By Talia Pittman (Charlotte, NC)


Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds is an incredible movie. Featuring a great cast including: Tyler Perry, Thandie Newton, Gabrielle Union, Eddie Cibrian, Brian White and Phylicia Rashad. The film also introduced Jordenn Thompson, a child actress playing the role of Thandie Newton’s daughter. This drama/romantic film was shot in Atlanta GA and was released February 24 2012.

Tyler Perry plays the role of Wesley Deeds a CEO of a computer software company that was passed down to him by his desisted father. The beginning of the film starts out with Wesley giving his background story and explaining his life until now. Why he is the way he is, and his present day situation. The story soon introduces his brother Walter, played by Brian White, a hot head with a bad attitude, angry because his father left Wesley the job and not him. Walter continues to spread his rage throughout the movie meanwhile Wesley struggles to keep him under control. Carrying on the legacy of his father Wesley was always working and never really did anything for himself; meanwhile his fiancée Natalie played by Gabrielle Union, grew tired of Wesley’s routine lifestyle. Early on it was established that she knew his every move and word, there was clearly nothing new with him. As the story progresses Wesley meets a women named Leslie, played by Thandie Newton, who worked as a janitor in Wesley’s company. Her immediate reaction to him was that he was stressed and up tight. She had her own problems and wasn’t concerned with likes of him. She was prideful and wouldn’t trust people too easily. She stated “he is consistent” when Wesley continued to see her and care for her. Things get heated once Walter lashes out at a company celebration party stated “I signed that deal, me!” everything gets crazy he and Wesley have a fight in the elevator in front his mother, Leslie and Natalie. It was at that moment that Natalie realizes that Wesley is in love with Leslie.

Although the story line was impressive I was upset with the editing. There seemed to have been a lot of “flash back moments” some scenes were flashed back entirely too many times and with reasons that were not reading well. Once the movie got into a rhythm the flash backs became a burden. For example the scene in which Wesley and Leslie ride off on a motorcycle. Things are getting romantic and the romantic music plays then all of a sudden flash back! With absolutely no reference to the scene then it flashes back to the present. The most dramatic thing about it is that is isn’t a flash at all. Usually in a flash back there is a way of knowing when it’s an actual “flash back” simply because there is a flash! If scenes are just repeated it throws off the viewer. Even as the movie came to an end there was no explanation for them.

The cast throughout the film was incredible. Although the role of Leslie played by Thandie Newton was a little typical; playing a struggling mother full of pride and sadness is nothing new for her. I was upset however by the amount of times she cried. In nearly every scene Leslie ended up crying or yelling about something. I wonder if her character could’ve have been a bit stronger. For example every time Leslie and her daughter went to sleep at night she would cry, when Wesley wanted to buy them pizza she cried about it. She yelled at her daughter all through the movie.

My overall reaction to the film was definitely impressed. It put a smile on my face at the right moments. Not easily predictable and it definitely gave me a laugh. This film was yet another one of Tyler Perry’s great stories; typically he started to show a softer side of him, and really connected with his cast. This was a very well rounded movie giving the sadness and the comedy and of course the romance, he has done it again. I would recommend this film to any couples or families that would like a good film to get into. With the great soundtrack it really makes you fill as if you are actually enjoying the movie.


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