Starring: Ethan Hawke, John Travolta, Taissa Farmiga, James Ransone, Karen Gillan, Burn Gorman, Toby Huss, Larry Fessenden

Western written, directed, produced and edited by Ti West. The story follows a mysterious drifter, Paul (Ethan Hawke), and his dog making their way towards Mexico through the barren desert of the Old West. In an attempt to shorten their journey, they cut through the forgotten town of Denton, a place now dubbed by locals as the “valley of violence”. The once-popular mining town is nearly abandoned, and controlled by a brash group of misfits led by Gilly Martin (James Ransone), the troublemaking son of the Marshal (John Travolta).

As tensions rise between Paul and Gilly, Denton’s remaining residents bear witness to an inevitable act of violence that starts a disastrous chain reaction, infecting the petty lives of all involved and quickly dragging the whole town into the bloody crosshairs of revenge. Mary-Anne (Taissa Farmiga) and Ellen (Karen Gillan), two bickering sisters who run the town’s only hotel, try to find the good in both men, while desperately searching for their own salvation. Only the world-weary Marshal struggles to stop the violent hysteria, but after a gruesome discovery about Paul’s past, there is no stopping the escalation.


Best Quotes from Trailer:


Gilly: Hey, fellas, I don’t think this bum knows where he is. They call this place “valley of violence”. Why don’t you pack up before you find out why?
[Gilly puts his hand on Paul’s shoulder which he shrugs off angrily]
Paul: You talk too much.


Gilly: Now don’t worry everyone, you are going to see a fight.
Ellen: Oh, I love a good fight!
[Gilly chuckles]
Gilly: You gonna face me like a man or what?
[Paul walks towards Gilly]
Paul: You started this.
Gilly: I’m gonna finish it too.
[Paul throws a bowl at Gilly, as Gilly catches it Paul punches him knocking Gilly unconscious to the ground and spits on him]
Tubby: Oh, he just spit on him! He just spit on Gilly!


The Marshal: [to Paul] I am the Marshal her in Denton and I can’t have people thinking this kind of business goes on around here. So you find yourself another town, far away from here.


Paul: [to Jumpy] We gotta keep our heads down, okay.
[Jumpy puts his paw over his eyes]


Ellen: [to Gilly] He can’t get away with this, he almost took your head off!


Gilly: I’m gonna end it and I’m going to prove to him what I’m capable of!


[Gilly and his gang turn up to where Paul and Jumpy are sleeping out in the hills]
Paul: No, no, no, you’re making a mistake!
Gilly: You should have never come up against me.
[Gilly’s thugs hold Paul over the edge of hill]
Tubby: That’s a long way down.
[they drop Paul down the edge]


[as the priest comes across Paul]
Priest: Don’t come any closer!
[he shoots at Paul several times and misses, as Paul reaches him he throws the priest to the ground off his horse]
Paul: What’s a priest need so many bullets for?
Priest: Sinners!


Paul: Those men left me with nothing, I’m gonna leave them with less.


[to Gilly and his thugs]
The Marshal: You all should have known better, this man is a military man, trained to kill!


The Marshal: We ain’t gonna wait here to die, we’re going to take it to him.


The Marshal: [to Tubby] You’re sweating a lot, you’re not gonna pass out on me or nothing, are you?


The Marshal: Tell me how long will it take to get your fat ass around that building?


Gilly: He’s gonna die for what he did!


In a Valley of Violence is set for release in the US October 21st.



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