By Reno Rangan


Wars Are The Scars In The Human History

I was two minded after seeing its trailer, because I was pretty much convinced it was a B movie. But that’s not the issue, I usually put my faith on them and take my chances. So what bothered me was the film’s content, because the trailer roughly reveals what kind of movie it is, from that I reckoned it should have been a big production house’s product. Hence, I believed the visuals could be disastrous, but that was not the case. In fact, it was a remarkable standard and one of the reasons for the movie’s success, despite the fact that there are no A-list actors in any of the full-fledged roles.

The boy was much better in the movie than I judged his performance in the trailer. He might have appeared in a few television episodes, but this was his silver-screen debut. A wonderful display and I believe he would bag more projects after this. It was a family film, an emotional drama set during the United States entry into the World War II. Takes place in a small western coastal town called O’Hare about a 7 year-old boy Pepper, nicknamed Little Boy who’s willing to do anything to bring back his father alive from the war. On the effort he takes up a series of tasks which later stuns his town and the whole country.

“Do you believe you can do this?”

The Fascinating thing was the blend between the real occurrences with the fictitious attachment. People might believe it was based on a real story, but it is not. Like I said the graphics were very crucial and they matched to any big budget films, unfortunately it was in a small portion, but definitely a big deal. It talks about lots of interesting stuff which is inspiring, partially funny and also a children friendly film. Especially it explains quite clearly the difference between religious beliefs and magic, which is obviously why little kids never understand. So it could help to learn something from that other than textbooks.

The plus points were the consequences of war (any war), how the people can get affected by the war, bullying, racism and misbelief. On the other hand the minus was too much ingredient in a little movie, fortunately clicked so well. As usual, it was knocked down by the critics who never recognised the art of sentimental works. If you are not one of them or their followers, you are going to enjoy it.

If it had some big names in the main cast, especially for the father and brother characters, then it would have been roared louder about and helped in the international markets. As being one of the finest storied movie that highlighted our past mistakes, sadly it failed terribly at the box office, but very much could get a cult status, because particularly families could love this one. Not highly, but simply I recommend it and one of the must see from year 2015.

Rating: 8/10



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