phone]
Joe Brody: No, no, no, no! Hayato says I need to go through you about this. Look, I’m just…I’m just trying to follow the protocols that were set forth by the company, that’s all. It’s my job.
[Ford’s mother, Sandra, finds him standing by the door just outside the room, he whispers to her]
Young Ford: He’s awake.
Sandra Brody: Oh, I know. He got up early.
Young Ford: What are we gonna do?
Sandra Brody: Get dressed, I’ll figure it out.
[looking slightly upset]
Young Ford: Okay.


[to Joe, who is still talking on the phone, as he walks to the car]
Young Ford: See you later, Dad.
[Jo waves goodbye to Ford as he carries on talking]
Joe Brody: With all due respect, Takashi, and honor. Respect and honor, with all of that…
Sandra Brody: I’m an engineer and I don’t like unexplained frequency pattern in your plant, where I’m responsible. I need a meeting, make it happen! Oh-hi-yo.
[Sandra unlocks the car door and they both get inside, Sandra looks at Ford as he runs off to catch the bus to school and quickly turns to wave goodbye to her and she waves back]
Sandra Brody: He made you a sign.
Joe Brody: What?
Sandra Brody: Your birthday sign. He worked so hard.
Joe Brody: Oh, God.
Sandra Brody: I’m gonna come home early, I’ll take the car and pick him up and we can get a proper cake. Okay?


Joe Brody: Listen, I need to know that it’s not the sensors. Okay? I can’t be calling this meeting and look like the American maniac. So when we get there, don’t even bother coming up. Just grab a team and go down to level five.
Sandra Brody: You’re not a maniac. I mean, you are, just not about this.
Joe Brody: There must be something we’re not thinking of.
Sandra Brody: Happy Birthday!
Joe Brody: What…is it?
Sandra Brody: Yes, it is.
Joe Brody: I forgot all about it!
[she laughs and kisses him]
Sandra Brody: Happy Birthday!
Joe Brody: Thank you.
[she kisses him again]
Joe Brody: I should have a birthday tomorrow.
[they both laugh as they drive off to work]


[at the plant Joe looks at a graph]
Joe Brody: What is this?
Nervous Engineer: Seismic anomaly. This graph is minutes…it says minutes, not days. This is now.
Stan Walsh: Wait, hold on. Seismic activity? Seismic like an earthquake? Are you talking about earthquakes?
Joe Brody: No, earthquakes are random, jagged. This is consistent, increasing. This is a pattern.
[at the same time Sandra and her team get ready to go down into the reactor zone]
Sandra Brody: Alright, let’s make this quick.
[they start heading towards the reactor zone, at the same time Joe enters the engine room]
Joe Brody: Takashi, what the hell is going on? Have you seen this?
Takashi: Yeah. Maybe not such a good time for a meeting.


[Joe looks at a monitor which is showing the graph activity]
Joe Brody: What’s the source? Where is the epicenter?
Takashi: We don’t know, but it keeps getting stronger.
Joe Brody: It’s gotta be centered somewhere. Hayato?
Hayato: No one else is reporting it. We are contacting every other plant in the Kanto region. Tokai, Fujiyama, they are unaffected. But my guess is these readings are just aftershocks from the Philippine earthquake.
Joe Brody: Are we at full function?
Takashi: Yes, we are. But perhaps we should be drawing down to be safe.
[suddenly a tremor hits the plant]
Joe Brody: You take us off line.
Stan Walsh: Now, Joe, we gotta…
Joe Brody: Do it now! Wind it down.


[Joe contacts Sandra through the walkie-talkie]
Joe Brody: Sandra? Sandra, are you there…?
[suddenly another tremor hits the plant]
Sandra Brody: We’re turning back! Let’s go!
[she notices a massive radiation cloud rushing towards them down the corridor]
Sandra Brody: Oh, my God!
[Sandra and her team turn and make a run for it in the opposite direction]
Sandra Brody: Joe, are you there? Joe, we’ve been breached! We’re heading back the containment field!
[Joe picks up the walkie-talkie]
Joe Brody: Sandra, listen to me. You need to get out of there. Run. If there’s been a reactor breach you won’t last five minutes, with or without the suits. Do you hear me?
Sandra Brody: I hear you! We’re coming!
[as Sandra and her team are trying to stay ahead of the radiation cloud another tremor hits the plant]


[to Takashi]
Joe Brody: I’ll meet them down there myself. Put the safety doors on manual override.
[he turns to make his way down to the reactor zone]
Takashi: No, I cannot do that!
Joe Brody: Keep the doors open! My wife is down there!
[Joe rushes out of the room, at the same time Sandra and her team are frantically trying to stay ahead of the radiation cloud]
Sandra Brody: Come on, let’s go!
[Joe arrives at the door but Sandra and her team haven’t made it yet, he contacts Takashi]
Joe Brody: Takashi, tell me these doors are on manual.
Takashi: Manual, yes. But, Joe, we have gotten a breach!
Joe Brody: I’m right here, as soon as they’re through I’ll see to it.
[Joe speaks into the walkie-talkie]
Joe Brody: Sandra, honey, can you hear me? I’m at the door.
[there’s no reply]
Joe Brody: Sandra! Sandra, I’m waiting for you. I’m at the check point, you have to run now. You have to run as fast as you can!
Sandra Brody: I am!
[suddenly another tremor hits and Sandra and one of her colleagues stumble, as Sandra goes to help her colleague up the cloud looms in closer]
Sandra Brody: Kenji! Kenji, we need to go!


[as Joe waits for Sandra]
Takashi: Joe! Joe! Close the door!
[Joe replies back in Japanese]
Takashi: Close the door! Seal the corridor or the whole city will be exposed!
[Joe tries to contact Sandra again]
Joe Brody: Sandra!
[after a moment’s pause]
Sandra Brody: Joe! Joe, can you hear me? Are you there?
Joe Brody: Sandra. Sandra, I’m here. Can you hear me?
Sandra Brody: Yes. Joe, it’s too late. We’re not gonna make it.
Joe Brody: No, don’t say that! Don’t you say that! Run as hard as you can, honey!
Sandra Brody: Joe! Joe, you have to close the door! You have to live, for our son!
[suddenly there’s another tremor and Joe sees the radiation cloud heading towards him]
Takashi: Joe, seal the door! Now!
Joe Brody: Oh, my God.
[just as the cloud is about to reach the door, Joe screams and shuts the door, as he cries he hears the Sandra and her team banging on the door window, with tears in his eyes he turns to them]
Joe Brody: I’m sorry.godzilla-4
[Joe weeps as he watches Sandra being surrounded by the toxic radioactive cloud]
Sandra Brody: Take care of Ford. Be a good father and tell him we didn’t make it.
[at that moment the door are sealed and Joe can no longer see Sandra, as continues to weep another tremor hits the plant, outside the plant’s cooling towers start collapsing, at his school Ford watches helplessly as the plant is destroyed while his classmates flee]


[15 Years Later – Ford, now a Navy bomb disposal officer, arrives home and gets ready to dispatch from the aircraft]
Captain Freeman: On your feet!
[to Ford]
Captain Freeman: You got family waiting for you?
Ford Brody: I hope so.
Captain Freeman: How long have you been away?
Ford Brody: Fourteen months.
Captain Freeman: Take it slow, it’s the one thing they don’t train you for.
[to the soldiers]
Captain Freeman: Alright! Let’s go!


[at their home in San Francisco, Ford’s wife, Elle, and their son, Sam, have prepared a surprise cake for him]
Sam Brody: I can’t tell you.
Ford Brody: Can I see it?
Elle Brody: Don’t let him see! Don’t let him see!
[she places the cake which has ‘Welcome Home, Daddy’ written on it in front of Ford]
Ford Brody: Woh! Oh, my God!
Elle Brody: It’s a welcome home cake.
Ford Brody: Oh, my God. Look at that.
[Sam points to the drawings he’s done on the sign he’s put up for Ford]
Sam Brody: That’s you and that’s me.
Ford Brody: What’s it say?
Sam Brody: “Welcome home, Daddy.”
Ford Brody: Daddy’s home.
Elle Brody: Daddy’s home!
Ford Brody: Cake every night.
[Elle laughs]
Elle Brody: That is not happening!
Ford Brody: Daddy’s home equals cake every…
[to Sam]
Elle Brody: How did you manage to get chocolate on your eyeball?
Sam Brody: Daddy did it.
[Elle and Sam laugh]


[as Ford puts Sam to bed he tickles him making him laugh]
Ford Brody: I can’t sleep with you making all this noise. Let’s get you into bed.
[he tucks Sam under the covers]
Ford Brody: Okay, baby. Time to hit the rack.
[he kisses Sam and goes to leave the room]
Sam Brody: Dad?
Ford Brody: Yeah?
Sam Brody: You still gonna be here tomorrow?
Ford Brody: Yeah. Come on, let’s get some sleep.
[Ford turns off the light and closes the door]


[later that night, Ford and Elle are catching up with Ford making Elle laugh as he tells her a funny story]
Ford Brody: Turns around, nose to nose and says, “At ease, Lieutenant.”
[Elle laughs as he sits next to her and watches her]
Ford Brody: Yeah, I missed your laugh.
Elle Brody: I missed you.
[they start kissing and making out when they are interrupted by the phone ringing]
Elle Brody: No, it could be work. I need to get that.
[she gets up and goes to answer the phone]godzilla-9
Elle Brody: Hello? Yeah, this is uh…this is Mrs. Brody.
Ford Brody: Tell ’em you’re busy, tending to your husband’s needs.
Elle Brody: Ssh.
[he starts kissing her and she pushes him away]
Elle Brody: Yeah, he’s my husband.
Ford Brody: Tell them we’re not gonna buy it.
[Elle listens to whoever is on the call for a moment]
Elle Brody: Yes. Could you just hold on a minute?
[to Ford]
Elle Brody: It’s the Consulate. Joe’s been arrested in Japan.


[Ford is looking in the drawer to pack his clothes to leave for Japan]
Ford Brody: Elle, I can’t find my pants.
Elle Brody: They’re in the other drawer. So why was he trespassing in the quarantine zone?
Ford Brody: Why do you think? Lone crusader for the truth, with all his crackpot, cuckoo theories.
Elle Brody: Your father is a good man, he just…he needs your help right now.
[Ford gives her a look]
Elle Brody: Ford, he’s lost everything.
Ford Brody: Yeah, so did I. But you know what, I got over it.
Elle Brody: Right, I can see that.
Ford Brody: I’m sorry. It’s just, every time I let him in close he always tries to drag me back and I can’t. I can’t put our family through that.
Elle Brody: Well, he is your family. Hey, come here.
[she goes over to him and puts her arms around him]
Elle Brody: You know you’re only gonna be gone for a few days, right? And then you are gonna come back to me.
Ford Brody: Yeah, yeah.
[they kiss for a moment]
Elle Brody: It’s not the end of the world.


[Tokyo – Ford bails our Joe and they head back to Joe’s apartment, as they enter Ford notices all the photos and information Joe has stuck all over the walls]
Joe Brody: I don’t get many visitors.
Ford Brody: Clearly.
Joe Brody: This is you, here.
[pointing to the bed]
Joe Brody: Even the PhD’s don’t get much teaching English as a second language. Here we go.
[Ford notices all the articles Joe has stuck on his walls about the accident that happened 15 years ago]
Joe Brody: Alright. So, how’s the bomb business? It must be a growth area these days.
Ford Brody: It’s called “Explosive Ordnance Disposal”. My job isn’t dropping bombs, it’s stopping them. Dad…
Joe Brody: Hey, how’s Elle doing? And Sam? Oh, my God! He must be, what, three, three and a half?
Ford Brody: He’s almost five.


Ford Brody: I thought you were over this.
[Ford picks up a book]
Joe Brody: Oh, hey.
Ford Brody: Parasitic Communication…
[Joe takes the book from Ford]
Joe Brody: No, please don’t. If you don’t mind…everything the way I like it. I’m just, I’m studying bioacoustics.
Ford Brody: What were you doing going back there?
Joe Brody: Oh, this trespassing stuff, that was just a bunch of bull!
Ford Brody: You broke the law.
Joe Brody: I was just trying to get back to our old house.
Ford Brody: Which is in a quarantine zone!
Joe Brody: Precisely! The new readings are exactly like they were on that day and I can prove it to you. With a little bit of luck if I can get back to the house I could show you and the rest of the world that this was not a natural disaster.
Ford Brody: Dad, enough!
Joe Brody: This was not an anomaly!
Ford Brody: Dad!


Joe Brody: Your mom’s out there, Ford. To me, she’ll always be there. They evacuated us so quickly, I don’t even have a picture of her.
Ford Brody: This has to stop.
Joe Brody: You know I did everything I could. You know that, right?
Ford Brody: Let me take you home. Come home with me. We got a little boy who’s desperate to see his grandpa. We could leave tomorrow.


[Ford wakes up the next morning to find Joe sat at his computer communicating to someone in Japanese]
Ford Brody: What are you doing?
Joe Brody: I’m heading back out there, Ford.
Ford Brody: No.
Joe Brody: One hour, in and out.
Ford Brody: I don’t think so.
Joe Brody: I have to go! I came back here and I wasted six years staring through that barbed wire, thinking it was a military mistake or some horrible design flaw that they were covering up. One day I met a guy who runs a cargo boat offshore, everyday he goes right past the reactor site, so he places a couple frequency monitors on buoys for me. Two weeks ago, because I check this thing like every other day, just for the kick in the teeth. Two weeks ago, I’m tuning in, and oh, my God, there it is. Whatever “it” is that’s in there, whatever it is they’re guarding so carefully, started talking again. And I mean talking.


Joe Brody: I have to go back to our house. I need my old discs, if they’re still there. I need the data to be able to prove a base line here, that this isn’t a fantasy, that I’m not what you think I am. I’m gonna find the truth and end this, whatever it takes.
Ford Brody: Why can’t you just let her rest?
Joe Brody: Because I sent her down there, son. This wasn’t just a reactor meltdown.
Ford Brody: I don’t want to hear this!
Joe Brody: I know. I know you don’t, but you can’t keep running away. And, son, you can’t bury this in the past.


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