Starring: Kate Mara, Edie Falco, Common, Ramón Rodríguez, Tom Felton, Geraldine James

Story: Bio-drama directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite based on the true life story of a young marine corporal Megan Leavey (Kate Mara) whose unique discipline and bond with her military combat dog saved many lives during their deployment in Iraq. When she is assigned to clean up the K9 unit after a disciplinary hearing, Leavey identifies with a particularly aggressive dog, Rex, and is given the chance to train him. Over the course of their service, Megan and Rex completed more than 100 missions until an IED explosion injures them, putting their fate in jeopardy.


Best Quotes from Trailer:

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Master Sergeant: We need one dog team for a road sweep and surrounding area check.
Soldier: Leavey, start up.


Jackie Leavey: I just don’t know why you want to do this.
Megan Leavey: Yeah, I know you don’t.
Jackie Leavey: You don’t really connect with people very well.


Jackie Leavey: [to Megan] Just so you know running away isn’t going to solve anything.


Megan Leavey: Found something!
[to Rex]
Megan Leavey: Good boy.


Dr. Turbeville: [to Megan] I’ve been watching this dog all year, he’s the most aggressive dog I’ve ever treated.


[referring to Rex]
Soldier: Does he really need another break?
Megan Leavey: It’s not like he hasn’t earned it.


Gunny Martin: You’re getting a dog. You got this? Think faster!
Megan Leavey: Yeah, I got this!


Megan Leavey: [to Rex] You think I’m afraid of you? Lay down. Rex, lay down!
[Rex slowly lies down]


Megan Leavey: [to Rex] We’re shipping out tomorrow, but you’re so not ready for this.


Megan Leavey: Vehicle approaching.
Soldier: Guns out!


Finn: Why did you join?
Megan Leavey: To get away from my life.


Soldier: Clear! Leavey, check the vehicle!
[as Megan and Rex slowly approach the vehicle it explodes]


[waking up in hospital after the explosion]
Megan Leavey: Where’s my dog? I need to see him!


Jackie Leavey: You cannot come back to my house like some big war hero!
Megan Leavey: Back off, mom!


Jackie Leavey: You can’t let your whole life fall apart over some dog!
Megan Leavey: That dog saved my life.


Megan Leavey: Please just change his classification so that I can adopt him when he gets back.
Gunny Martin: They aren’t pets, they’re warriors.


Megan Leavey: Senator, can I just have a moment of your time. His name is Rex, he’s saved thousands of lives in Iraq.
Senator: What did you say your name was?
Megan Leavey: Corporal Megan Leavey.


Bob: [to Megan] All you had to do was fight, and you know how to fight. You’re a marine.


Therapist: What would you say to Rex if he were here?
Megan Leavey: I’d thank him for teaching me what love is.


Megan Leavey is set to open in the US June 9, 2017.



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