By Eddie Burton (New Jersey)


Before we get started I have a valid question. Why a Grown Ups 2? Out of all the films Adam Sandler has done, granted most of them bad, why would he choose a sequel to Grown Ups? What can you do in another Grown Ups film? Well nothing and that question was clearly answered in Grown Ups 2. The film focuses on the same characters as the first not including Rob Schneider due to the fact that he did not make an appearance in the film. One of the very few positives in the movie, and that’s basically it. You simply get Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, And David Spade around for one day and see them just talk really, with some slapstick in the process. Now granted this formula could work, talking about the small things and making a story about it. Seinfeld has done it, so has the TV show Louie. It can work and can be clever. However this is an Adam Sandler flick, so you can’t expect much.

What this movie does though is explain the Adam Sandler formula. Get all his friends and make a movie. He doesn’t even try to make his movies good. His comedy is comedy we’ve seen in numerous movies including Adam Sandler movies. He’s living on his reputation from ten years ago and thinks that he is still funny enough to make a movie about nothing. Just numerous subplots that end in say five minutes, give or take. Not to say it didn’t have its funny moments. There are some moments where the comedy works. It’s not necessarily clever or makes sense, however, that’s mainly for the slapstick moments, but it does bring in a laugh.

The writing at times can be funny but that doesn’t save the movie. The comedy is pretty elementary and you can tell that Adam Sandler wrote the film. For the most part, it’s nothing but lame puns and pop culture references. The characters are, well let’s face it, the actors are just playing themselves. To be fair, it’s mainly Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, and Chris Rock. They’re just playing themselves, I honestly think that they didn’t know they were being filmed. They were just talking and Dennis Dugan just told the cameramen to film them. But I digress.

Another big problem with the movie is that there’s no focus. Having a story about nothing, you need good characters. Seeing how this film doesn’t have that, it basically has nothing to go for it. But they even mess up the story about nothing because there is too much going on and there’s no focus or balance or there countless subplots whatsoever. It can be entertaining though to see our main characters interact with one another. Just them conversing can be fun and entertaining, so I can still enjoy it.

It may not be a good movie, but I can still have fun watching it. That is until the climax. A group of fraternity brothers mess with our four main characters and they end up coming to Sandler’s house for revenge. Now obviously a bunch of mature grown men and women who have families and are grown up and wise enough know not to fight a bunch of college kids. It seems they don’t because next thing you know we are having world war 3 in Sandler’s backyard. That’s where the film crossed the line. There’s simply no redeeming yourself after that. Everything good about the movie completely goes out the window because the last thing you’re going to see is a bunch of “grown ups” fighting immature young men with their whole lives ahead of them. NO! JUST NO! Your title is Grown Ups, therefore, your characters are supposed to be grown up, being grown up.

This film was bad but had enough moments to be able to still enjoy it. The climax made it terrible. It was actually better than the first because in the first I didn’t care about one thing that was going on in the movie. In this film, there’s nothing to care about so it can be fun if the comedy works. The climax ruined the entire film for me. It sends the wrong message and the moral of the story isn’t always stand up for yourself, its forget maturity, act idiotic and it’ll prevail. Without the climax, the film is ok and that’s generous.

Giving it a 6/10 stars because the funny moments are still very funny and while the rest of the comedy may not be hilarious, laugh out loud funny, it’s the same kind of comedy you hear in every other Adam Sandler film so you’re pretty much used to unfunny comedy. Though with the climax, it ruins the entire film for me. So at the end of the day the film is a Thumb down with a 4/10 stars.

I really wish one day Kevin James gets out from under Adam Sandler’s umbrella and makes movies with different studios because he is very funny and a very talented comedian that can accomplish a lot in Hollywood. Hopefully that day comes soon. This film gives Kevin James even more reason to get out of the Adam Sandler umbrella.


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