By Maria Katafigioti (Athens, Greece)


I watched Lone Survivor, which was… intense, and kind of great. It was exactly the opposite of The Wolf of Wall Street in every way, except for one: it was not a movie for entertainment. If you’re looking for light-hearted fodder, do NOT see it! I am disturbed to see articles which attempt to make the film somehow into a right-left issue, which is most assuredly is not the case at all.

The movie was not about politics, it was not about whether the war in Afghanistan was right or wrong, but it was most certainly about a group of people, in an excruciatingly difficult situation trying to do the right thing – and ready to sacrifice their lives for their country.

It was VERY well made and very human. It also shows the meaning of love. Love for others. Love is certainly not a light switch, it’s not something that simply flicks on and flicks off when we choose to switch it off. It’s an overwhelming sensation that may start by hitting you like a bag of bricks and once felt it never really goes away. The only choice in the matter is whether one wants to continue the process of love or not, but they can’t get rid of it.

This movie brought out two important things to illustrate what I was trying to say:

1) In certain situations, people who once were strangers suddenly become like family and you come to care for them no less than your own family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend (and the loss feels no easier than a loss of a family member, a friend a boyfriend or a girlfriend).

2) There are people out there who are sacrificing their lives for total strangers that once came into their lives but made an impact or they even sacrifice their lives for people they haven’t even met. If putting your life on the line is not the definition of love, I don’t know what is. So there you go.


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