Jaws Movie Mistakes
(Total Mistake Entries: 3)

Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Written by:
Peter Benchley (screenplay)
Carl Gottlieb (screenplay)
Peter Benchley (novel)
John Milius (Indianapolis monologue, uncredited)
Howard Sackler (Indianapolis monologue, uncredited)
Robert Shaw (Indianapolis monologue, uncredited)
Roy Scheider - Brody
Robert Shaw - Quint
Richard Dreyfuss - Hooper
Lorraine Gary - Ellen Brody
Murray Hamilton - Vaughn
Carl Gottlieb - Meadows
Jeffrey Kramer - Hendricks
Susan Backlinie - Chrissie
Jaws movie mistakes

Jaws movie mistakes submitted by our readers:

Visible crew/equipment: Near the ending Brody fires his gun at the shark and then it shows a scene of the shark biting on the air tank underwater and if you look under the shark you can see the crane holding the fake shark.

Sent by: Keith Wiggin

Factual: During Quint's speech about the USS Indianapolis, he said they were sunk by a Japanese sub on June 29th 1945. This is incorrect, in fact the ship was sunk just after midnight on July 30th 1945.

Sent by: Bob

Factual: When Chief Brody starts shooting the Shark, he is using an M1 Garand. The rifle is fed by an eight round clip and when the gun has fired it's last round, the clip pops out of the guns internal magazine. When Brody fires the shot that blows up the scuba tank, you can almost see the clip jump out after only six rounds. If the gun was fully loaded, the clip should have jumped out after all eight rounds.

Sent by: B Man

Total Mistake Entries: 3

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