By Michelle Downey (Dayton, TN, USA)


Well, my family is leaving for Disney in 7 days and we can’t be more excited. We thought going to see a new Disney movie would be a great kickoff to our amazing trip. Honestly, I didn’t even do any research on this movie beforehand because well it’s Disney and I’ve never been disappointed in Disney.

The singing was pretty good, the ladies anyway, especially Little Red Riding Hood. She was unbelievable for such a young girl. The acting was believable. The movie was ok until the last 30 minutes. That’s about all the good I have to say. The story line was disturbing and disappointing. I teach kindergarten and hope none of my little girls who love Disney princesses, princes, and believe in true love and Disney magic go to see it. I am very interested to find out the goal/reason for the last 30 minutes of this movie.

I paid $41 for tickets another $20ish for popcorn and we even splurged on candy this time I guess in the excitement of our pre-trip celebration. That was the worst $60+ I have ever spent. I’m 44 years old and have spent many foolish dollars in my life. I did learn a lesson though; in this day and age I can’t even trust Disney for face value. I will never just assume because it’s Disney it’s going to be good or even decent.

I’m going to pray real hard this week that this isn’t a sign of what’s to come for our trip. We have been to Disney several times with our kids as they have grown up and every visit has only been better from the last. I’m this close to cancelling our trip. I’m really sad and disappointed in Disney as I never thought possible.

I know, I know, I sound a little crazy emotional and I apologize. I do hope this voiced opinion keeps at least one hard working family like ours from wasting their hard earned money on what they would expect to be great from Disney for the family.

I’m telling you go see something else and if you are still curious in a year rent it from the Redbox for $1 and see for yourself of course, on a night after the kids have gone to sleep. Take your family out to eat instead if you want to do something together or at least choose a different movie.

We should have just stayed home. The lady that left in front of me agreed.


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