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[Theseus wakes up from being unconscious to find himself in a bed]
Phaedra: It's alright. It's alright, Theseus.Immortals Quotes
Theseus: What happened to me?
Phaedra: Your arm, you were poisoned.
Theseus: Where are the others?
Phaedra: They're putting Dareios.
[Phaedra walks over to Theseus and site on the edge of his bed]
Theseus: She was right. For all those years I doubted her. Doubted their existence.
Phaedra: Your mother's death was not in vain, Theseus. It was fate that brought you back for the bow. And in your hands, Theseus, it will bring Hellenic victory.
[they stare at each other for moment and then move closer to kiss]

[to Theseus as she's about to sleep with him]
Phaedra: You were right, Theseus. My visions are a curse. I want to see the world through my own eyes, filled with my own heart and touch with my own flesh.
[Theseus kisses her and they make love]

[Theseus and Phaedra walk over to Stavros and the monk]
Stavros: Good to see you're still alive. Worried that cow had gotten the best of you.
Theseus: It almost did. She saved my life.
[referring to Phaedra]
Stavros: Looks like she did more than that.
Theseus: Careful.
Stavros: Just because you've got that bow it doesn't mean I'm gonna treat you any differently.
Theseus: Good. We march to the monastery, we have a war to fight.

Lysander: The great wall is the Hellenic's only hope against your army.
King Hyperion: Defenses?
Lysander: Provisionally there was a dam, but the Hellenic's have since adapted it. No one could have anticipated the enemy you have become.
King Hyperion: How many are there?
Lysander: How many have made it here, your majesty, I'm not sure.
[Hyperion grabs hold of Lysander's mutilated face]
King Hyperion: How many?
Lysander: I'm not sure, your majesty. Eight hundred.
[Hyperion hits him in the chest]
King Hyperion: And the gate?
Lysander: Twenty five feet of marble stone, weighing over twelve tons. It was designed to be impenetrable, your majesty.
King Hyperion: Have you ever known a gate designed to be anything but?

[looking over a cliff at travel to Phaedra’s temple]
Theseus: Where is he? I thought Hyperion was supposed to be camped here.
Phaedra: We should continue. Tartarus is another two days along this ridge.
[they hear a sounds of screaming being carried in the wind]
Stavros: What is that sound?
[suddenly the monk runs into the temple, the others follow him to find him by a metal bull, when Phaedra screams, Theseus breaks the bull and inside they find Phaedra's three sisters being cooked alive]

[after Theseus loses the bow, Ares suddenly appears and kills Hyperion's men]
Ares: Do not stop until you reach Tartarus.
[Athena also appears]
Immortals QuotesAthena: The horses will run until their hearts give out. Hyperion will soon have the bow. Leave.
[suddenly Zeus arrives]
Athena: Forgive me, father! Forgive me.
Ares: I only broke the law to protect the mortal.
[angry that the Ares and Athena broke the law, Zeus kills Ares]
Zeus: No God will ever again come to your aid. You are alone!
[he turns to face Theseus]
Zeus: Do you understand, mortal? I have faith in you, Theseus. Prove me right. Lead your people.

[Hyperion now has the Epirus bow]
King Hyperion: Where are the men?
Mondragon: They have yet to return, sire.
King Hyperion: What does the sight of the bird tell you? Speak.
Mondragon: The Gods, they came from above.
King Hyperion: The Gods?
Mondragon: They appeared and laid waste to the men, my King.
King Hyperion: The Gods. The Gods.
Mondragon: They protected the slave who travels with the oracle. The Gods fight on their behalf, sire.
[Hyperion unmasks Mondragon]
Mondragon: If the men hear of this there will be panic.
King Hyperion: I know. I know.
[Hyperion takes hold of Mondragon's head shoves his thumbs into his eyes and kills him]

[to Zeus as they are mourning Ares death]
Athena: In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons. Are we at war, father?

King Hyperion: Tell me about the slave. He's from your village, is he not?
[Lysander does not reply]
King Hyperion: Answer me!
Lysander: Yes. He was uh...a peasant.
King Hyperion: As was I.
Lysander: Forgive me, your majesty. I...I meant no...
King Hyperion: Be quite. And his family?
Lysander: His mother was raped by some villagers, nobody would marry her. He was a bastard.
King Hyperion: And his name?
Lysander: Theseus.

[after Theseus, Phaedra and Stavros reach Mount Tartarus]
Cassander: Helios tells me you have information that could be of use to us.
Theseus: Hyperion is in possesion of the Epirus bow.
Cassander: The Epirus bow?
Theseus: Yes, it is a weopon forged by Heracles.
Cassander: Oh, please. I heard the same stories you did as a child. There are Gods living in the clouds . Titans buried in the rocks.
Theseus: Listen, I was a disbeliever, just like you are. But the Epirus bow exists.
Cassander: I understand there are many Hellenics who put great faith in the myths and the Gods, but we in the Hellenic council do not. They are metaphors, son, nothing more. We are a society of laws based on negotiation and reason.
Theseus: If you try and negotiate with Hyperion, you will be the death of us all.
Cassander: Well, if I were to accept your council, Theseus from Corpus, what would it be?
Theseus: Seal the gates and prepare for war.
Cassander: We have half our batallions returning, we can't seal the gates.
Theseus: No one will return! We are the last!
Cassander: I'm sure you'll understand if I don't accept the advice of an alluring palm reader and her peasant lover.

Checkpoint Soldier: Theseus, Hyperion's envoy desires a word with you.
Phaedra: Like the vision, he sends for you with arms open seeking an embrace of loyalty.
Theseus: Phaedra, have you never been wrong?

[Theseus stands by the gates of Mount Tartarus facing Hyperion's men]
Theseus: I am Theseus.
[the voice sounds like Hyperion]
King Hyperion: Come closer. I have a message for you.
Checkpoint Soldier: Don't risk it.
Theseus: At worst, you lose a peasant.
[Theseus walks towards Hyperion's men]

[as Theseus faces Hyperion who has covered his face by a mask]
Theseus: Why do you cover your face?
King Hyperion: All are equal in Hyperion's midst. I myself am only a vessel for his demands, nothing more.
Theseus: And he asked for me by name?
King Hyperion: Oh, indeed he does.
Theseus: And how does he know it?
King Hyperion: Theseus, there's little the King does not know. He knows that you have no father, and like him, you were cast aside by your very own people.
Theseus: Does he know of my rage? Does he know that I live only to see his blood at the end of my sword? Does he know he butchered my mother?
King Hyperion: Now that he's seen your face he knows.
[Hyperion takes his mask off, Theseus recognizes him and goes to attack him but Hyperion's men draw their swords]
King Hyperion: You wouldn't make it.
Theseus: Coward!

King Hyperion: Embrace me, Theseus. They will never give you a seat at their table, but you could sit at the head of mine. Long after this war is over, my mark will be left on this world forever. The sun will never set on my blood, Theseus. This is what I offer you. Immortality.
Theseus: Deeds are eternal, not the flesh.
[Theseus turns and leaves]
King Hyperion: The Gods may be on your side, but tomorrow I unleash the Titans.

Theseus: I don't know if I can do what Zeus asks of me.
Phaedra: By doubting one comes the truth, Theseus. The Gods chose well.

[Theseus addresses the soldiers as Hyperion uses the Epirus bow to attack Mount Tartarus]
Theseus: Listen to me! Listen!
Soldier: Who are you to tell us what to do?
Theseus: I'm nobody to tell you what to do! I am Theseus, a common man! One of you! I share your blood and I share your fear, but to run now would offer our souls and the souls of our children to a terrible darkness!

[Theseus continues his speech to the soldiers as Hyperion's men get closer]
Theseus: We must stand and fight! Their numbers count for nothing! Stand your ground!
[the soldiers gather their shields]
Theseus: Stand your ground! Show them that we are not weak. Because they scar their faces and scar their bodies does not mean they're braver or stronger than we are! They are cowards! They hide behind their masks. They are human and bleed like you and I!

Immortals Quotes
[Theseus continues his speech to the soldiers]
Theseus: Stand your ground! Fight for honor! Fight for the man beside you! Fight for the mothers who bore you! Fight for your children! Fight for your future! Fight so that your name survives! Fight for immortality!
[he jumps down from the wall in front of the soldiers]
Theseus: Let us write history in Heraclian blood!
[they all march towards Hyperion's men]

Immortals Quotes77[in the middle of the battle Lysander takes his mask off and shouts to Theseus]
Lysander: Theseus! Here I am!
[Theseus spots him and they walk towards each other]
Lysander: Theseus of Corpus!
[as they get closer to each other Theseus stabs Lysander with his sword]
Theseus: Where is your King?
Lysander: He is no King.
[Lysander falls and dies]

[to Theseus after Hyperion has used the Epirus bow to release the Titans and Zeus, Poseidon, Athena and other Gods arrive to battle the Titans]
Zeus: Leave here! This is no longer your fight! Find Hyperion

[to Zeus as she's about to die]
Athena: Father! Don't forsake my kind.

King Hyperion: What does it feel like knowing...knowing that there will be no memory of you. I have won.
Theseus: My death will make me a legend.
[Theseus grabs his fallen knife from the ground and hides it behind him]
Theseus: And my deeds will go down in history.
King Hyperion: I'm writing your history.
[as Hyperion grabs Theseus by the hair, suddenly Theseus uses his knife to stab him]

[as Theseus has got hold of Hyperion and is about to stab him]
Theseus: This is your last embrace, Hyperion. Look at me. Look at me! I'm the last thing you will ever see.
[he draws his knife closer to Hyperion's throat]
Theseus: Witness hell.
[Theseus stabs Hyperion in the throat and kills him and before the mountain collapses he is transported away like the Gods]

Old Man: [voice over] All mens souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine. Once a faithless man, Theseus gave his life to save mankind and earned a placed amongst the Gods. They rewarded his bravery with a gift, a son, Acamas.

[Acamas is looking at a big marble statue that depicts Theseus's deeds, he touches it and has a vision but draws away quickly]
Old Man: Don't be afraid of your vision, little one. What's your name?
Acamas: Acamas.
Old Man: Acamas. A strong name.
[the old man look up at the statue of Theseus]
Old Man: I knew your father. He was a very brave man. Soon it will be your time.
Acamas: My time for what?
Old Man: The fight against evil never ends, Acamas. War is coming to the heavens and your father will be there, fighting for your future.

[last lines; referring to the old man who is really Zeus]
Phaedra: Who was that, son?
Acamas: Just....just an old man.
[Acamas closes his eyes and sees the vision of Theseus battling alongside the Gods against the Titans]

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