By Lilly Mi


Love the Original Way was a demonstration of what our society has evolved into when it comes to online dating. In such a short span of time, the audience is able to understand the troubles that the lead star Sissy goes through in order to meet the love of her life Aaron, who is just as mentally disturbed as she is by sitting in the same rehab session as her. It seems that she is more than open to welcoming new friends and developing relationships, but it’s just a matter of timing with her character. Young girls like her play the lottery in life and take risks with different human beings. What had me baffled the most is when the rehab instructor was found at the bar drinking his ass off as if no one was watching. He came off a bit uncertain in the opening scene of the film, by having a bit too much knowledge on what is bad for his students. Right then and there you were able to see what his secret faults were in life.

Moving along, Aaron’s character seems to be a bit witty and sarcastic, as if he knows what’s coming next. His likeness for Sissy is reciprocal but not initially as he was more focused on mocking the instructor for his in depth speech on alcohol. Sissy’s two girlfriends Milan and Laudi seemed to be quite the fun group of girls who try to advise Sissy on her dating decisions, as they both exchange opinions on their experience, they both share a split screen discussing Sissy’s options and figuring out if she is still dating. Sissy shuts them up with a secret up her sleeve as if she has been hiding Aaron from them. After stating that she would give the dating app one more try, she convinces her girls that it might be worth her while.

Sissy seems like a sweet girl that is naive and at the same time a little lost at where her love life is going. In the new everlasting tech world many of people have found themselves knocking at love’s door, sometimes the door opens and sometimes it closes. Either way, technology has allowed people to specify what they are looking for and what areas they need to have in common with them. Love The Original Way gives the vibe off not only crushing on a cute guy in her class but also needless to say, without the dating app involved, Sissy wouldn’t have made a move on Aaron.

Overall the film is a quick entertainment watch for anyone who is looking to discover new content online and perhaps a little online dating advice, especially coming from a distressed situation. There’s plenty of ways of how we can meet others but sometimes it could take more than just bumping into someone accidentally on the street, but using an online dating app to establish preferences and understanding of one’s view is even better. Thank you to online dating!



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