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Po: If we all fight together...
Master Ox: Then the weapon would kill everyone!
Po: Oh, would it? Then we'll use...a sneak attack! We get inside, and then...
Master Croc: And then you will be stopped!
[he throws Po out of the prison cell and lock their broken prison cell door again]
Master Croc: By the unstoppable weapon!
Po: Nothing's unstoppable, accept for me when I'm stopping you from telling me something's stoppable!

Master Ox: It's time to surrender, panda. Kung Fu is dead.
[in despair]
Po: I...ooh...you...you...! Kung Fu is de...ad! Fine! You stay in your prison of fear, with bars made of hopelessness. And all you get are three square meals a day of shame!
Master Croc: With despair for dessert.
Po: We'll take on Shen. And prove to all those who are hungry for justice and honor, that Kung Fu still lives!
[a boar in one of the prison cells shouts bleakly]
Boar: Yeah!

[after Wolf Boss and two of his soldiers open the doors to the the jail house]
Po: You! You're mine!
Wolf Boss: I'll tell you what's gonna be yours. My fist in your plush cuddly, super soft face!
[suddenly Monkey and Crane jump on the two wolf soldiers]
Wolf Boss: Uh-oh!
[he runs away]
Po: Get him!

[as they're fighting]
Wolf Boss: Is that all you got? Cause it feels like I'm fighting a big old floppy cloud!
Po: Well this cloud is about bring a thunder!
Kung Fu Panda 2 Quotes

[to Po as they are surrounded by wolf soldiers]
Wolf Boss: Guess nobody told you, you mess with the wolf, you get the fangs!
[he hits Po in the stomach]
Wolf Boss: I've hit you twice. What are you gonna do now?
[Po looks undefeated at Wolf Boss but then suddenly shouts]
Po: We surrender!

[as the guerrilla guards are chaining Po and the others]
Crane: You can chain my body. But you will never chain my...
[one of the guerrilla guards puts a chain round his throat making his voice go funny]
Crane: ...warrior spirit!

Soothsayer: You are afraid for a reason.
Shen: I'm not afraid. He's coming to me in chains. If anyone should be afraid, it's...
Soothsayer: ...you!
[Shen quickly moves his cloak as the Soothsayer is about to take a bite of it]
Shen: Don't even think about it.

[as they are being led in chains towards Shen's palace]
Tigress: I hope this turns out better than your plan to cook rice in your stomach by eating it raw and then drinking boiling water.
Po: This plan's nothing like that plan.
Tigress: How?
Po: Cause this one is gonna work.

[as they enter Shen's palace]
Po: Ah, my old enemy.
[Po looks up and we see a vast amount of stairs]
Po: Stairs!

[one of the guerrilla guards carrying Po on his back throws him down as he walks up the last of the stairs]
Po: Thanks for carrying me those last few flights. Okay. I thew up a little bit on the third floor. Someone might wanna clean that up. Is there some sort of evil janitor, or something?

[as the Soothsayer is checking Po out]
Po: Look, I don't know who you are, but please stand aside, sir.
[whispering to Po]
Viper: That's a lady.
Po: Oh! Sorry! The beard threw me. It's kind of misleading. False advertising.

Shen: You actually believe this is the warrior destined to defeat me?
Soothsayer: I do not. I know he is.
Shen: [laughing] Oh, look at him? A lifetime to plot his revenge and he comes to me on his knees.
Po: What? A lifetime...woh! Woh! Woh! I did not have a lifetime. We only heard about Master Rhino a few days ago. And we came to avenge him!
Soothsayer: You come to avenge nothing else?
Po: Well, yeah! All the pots and pans that you stole, I'm gonna want those back!
Soothsayer: Nothing else?
Po: You probably did some other evil stuff along the way. I don't know. What else did you do?
Soothsayer: You don't know.
Po: Know what?

[as Shen is laughing at him]
Po: What's so funny?
Shen: The very thing that you clearly do not know!
Po: Okay, enough with these riddles! Would you guys spill the beans? First, you know, we come in and the weapon is tiny. Surprise, it's big! And then that lady over here, I think it's a guy, he's got a...
[suddenly Shen points his sword at Po's face]
Shen: The only reason you're still alive, is that I find your stupidity mildly amusing.
Po: Well, thank you. But I find your evilness extremely annoying!

Shen: Who do you think you are, panda?
Po: Who do you think I am, peacock?
[Shen starts laughing making Po laugh]
Po: Why are we laughing?
[to his guerrilla guards]
Shen: Take aim.
[they point the giant metal weapon at Po]

Shen: Call in the wolves, all of them! I want them ready to move! The year of the peacock begins now!
Wolf Boss: Right now? Cause it's the middle of the year, so you'd only get like a half of the year of peacock.
[Shen draws his sword in front of his face]
Wolf Boss: And this is the year, of course, of the peacock. Happy new year, sir.

[as Tigress is stopping Po from going after Shen]
Viper: Stay down.
Po: I have to get to him.
Tigress: Then tell me why?
Po: He was there. Okay? The peacock was there the last time I saw my parents. He knows what happened. Where I came from. Who I am.
[Tigress gives him a sad look]
Kung Fu Panda 2 QuotesPo: Look, I'm going. I have to know. The hard core can't understand.
[suddenly Tigress jumps towards Po as he's about to leave]
Viper: Tigress, no!
[Tigress gives Po a hug]
Tigress: The hard core do understand. But I can't watch my friend be killed.
[to the others]
Tigress: We're going.
Crane: Hey, maybe you can't watch me be killed?
Tigress: Stop being a wimp.
Monkey: And...she's back.

Soothsayer: The cup you choose to fill has no bottom. It is time to stop this madness.
Shen: Why on earth would I do that?
Soothsayer: So your parents can rest in peace.
Shen: My parents hated me. Do you understand? They wronged me. And I will make it right.
Soothsayer: They loved you. They loved you so much that having to send you away killed them.
Shen: The dead exist in the past. And I must attend to the future.

[to his guards]
Shen: Set the Soothsayer free. She's no use to me.
Soothsayer: Goodbye, Shen. I wish you happiness.
Shen: Happiness must be taken. And I will take mine.

Po: Tell me what happened that night?
Shen: What night?
Po: That night!
Shen: Ah, that night.
Po: Yes! We're talking about the same night, right?
Shen: Yes, I was there. Yes, I watched as your parents abandoned you. It's a terrible thing. I believe it went something like this!
[he releases the chains holding a giant pot of hot coal nearly hitting Po]

Shen: Are you willing die to find the truth?
Po: You bet I am! Although I'd....prefer not to!

Po: No more running, Shen!
Shen: So it seems.
Po: Now, answers.
Shen: Oh, you want to know so badly. You think knowing will heal you, huh? Fill some crater in your soul? Well here's your answer. You're parents didn't love you.
[Po looks grief stricken]
Shen: But here, let me heal you.
[he releases a cannon from his weapon shooting straight into Po]

[after Soothsayer has rescued Po from the river]
Soothsayer: If I wanted you dead, I would have left you in that river.
Po: Why save me?
Soothsayer: So you can fulfill your destiny.
Po: What are you talkin' about? Where am I? What is this place?
Soothsayer: I'm surprised you remember so little. But you were so little when it happened.
[Po hears a screaming noise in his mind from the past]
Soothsayer: Perhaps you do remember.
Po: What? It's just a stupid nightmare.
Soothsayer: Nightmare or memory?

[to Po]
Soothsayer: This was a thriving village. Young Shen was in line to rule Guangming City. But he wanted more. I foretold that someone would stand in his way. A panda. But I never could have foretold what came next.
[we see flashback to how Shen destroyed Po's village]

[after Po has remembered what happened to his parents]
Soothsayer: You're story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are. It is the rest of your story, who you choose to be.
[Po remembers all the things that have happened to him in his life so far]
Soothsayer: So who are you, panda?
[Po stands up slowly]
Po: I am Po. And I'm gonna need a hat.

[after being captured by Shen]
Mantis: Honestly guys, I never thought I'd die like this. I always thought I'd meet a nice girl and settle down and...and she'd eat my head. So sad.
Monkey: We cannot give up hope. Po would want us to remain strong. Hard cores, right? Tigress?
[Tigress doesn't answer]

[as he sees that Po is alive]
Shen: How many times do I have to kill the same stinking panda?!

[after he's freed Tigress and the others]
Tigress: Impressive, Dragon warrior. What's your plan?
Po: Step one; free the five.
Viper: What's step two?
Po: Honestly, I didn't think I'd make it this far!
Tigress: Po!
Po: Uh... stop Shen before he gets to the harbor.

[after Po has defeated all the cannon balls thrown at him and destroyed Shen's ships]
Shen: How did you...how did you do it?
Po: You know, you just keep your elbows up and keep the shoulders loose.
Shen: Not that! How did you find peace? I took away your parents. Everything! I...I scarred you for life.
Po: See, that's the thing, Shen. Scars heal.
Shen: No, they don't. Wounds heal.
Po: Oh, yeah. What do scars do? They fade I guess.
Shen: I don't care what scars do.
Po: You should, Shen. You've gotta let go of that stuff from the past, cause it just doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now.
Shen: You're right. Then I choose...this!
[he suddenly draws his sword and swings it at Po]

[after he's finally defeated Shen]
Shifu: It seems you have found inner peace. At such a young age!
Po: Well, I had a pretty good teacher.

Mr. Ping: So, how did it go? Did you save China?
Po: Yep.
Mr. Ping: Well, I knew you would. That's why I had new signs made.
[holds up the sign with Po's picture on it]
Mr. Ping: My son saved China. You too can save. Buy one dumpling, get one free!

Po: There's something I should tell you. While I was gone, I found the village where I was born. I found out how I ended up in that radish basket.
Mr. Ping: You did?
Po: I know who I am.
Mr. Ping: You do?
Po: I'm your son.
[they hug each other]
Po: I love you, dad.
Mr. Ping: [tearful] I love you too, son.

Mr. Ping: You probably hungry. Let me fix you something to eat.
Po: What are you talkin' about? I'll cook.
Mr. Ping: No. No. I'll cook.
Po: Dad!
Mr. Ping: Well, it's the least I can do. You save China.
Po: No, it's the least I can do. You raised me!
Mr. Ping: Po!
Po: Dad!
Mr. Ping: Po!
Po: Okay. Let's both cook. Together.
Mr. Ping: Together. No! I'll cook!

[last lines; in a distant village somewhere]
Panda Dad: My son is alive!

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