By Marcus Choy (MA)


Goodnight Mommy is an Austrian horror film about two twin boys who move into a new home with their mother after she’s had cosmetic surgery. But as time goes by, the boys start to suspect that under those bandages isn’t their mother. I have to say I enjoyed this film immensely, this movie kept me engaged for almost the whole ride, but there were some flaws to it.

The first half of the movie was beautifully shot with some great suspense. Every frame you feel like something bad is going to happen. The mother was really creepy; she gives viewers this really sinister vibe. Out of nowhere she would pop up giving you the slither. Even when some shots aren’t focusing on her you see her passing by the side of the camera, that is enough to give me the goosebumps, since you feel like she is going to pop up any second. The only problem was the editing; it was a little slow for the first half.

The second half of the movie kind of had a down fall to it since it lost its psychological horror tone, it didn’t really feel like it was the same movie. I was hoping it would pick up and it did even though it didn’t really have the same tone as the beginning. The last third of the movie was this torture scene which didn’t really felt like it matched the movie’s tone even though it was really well shot, it kind of felt like you are watching another movie.

The movie itself has a great plot twist, when you finish and look back you can see that it actually works, everything that happened in the movie actually makes sense. There were one or two scenes that I thought didn’t have to be in the movie, there is this one scene where two volunteers from Red Blood come and ask for donation. I really didn’t think that scene was necessary since it didn’t flow along with the film.

I have to say this film is a lot better than todays Hollywood horror movie filled with clichés. If you are into psychological horror movies or art films this film is definitely for you. I am going to give this movie a 7/10.


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