Starring: Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe, Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Parsons, Glen Powell, Mahershala Ali, Karan Kendrick, Aldis Hodge

Bio-drama directed and co-written by Theodore Melfi which tells the untold true story of three brilliant African-American women, Katherine G. Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe), working at NASA, who served as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history: the launch of astronaut John Glenn (Glenn Powell) into orbit and guaranteeing his safe return, a stunning achievement that restored the nation’s confidence and turned around the Space Race. The visionary trio crossed all gender and race lines to inspire generations to dream big.



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Young Katherine: The collateral, trapezoid, isosceles, tetrahedron.


[to Katherine’s parents]
Ms. Sumner: I’ve never seen a mind like the one your daughter has. You have to see what she becomes.


Senator: Russians have spy satellites, they’re taking pictures of God knows what! Get us up there, Harrison, so we can justify a space program that doesn’t put anything in space.


Al Harrison: We’re putting a human into space.
Paul Stafford: We bring him in too soon, he burns up on reentry.


Mary Jackson: Katherine, we’re all going to end up unemployed riding around in this pile of junk.
Dorothy Vaughn: You’re welcome to walk the sixteen miles.
Katherine Johnson: Or sit in the back of the bus.
[a police car pulls over as they are fixing their car]
White Cop: Do you have any identification on you?
Katherine Johnson: We’re just on our way to work at NASA, sir.
[she gives him her badge]
White Cop: I had no idea they hired…
Dorothy Vaughn: There’s quite a few women working in the space program.
White Cop: The least I can do is give you all an escort.


[as the white cop is escorting them to NASA]
Mary Jackson: Three Negro women are chasing a white police officer down a highway in 1961. That is a God-ordained miracle.


Al Harrison: Do you know what we’re doing here, we’re putting a human on top of a missile shooting into space and it’s never been done before.


Al Harrison: I need a mathematician that can look beyond the numbers, a math that doesn’t yet exist, before the Russians plant a flag on the damn moon.


Vivian Michael: Space test group needs a computer. Do you have someone?
Dorothy Vaughn: Yeah, Katherine is the gal for that. She can handle any number you put in front of her.


Vivian Michael: [to Katherine] They’ve never had a colored in her, don’t embarrass me.


Al Harrison: What’s the status on that new computer?
Ruth: She’s right behind you, Mr. Harrison.
[he turns and sees Katherine]
Al Harrison: Does she handle analytic geometry?
Ruth: Absolutely, and she speaks.
Katherine Johnson: Yes, sir, I do.
Al Harrison: Which one?
Katherine Johnson: Both. Geometry and speaking.
Al Harrison: Ruth, get me the…
[Ruth hands him a piece of paper]
Al Harrison: Let me see if you can find the Frenet Frame for this data using the Gram-Schmidt…
Katherine Johnson: Orthonormalization algorithm? Yes, sir. I prefer it over Euclidean Coordinates.


[hands Katherine their garbage bin as she turns up to work on her first day]
Paul Stafford: This wasn’t emptied last night.
Katherine Johnson: Sorry, I’m not the ja…


Dorothy Vaughn: The IBM data processing system, we have to know how to program it.


Mary Jackson: That Colonel Jim is a tall glass of water.
Dorothy Vaughn: That he is. Tall, strong, demanding.
Mary Jackson: And I bet he’s like it day and night.
Katherine Johnson: Mary, it’s Sunday. Please have some shame.
Mary Jackson: I will not.
[Mary indicates to Jim to come over to them]
Dorothy Vaughn: He’s coming over.
Katherine Johnson: Now why would he be doing that?
Dorothy Vaughn: Because Mary’s waving at him.
Katherine Johnson: No! Ladies, I’m not playing…
Mary Jackson: Sshh. It’s too late. Fix your hair.


Dorothy Vaughn: Hello, Colonel. I’m Dorothy Vaughn. That’s Mary Jackson, I believe you met her husband, Levi.
Jim Johnson: Yes, ma’am. Nice to meet you all.
Dorothy Vaughn: And this is Katherine Noble.
Mary Jackson: She’s not married. She’s a widower, with three beautiful little girls, so well behaved.  Angels on earth is what we like to call them. Dorothy, slice of pie?
Dorothy Vaughn: I’d love one. Excuse me.
[as Mary and Dorothy leave Katherine alone with Jim]
Katherine Johnson: You already have a slice of pie, Dorothy.
Dorothy Vaughn: Uh-huh.


Jim Johnson: Pastor mentioned you’re a computer at NASA. That’s pretty heady stuff.
Katherine Johnson: Yes, it is.
Jim Johnson: Do they let women handle that sort of…
[Katherine looks at him]
Jim Johnson: That’s not what I mean.
Katherine Johnson: What do you mean?
Jim Johnson: I’m just surprised that something so taxing…
Katherine Johnson: Mr. Johnson, if I were you I’d quit talking right now.
Jim Johnson: I don’t mean no disrespect.
Katherine Johnson: I will have you know I was the first negro female student at West Virginia University graduate school. On any given day, I analyze the nominal levels or air displacement friction and velocity, and compute over ten thousand calculations by hand. So, yes, they let women do some things at NASA, Mr. Johnson, and it’s not because we wear skirts. It’s because we wear glasses.


Paul Stafford: How did you know that Redstone couldn’t support orbital flight? That’s classified information. It’s top secret.
Katherine G. Johnson: Well it’s no secret why the Redstone tests keep failing. Numbers don’t lie.
Al Harrison: And you figured all that out with this? Half the data’s redacted.
Katherine G. Johnson: Well what’s there tells a story if you read between the lines.
Al Harrison: You did the math?
Katherine G. Johnson: Yes, sir.
Al Harrison: And how do you know about the Atlas rocket? That’s not math. That data is not here, like you said, it’s classified.
Katherine G. Johnson: I held it up to the light.
Al Harrison: You held it up to the light.
Katherine G. Johnson: Yes, sir.
[he holds up one of the papers to the light with the redacted information]
Al Harrison: Well, there it is. “Atlas.” What’s your name?
Katherine G. Johnson: Katherine Goble.
Al Harrison: Are you a spy, Katherine?
Katherine G. Johnson: Am I what?
Al Harrison: I said are you a Russian spy?
Katherine G. Johnson: No, sir. I’m not Russian.
Ruth: She’s not Russian, sir.


Mary Jackson: We go from being our father’s daughters to our husbands wives to our baby’s mothers.


Joylette Johnson: You’ve been gone for three hundred hours.
Katherine Johnson: What’s mama gone for twelve and a half days?
Joylette Johnson: No, but it felt like that.
Katherine Johnson: It felt like it to me too.


Al Harrison: It’s crunch time, in fourteen days the astronauts will be here for training, and we’re shooting a human into space and it’s never done before. But the launch of the Russian spy satellite the president is demanding an immediate response.


Al Harrison: Everything we do is going to matter to their wives, to their children, I believe it’s going to matter to the whole damn country.
Dorothy Vaughn: My gals are ready, we can do the work.


Al Harrison: This is about inventing the math, because without that we’re not going anywhere.
Katherine Johnson: Yes, sir.


Dorothy Vaughn: That’s John Glenn.
John Glenn: What do you ladies do for NASA?
Katherine Johnson: Calculate your launch and landing, sir.
John Glenn: Well I can’t get anywhere without the numbers.
Mary Jackson: Engineer, and I’m proud as the devil to be working with you.


[referring to the astronauts]
Katherine Johnson: How could you possibly be ogling these white men?
Mary Jackson: It’s equal rights, I have the right to see fine in every color..


Vivian Michael: NASA doesn’t commission females for the engineer program.
[to Katherine and Dorothy]
Mary Jackson: Every time we have a chance to get ahead they move the finish line. Every time.
Vivian Michael: You all should be thankful you have jobs at all.


Al Harrison: You’re never where I need you to be. Where the hell do you go everyday?
Katherine Johnson: The colored bathroom is a mile away.


Al Harrison: [to Stafford] We all get to the peek together or we don’t get there at all.


Karl Zielinski: Let me ask you, if you were a white man would you wish to be an engineer?
Mary Jackson: I wouldn’t have to, I’d already be one.


Karl Zielinski: You should be an engineer.
Mary Jackson: I’m a negro woman, I’m not going to entertain the impossible.
Karl Zielinski: I’m standing beneath a spaceship, we are living the impossible!


Judge: Hampton High School was a white school, Mrs. Jackson.
Mary Jackson: Yes, Your Honor, I’m aware of that.
Judge: Virginia, still a segregated state.
Mary Jackson: May I approach your bench, sir?
[Mary is allowed to approach the bench]
Mary Jackson: Your Honor, you of all people should understand the importance of being first.
Judge: How is that, Mrs. Jackson?
Mary Jackson: Well you were the first in your family to serve in the armed forces, US navy, the first to attend university.
Judge: What’s the point?
Mary Jackson: I plan on being an engineer at NASA, but I can’t do that without taking them classes at that all white  high school, and I can’t change the color of my skin. So I have no choice but to be the first, which I can’t do without you, sir. Your Honor, out of all the cases you’re going to hear today, which one is going to matter a hundred years from now? Which one is going to make you the first?


Katherine Johnson: I don’t even know if I can keep up in that room.
Dorothy Vaughn: You’re better with the numbers than anyone in there, Katherine. Just make that pencil move as fast as your mind is.


Al Harrison: We’re in the fight of our lives, people.


Al Harrison: John, the IBM is rolling.
John Glenn: Let’s get the girls to check the numbers.


Paul Stafford: There’s no protocol for women attending.
Katherine Johnson: There’s no protocol for man circling the earth either, sir.


Al Harrison: Paul, what’s happening here?
Katherine Johnson: Mr. Harrison, I would like to attend today’s briefing.
Al Harrison: And why is that?
Katherine Johnson: Well, sir, the data changes so fast, the capsule changes, the weight and the landing zones are all changing everyday. I do my work, you attend these briefings, I have to start over. Colonel Glenn launches in a few weeks, we don’t have the math figured out yet.
Al Harrison: And why is it she can’t attend?
Paul Stafford: Because she doesn’t have clearance, Al.
Katherine Johnson: I cannot do my work effectively if I do not have all of the data and all of the information as soon as it’s available. I need to be in that room hearing what you hear.
Paul Stafford: Pentagon briefings are not for civilians. It requires the highest clearance.
Katherine Johnson: I feel like I’m the best person to present my calculation.
Al Harrison: You’re not going to let this go, are you?
Katherine Johnson: No, I am not.
Paul Stafford: And she is a woman. There is no protocol for a woman to attend these meetings.
Al Harrison: Okay, I get that part, Paul. But within these walls who, uh, who makes the rules?
Katherine Johnson: You, sir, you are the boss. You just have to act like one, sir.


Senator: So we have vehicle speed in the launch window and, for arguments sake, the landing zone is the Bahamas, should be enough to figure the go, no-go?
Paul Stafford: Yeah, in theory, sir.
Senator: We need to be past theory at this point.
Al Harrison: We’ll be able to calculate a go, no-go with that information.
Senator: When exactly is that going to happen?
Al Harrison: Katherine, have a go at it.
[he hands her the white chalk and she goes over to the board]
Katherine Johnson: The go point for re-entry is 2, 999 miles from where we want Colonel Glenn to land. If we assume that’s the Bahamas, 544 miles per hour, by 46.56 degrees, 2,999 miles. Okay, so that puts your landing zone at 5.067 degrees North, 77.3333 degrees West.
[points to the map]
Katherine Johnson: Which is here, give or take 20 square miles.
John Glenn: I like her numbers.


Katherine Johnson: Colonel Glenn?
John Glenn: It’s good to know that NASA hasn’t given up on good old-fashioned brain power.


Hidden Figures is set to open in the US January 6, 2017 and UK February 17, 2017.







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