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Joss…We Needed You On This One!

I really like the Marvel movies IM 1 and 2, Thor, Captain America…and especially The Avengers. I had high expectations for this one, but was a little let down. Too bad Whedon wasn’t at the helm I’m thinking.

By the end of this flic I wondered why it wasn’t titled “Tony Stark Becomes a Man” instead of “Iron Man 3”. Way too much “suit off” time, repeated scenes of the suit(s) malfunctioning and blowing apart. Didn’t IM just fly into another dimension riding a nuclear missile and save the world in The Avengers? Didn’t need to see this legendary super hero having anxiety attacks and repeatedly being wrong and miscalculating things. It’s like chick flick goo or pop psychology squank seeped into this. I just don’t need one more Hollywood “sermon” on the amazing strength of the human spirit. That’s all good in its place, but I went to see the amazing strength of Iron Man…suit on!

I’m never surprised when a director\writing team decide to make sure and emphasize the “human element” of a hero…but it’s a tired and over used strategy in my opinion. That works for “average” heroes, but you know what I don’t want a super hero to stay so far down for so long like Stark did in this one, even during the climax sequences there was just too much bumbling and, suits failing, and the same villain needing killing yet one…more…time.

3 out of 5 stars, mostly for RDJ’s great (as usual) performance and the truly spectacular SFX.

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