By Henna Bux (Cape Town)


The movie Mirror Mirror featuring Julia Roberts as the wicked stepmother to the innocent Snow played by Lily Collins is based on the original fairy tale Snow White by The Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

The director, Tarsem Singh, focused on the fairy tale and built an entire storyline on the fairy tale Snow White but with a twist. I think it was an extremely cleaver idea to include all of the most important aspects of the original fairy tale but the main focus was around the stepmother’s new life and experience in power after the innocent Snow’s father, who was the king, had passed away.

The beginning of the movie was very interesting as the story was told from the new Queen’s point of view and also basing the story on her, for at least the beginning. Closer to the end I was relieved to see the story changed around completely to focus entirely on Snow. The movie made me look at fairy tales in a whole new way as it shows the deep side to a simple bed time story that we were all told as a child.

The main element I loved seeing in the movie is the typical “happily ever after” aspect. That lifted my spirits from the in depth story and made me look at fairy tales the same way by including the most positive and exciting part of the movie which is definitely the ending.

Despite the deep turnaround of the simple sweet innocent fairy tale, the movie Mirror Mirror was very creative and enjoyable for everyone in the family and is definitely worth watching.


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