By Kduchna (Wrocław, Poland)


During their trip to Paris, Gil and his fiancée, Inez are passing through a crisis. They find out some faults in each other, which prevent them from spending this visit in the city of love in a romantic way. As a result, the couple use the charms of Paris separately and then discover that they have very different expectations and needs.

In brand new Woody Allen’s romantic comedy, Midnight in Paris, the main character, unfulfilled writer Gil Pender (Owen Wilson) literally finds his place in the twenties. He is time travelling to his favorite epoch, where he meets new companion. Honest to the bone and impulsive Hemingway, Fitzgerald devoted to his crazy wife, Picasso’s muse – Adrianna (Marion Cotillard), who of course turns Gil’s head, and warmhearted Gertrude Stein (Kathy Bates) – his own reviewer, become an inspiration to his novel. Every midnight Pender abandons Inez (Rachel McAdams) and her sophisticated friends, so as to escape into the world of his dreams.

While accompanying Gil in his night trips through the streets of Paris, the spectators can truly feel the atmosphere of the city with all senses. For instance, we admire the view of beautifully illuminated alleys and obviously breathtaking Eiffel Tower. Our ears are coddled with the French music of the 1920s. We can even smell the perfumes of elegant ladies, who enjoyed themselves at the same party as Gil did, or taste “the diamond whiskey sour” drunk by Hemingway in one of the bars.

Once again Woody Allen says about love from another point of view. He notes that true love is when we are accepted as we are and have support in fulfillment of our dreams. The main idea of the movie is to show that pretending to be someone else and cheating ourselves won’t make us happy. The key is being yourself and waiting for the person who will share our interests.

I really recommend Midnight in Paris to anyone, who would appreciate an intense plot filled with a pinch of romance and also a little bit of adventure, which takes place in the romantic capital of Europe. I was delighted by the idea of putting such a beautiful message in a comedy with the elements of fantasy. What’s more, for those who are fond of 1920s, the brand-new Allen’s movie is a great opportunity to observe the profiles of the then artists, who were, in my opinion, perfectly played. By the way, applause for Adrien Brody as Salvador Dali!


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