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La La Land (2016)    REVIEWS  

Mia: It’s pretty strange that we keep running into each other.
Sebastian: Maybe it means something.
Mia: I doubt it.
Sebastian: Yeah, I don’t think so.

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Leap! (2016)

Félicie Milliner: Do you think it was stupid to come to Paris?
Victor: Don’t say that, we should never give up on our dreams.

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The Lego Batman Movie (2017)    REVIEWS  

Alfred Pennyworth: Master Bruce, your greatest fear is…
Batman: Snakes?
Alfred Pennyworth: No.
Batman: It’s clowns.
Alfred Pennyworth: No. it’s being part of a family again.
Batman: Nope. Now it’s snake clown because you put that idea in my head.

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Logan (2017)

Charles Xavier: Logan, what did you do?
Logan: Charles, the world is not the same as it was. Mutants, they’re gone now.

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Manchester by the Sea (2016)    REVIEWS  

Randi: I said a lot of terrible things to you, my heart was broken, but I know yours was broken too.
Lee Chandler: No, you don’t understand, there’s nothing that…
Randi: That’s not true.

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Passengers (2016)

[as he sees Aurora walking towards him for their dinner date wearing a black dress]
Jim: Wow.
Aurora: You clean up pretty good yourself. You went shopping.
Jim: I went shoplifting.
[Aurora laughs]

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Rings (2017)

Samara: [voice over] There once was a girl. No one dares speak her name. In death she seeks vengeance for a life filled with pain. Once you see her story you have seven days to live, because she does not forget and she does not forgive.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)    REVIEWS  

Jyn Erso: They call it the Death Star. It’s capable of destroying an entire planet, it could be the end of us all. There’s a way to defeat it. We need to capture the plans. If my father built this thing, we need to find him.
Baze Malbus: Alright. How many do we need?

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Silence (2016)     REVIEWS  

Father Sebastião Rodrigues: I pray but I’m lost. Am I just praying to silence?

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Sing (2016)

Buster Moon: My theater has been going through some pretty rough times lately, so what do I do?
Eddie: Quit?
Buster Moon: No. My next show is going to be, drumroll please… A singing competition! Just think your neighbor, the, the grocery store manager, that chicken, right there! Real talent from real life.

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The Space Between Us (2017)

[chatting with Tulsa online]
Tulsa: Tell me where you’re really from?
Gardner Elliot: Mars. I was born here.
Tulsa: Yeah, sometimes I feel like I’m from a different planet too.

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Split (2016)

Kevin: Tonight is a sacred night. You will be in the presence of something greater. The world will understand now. The beast is real.

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Table 19 (2017)

Eloise: I’m Eloise. I got dumped by Francie’s brother, the best man, back there, table 1.
Male Guest #2: No, kidding.
Female Guest: This is a great table. It’s a great one.
Male Guest #2: No it isn’t.
Female Guest: Yes.
Male Guest #2: No, it isn’t.

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T2 Trainspotting (2017)

Renton: [voice over] Choose life. Choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and hope that someone, somewhere cares. Choose looking up old flames, wishing you’d done it all differently. And choose watching history repeat itself. Choose your future. Choose reality TV, slut-shaming, revenge porn. Choose a zero-hour contract, a two hour journey to work, and choose the same for your kids, only worse, and smother the pain with an unknown does, of an unknown drug made in somebody’s kitchen. And then, take a deep breath. You are an addict, so be addicted. Just be addicted to something else. Choose the ones you love. Choose your future. Choose life.

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Tulip Fever (2017)

Cornelis Sandvoort: [to Sophia] They’ll say, “Look there at that lucky old dog. Didn’t he have a lovely young wife.”

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A United Kingdom (2016)

Seretse Khama: I can’t do this alone anymore.
Ruth Williams: Find your way back to me, Seretse. Find your way back.

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xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017)    REVIEWS  

Agent Augustus Eugene Gibbons: Let me simplify it for you, kick some ass, get the girl, and try to look dope while you’re do it.
Xander Cage: I could definitely make that work.

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