Starring: Natalie Portman, Greta Gerwig, Peter Sarsgaard, Max Casella, Beth Grant, Billy Crudup, Richard E. Grant, John Hurt, Caspar Phillipson

Bio-drama directed by Pablo Larraín which film follows Jacqueline Kennedy (Natalie Portman) seen through the eyes of the iconic First Lady. The story places us in her world during the days immediately following her husband’s, President John F. Kennedy (Caspar Phillipson), assassination. Known for her extraordinary dignity and poise, here we see a psychological portrait of the First Lady as she struggles to maintain her husband’s legacy and the world of “Camelot” that they created and loved so well.


Best Quotes from Trailer:


Jacqueline Kennedy: People like to believe in fairytales. Don’t let it be forgot that for one brief shining moment there was a Camelot. There won’t be another Camelot. Not another Camelot.


Jackie is set for release in the US December 2nd.



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