By SammyB (Adelaide)


One of the most beloved stories ruined by this abysmal atrocity. This film offers nothing remotely original or exciting in any way.

The performances given in this film coincide with the awful interpretation of this fairy tale. Julia Roberts’ portrayal as the wicked step mother was parallel to a bad impression of a British noble man, and as for Lily Collins, I feel sorry for her going through this entire movie without anyone telling her there was a brown caterpillar crawling across her forehead.

The fact that this film didn’t even stay true the basic elements of Snow White was the most frustrating and disheartening thing. The fact that Snow White wanted to become a rogue thief like the dwarfs wasn’t the issue, it was the fact that when Snow White was offered the red apple, she didn’t bite into it, didn’t fall into a deep slumber and the whole climax of the original story was not played out. Instead she threw the apple back in the wicked step mother’s face and broke into a ridiculous song and dance which stank so badly it could peel wallpaper.

Do yourself a favor, either rent the classic Disney version or wait for Snow White and The Huntsman.


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