Starring: Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler, Lucas Hedges, Gretchen Mol, Tate Donovan

Drama directed and written by Kenneth Lonergan, set in the in the North Shore of Massachusetts, the story follows Lee (Casey Affleck) who after the sudden death of his older brother, Joe (Kyle Chandler), is made legal guardian of his son Patrick (Lucas Hedges). Lee then returns to his hometown and is forced to deal with a tragic past that separated him from his wife Randi (Michelle Williams) and the community he was born and raised in.



Best Quotes from Trailer:


Lee Chandler: If you could take one guy on an island with you and you knew you’d be safe because he was the best man, that he was going to keep you happy, if it was between me and your father who would take?
Young Patrick: My daddy.
Lee Chandler: I don’t think you’re wrong about that.


Lee Chandler: What happened to my brother?


Lee Chandler: I don’t understand.
Lawyer: Which part are you having trouble with?
Lee Chandler: Well I can’t be his guardian.
[the lawyer looks with confusion at Lee]
Lawyer: Uh…
Lee Chandler: I mean I can’t.
Lawyer: Well naturally I assumed Joe had discussed all this with you.
Lee Chandler: No, he didn’t. No.
Lawyer: Uh, I, sorry, I have to say I’m somewhat taken aback.
Lee Chandler: He can’t live with me, I live in one room.
Lawyer: Well, but Joe has provided for Patrick’s upkeep. Food, clothes, et cetera, and the house and the boat are owned outright.
Lee Chandler: I can’t commute from Boston everyday until he turns eighteen.
Lawyer: I think the idea was that you would relocate.
Lee Chandler: Relocate to where, here?
Lawyer: Well if you look, as you can see your brother worked everything out extremely carefully.
Lee Chandler: But he can’t have…
Lawyer: Yes…
Lee Chandler: He can’t have meant that.


Lee Chandler: I’m just a backup.
Lawyer: Lee, nobody can appreciate what you’ve been through, and if you really feel you can’t take this on, that’s your right.


Patrick: Where are we going, to the orphanage?
Lee Chandler: Shut up. Get in the car.
Patrick: Can’t obey your orders until you unlock the door.


Lee Chandler: Right, we got a lot to do.
Patrick: What about the boat?
Lee Chandler: Let me talk to George about it. There’s no use hanging onto it, no one’s going to use it.
Patrick: I’m going to use it.
Lee Chandler: Not until you’re eighteen.
Patrick: I’m eighteen and I’m going to maintain it.
Lee Chandler: You can’t maintain it by yourself.
Patrick: Why not? It’s my boat now, isn’t it?
Lee Chandler: You’re a minor, you can’t take it out alone, and I’m trustee.
Patrick: What dies trustee mean?
Lee Chandler: I got to maintain it, so I got to keep up the instruction. It means I’m in charge of handling for you until…
Patrick: Does that mean you’re allowed to sell the boat if I don’t want to?
Lee Chandler: Until you turn eighteen. I don’t know. I’ll definitely consider it.
Patrick: No fucking way!


Lee Chandler: You’re so goddamn sure of yourself. There’s no one to run it, you’re sixteen.
Patrick: I get my license this year.
Lee Chandler: It doesn’t matter, you’re still a minor, you can’t run a commercial vessel by yourself. Meanwhile it’s a bit fucking expensive, and I’m the one who’s going to manage it and I’m not going to be here!
Patrick: Who gives a fuck where you are?
Lee Chandler: Patty, I swear to God, I’m going to knock your fucking block off.
Manchester Pedestrian: Great parenting.
Lee Chandler: What? What did you say?
Manchester Pedestrian: I said great parenting.
Lee Chandler: Fuck you! Mind your fucking business, you fucking asshole!
Manchester Pedestrian: That’s beautiful parenting, he’s going to smash you in the face.
Patrick: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay.
Manchester Pedestrian: Smash me in the face. Come on, smash me in the face.
Lee Chandler: Do you want me to smash your fucking face, you fucking asshole!
Patrick: It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.
Manchester Pedestrian: Come on then, asshole. Go ahead.
Patrick: Thank you. It’s okay. Uncle Lee, are you fundamentally unsound?
Manchester Pedestrian: Fucking asshole.


Lee Chandler: Things are a little bit up in the air.
George: No, I can take care of it as far as the general maintenance is concerned, but that motor is going to go at some point.
Patrick: I’m taking care of it.
Lee Chandler: There’s no allotment for a new motor. Unless, George, you know someone who wants to buy it.
Patrick: Wait a second, I’m not selling it.
Lee Chandler: We’re going to be in Boston anyway.
Patrick: What! Since when are we supposed to be in Boston.
Lee Chandler: Just take it easy.
George: Well, whatever you decide it’s going to bleed you dry just sitting here.
Lee Chandler: We don’t know exactly what we’re doing.
George: Well, you know, he can always stay with us if he want to come up weekends.
Lee Chandler: Do you want to be his guardian?
George: Well, we already…
Patrick: He doesn’t want to be my guardian for Christ sakes, he’s got four  kids, have you seen his house?
George: We’ve already got a houseful, we’re trying to lose some kids at this point.
Lee Chandler: No, I… We’re trying to look at the logistics, so I didn’t know.
George: We’re jammed in there pretty good, but we’ve always got a sofa for him anytime he wants, you know that.
Patrick: George, George, George! That’s alright. I know. I know that.
George: I mean he’s welcome anytime.
Patrick: I understand. I… I know, thank you.


[to Lee and his friends who are being rowdy as they play table tennis]
Randi Chandler: Hey, you want to keep it down, you fucking morons, my kids is sleeping!
Lee Chandler: I’m so sorry. I mean…
Randi Chandler: Lee, you want to get these fucking pinheads out of my house, please?
Lee Chandler: Yeah, I do. I mean I really do.
[Randi turns to walk back upstairs]
Lee Chandler: She can’t talk to us that way.
[they start laughing and being rowdy again, Randi turns back]
Randi Chandler: Hey, I’m not fucking around!


Randi Chandler: How is he? How’s Joe?
Lee Chandler: He’s fine. You know, he’s alright.
Randi Chandler: And you didn’t run out of beer? I mean you guys did the day okay?
Lee Chandler: Yeah, we were very tempered.
Randi Chandler: I don’t why you guys bother getting on the frigging boat.
Lee Chandler: What do you mean? We love the sea,
Randi Chandler: Oh, yeah? How many beers did you have on the sea?
Lee Chandler: Eight.
Randi Chandler: Eight?
Lee Chandler: Yep. Eight over a seven hour period, which…
Randi Chandler: Wow, I am well impressed.
Lee Chandler: … is 1.1428572 beers an hour.
Randi Chandler: Boy, it’s like you didn’t have anything to drink at all.
Lee Chandler: Yeah, I told you I was cutting down.
Randi Chandler: Oh, God, no. oh, what are you think you’re going to do?
[Lee strips down to his boxers and gets on top of her]
Lee Chandler: I guess I’m going to take a shower.


Lee Chandler: Hello?
Randi: Hello, Lee, I just wanted to call and say I’m sorry. How’s Patrick doing?
Lee Chandler: Well he hasn’t really opened up with me.


Lee Chandler: That’s the same girl that’s over at the house?
Patrick: No, that was Sylvie and this is Sandy, and they don’t know about each other. So please don’t say anything in case it comes up.
Lee Chandler: I won’t. Do you actually have sex with these girls?
Patrick: Well we don’t just play computer games.
Lee Chandler: With both of them?
Patrick: Well with Sandy’s mom here it’s sort of, uh, strictly just like basement business.
Lee Chandler: What does that mean?
Patrick: It means I’m working on it.


Patrick: You don’t want to be my guardian that’s fine with me.
Lee Chandler: Not that, it’s just the logistics.


Lee Chandler: We’re not going to be here that much longer anyway.
Patrick: I’m not moving to Boston, Uncle Lee.
Lee Chandler: I don’t want to talk about that right now.
Patrick: You said he left you money so you could move.
Lee Chandler: Yeah, that doesn’t mean…
Patrick: Anyway, what’s in Boston, you’re a janitor?
Lee Chandler: So what?
Patrick: You could do that anywhere. There’s plenty of toilets and clogged up drains all over town.
Lee Chandler: I don’t want to talk about it.
Patrick: All my friends are here. I’m on the hockey team, I’m on the basketball team. I got to maintain a boat now. I work on George’s boat two days a week, I got two girlfriends and I’m in a band. You’re a janitor in Queensie. What the hell do you care where you live?


Randi: I said a lot of terrible things to you, my heart was broken, but I know yours was broken too.
Lee Chandler: No, you don’t understand, there’s nothing that…
Randi: That’s not true.


Patrick: I think there’s something wrong with me.
Lee Chandler: Do you want me to call your friends? What do you want me to do?


[enters Patrick’s room where he’s sat on his bed crying]
Lee Chandler: I’m not going to bother you, I’m just going to sit here until you calm down.
Patrick: All right, I’m calmer now. Would you please just go away?
Lee Chandler: No.


Manchester by the Sea is set for release in the US November 18th and UK January 13th.







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