Starring: Kate Mara, Anya Taylor-Joy, Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook, Michelle Yeoh, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Paul Giamatti

Sci-fi thriller directed by Luke Scott (Ridley Scott’s son) in his directorial debut. The story centers on corporate troubleshooter (Kate Mara) who is sent to a remote, top-secret location, where she is to investigate and evaluate a terrifying accident. She learns the event was triggered by a seemingly innocent “human,” a synthetic girl named Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy), who presents a mystery of both infinite promise and incalculable danger.


Best Quotes from Trailer:


[seeing something horrific inside Morgan’s cell]
Male Scientist: Oh, my God.


Ted Brenner: We’re all very happy to have you here, Lee.
Lee Weathers: I imagine that’s not exactly true.


Ted Brenner: Doctor, this is Lee Weathers from corporate.


[Lee enters the office]
Dr. Simon Ziegler: Miss Weathers.
Lee Weathers: Pleasure.
Dr. Simon Ziegler: Yes, absolutely.
[the shake hands]
Lee Weathers: Why don’t you get me up to speed?
Dr. Simon Ziegler: Yes. Please. The creation of synthetic DNA was the relatively simple half of the equation. We knew right away that Morgan was very special, within a month walking and talking, within six self-sustaining. She exceeded our wildest expectations. She was exactly what we intended, a hybrid biological organism.
Lee Weathers: I’d like to discuss the incident if that’s okay.
Dr. Simon Ziegler: What would you like to know?
Lee Weathers: I’m still unclear on the cause.
Dr. Simon Ziegler: There had been some debate on Morgan’s time outside. When the excursions with Amy were postponed she may well have overreacted. It was very unfortunate.
[as they watch footage of Morgan in her room with Amy we see Morgan suddenly attack Amy and stab her repeatedly]
Dr. Simon Ziegler: But despite these obvious setbacks this project is heading in the right direction.


Dr. Darren Finch: She’s like a child.


Amy: Morgan is a child, she had a tantrum. She’s learning and she has the right to make mistakes.


Dr. Kathy Grieff: [to Lee] She had a tantrum. There was joy in her heart before we shoved her back in that box.


Dr. Simon Ziegler: Morgan’s behavior was very unfortunate.


Lee Weathers: She is an “it” and it has no rights.
Amy: Oh, you’re wrong about that. You’ll see.


Morgan: Hello, Dr. Shapiro.
Dr. Alan Shapiro: You know my name.
Morgan: Yes.
Dr. Alan Shapiro: Great. Then we can dive right in. does that sound okay?
Morgan: Yes.
Dr. Alan Shapiro: Do you like it here, Morgan?
Morgan: Yes.
Dr. Alan Shapiro: What if I recommended that you should not be allowed to leave this room?
Morgan: My feelings are irrelevant, if that is the recommendation.
[Shapiro chuckles]
Dr. Alan Shapiro: Okay, all right. Forget that. What would you do if I recommended that you be terminated?
Morgan: I don’t know.
Dr. Alan Shapiro: Come on, you don’t know?
Morgan: No.
Dr. Alan Shapiro: Off the top of your head! Come on!
Morgan: I don’t know.
Dr. Alan Shapiro: No right or wrong answer, come on!
Morgan: I don’t know!
Dr. Alan Shapiro: Come on! Answer me, what would you do?
Morgan: I don’t know.
Dr. Alan Shapiro: What would you do! Show me if you can’t tell me. Demonstrate it for me.
[Morgan turns her hands palms faced up]
Dr. Alan Shapiro: What is that? I don’t know what that is. Show me! Show me how you feel!


Dr. Alan Shapiro: You feeling a little sad, Morgan?
Morgan: Yes.
Dr. Alan Shapiro: Do you like it here?
Morgan: Yes.
Dr. Alan Shapiro: What do you like about it?
Morgan: I like my friends.
Dr. Alan Shapiro: Do you think they treat you like a friend. I mean do you think it’s normal for friends to lock each other in cages? What would you do if I recommended that you should not be allowed to leave this room? What if I recommended that you be terminated?
[as they watch the interview]
Lee Weathers: We should end this.
Dr. Alan Shapiro: Answer me! What would you do!
[suddenly Morgan uses her power to push his chair back against the wall]
Dr. Simon Ziegler: Morgan!
[the lights go out]
Lee Weathers: Where’s Morgan?


Amy: Morgan, please don’t! You have to stop! You have to stop.


Dr. Simon Ziegler: What you don’t understand is Morgan is still evolving.


Lee Weathers: The people in this house are in danger. It needs to be terminated.


Dr. Simon Ziegler: Morgan, stop!


Dr. Simon Ziegler: Despite the current setbacks the results of our investment are quite remarkable.


Lee Weathers: Hello, Morgan.
Morgan: Nice to meet you…in the flesh.


Morgan: You’ll see now how happy we can be.


Morgan: I’m starting to feel like myself.


Morgan is set for release in the US and UK September 2nd.





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