By Pooja Bahukhandi (Bangalore, India)


“My life has taught me one lesson, and not the one I thought it would. Happy endings only happen in the movies.”

This aptly put line by a movie-maker in this magical movie entitled Hugo, an Oscar nominee and winner of five Academy awards, enacted by our dear old Ben Kingsley is flabbergasted by the reply of the twelve- year old star of the movie, Hugo Cabret who says, ‘Well, the story isn’t over yet.’ This profligately magical, fairytale of a movie is all one could have asked for and more. A superb family movie, Hugo tells the story of a little boy who sets out to fix what his father left behind after his death. A writing automaton; in which he believes contains a message for him left behind by his father.

This movie showcases the makings of the earliest movies by a renowned movie-maker Georges Melies and his depressive state after the war when all movies and forms of creativity were believed to be dead. Young, movie-buff Hugo helps pull him out from his dreary, gloomy demeanour and revive this almost-lost art along with his eminently illustrious movies of the old days; along with fixing his enchanting automaton with the help of his god-daughter Isabelle, another charming character, enacted impeccably by Chloe Moretz and the blue-eyed, innocent-faced, beguiling character of Hugo Cabret portrayed immaculately by Asa Butterfield. All-in-all, a splendidly enthralling and an elegantly beautiful movie.

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