By Matthew Beer (Warsaw, Indiana)


Louder Than Bombs stars Jesse Eisenberg, Gabriel Byrne, Devin Druid, and Amy Ryan. Louder Than Bombs tells the tale of a man who lost his wife and his two sons as they begin to learn more about her before her death. The acting in this movie is pretty good overall other than Devin Druid because he comes off as being a brat throughout the movie, and by doing this it can be difficult to care for his character in certain scenes. Druid may have given a great performance, but due to the whinny attitude his character has the entire movie his performance gets annoying.

With the script and how the characters are written in the movie it can be difficult to be happy for these people because of the past each of them had, but nothing happens to the point of it being impossible to root for them. Similar to how family is, they do something wrong but you still can be happy for them. Weird how things work out. Director Joachim Trier does a good job handling this movie as a whole. As the movie went on there were no problems with the flow of the movie, which is something that can be hard for a director to do with a movie similar to this one. Going back to the screenplay, it was pretty well written by what is displayed in the movie, except for the way they wrote Devin Druid’s character as stated earlier.

There were some flashback scenes throughout the movie that showed the relationship between these characters. One of the flashbacks included scenes with Eisenberg and his mother (played by Isabelle Huppert) taking place where Eisenberg went to college at. As this scene carries on you can see the emotions that the characters are feeling as they speak. That flashback was handled very well and it was very beautiful. Flashbacks usually throw me out of the movie whenever a flashback is shown (example being Man of Steel and Arrow, even though Arrow is a TV show it has the same effect), however with this movie the flashbacks felt necessary and added to the movie.

The music they chose was fine, nothing really memorable about it. It wasn’t bad, it was just ok. The cinematography was also pretty good in the movie. There is a certain scene in the movie towards the end involving Byrne and David Strathairn’s characters talking to each other about Isabelle Huppert’s character (she plays Byrne’s wife that passed away) and that scene was handled very well, it may have been the best part of the movie because of the emotional feeling that have been carried up to that scene.

Overall, Louder Than Bombs is a pretty good movie that also has pretty good performances all around. Other than Devin Druid’s character everything was well balanced. Nothing in this movie was great or bad. Everything was just good.

Overall this movie gets a 4/5 stars.

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