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[in Times Square and Ryan Seacrest is feeling the pressure of the crowd when the giant ball gets stuck on its way up he turns to one his production crew]
Ryan Seacrest: Cause I'm starting to feel a bit of pressure. I don't like to feel pressure. Pressure's not a very good feel and it messes with my hair. I need my hair to be up, like the ball!
[as Claire and her crew try to fix the problem with the giant ball]
Ryan Seacrest: This would never have happened to Dick Clark.

[as Sam is getting a ride with the Pastor and his family in the giant RV]
Maude: So what's the speech about, Sam?
Sam: Like I said, I haven't even written it yet. I guess I'm...I'm still looking for the inspiration.
[he laughs]
Maude: What inspires you, Sam?
Sam: Pizza.
Duncan: Excellent. Sweet!

[Paul takes Ingrid to the art museum where they have a miniature reproduction of the New York boroughs]
Paul: And now the very best part; walk all five boroughs in one day. I'm crossing that off the list.
New Year's Eve Quotes

[after leaving a message for Randy telling him about Ingrid and referring to her as pathetic, he then turns to read from Ingrid's list of resolutions]
Paul: Right. Next up, is to be amazed.
[to himself]
Paul: Which is very vague. I will be amazed if I can come up with something. But I will.
[Ingrid walks up to Paul and is upset after overhearing Paul referring to her as pathetic]
Ingrid: I don't want to do this anymore.
Paul: Why? What are you talking about?
Ingrid: I'm pathetic. Dude!
[she slams the tickets to the ball into his hands and turns to walk away]
Paul: Hey. Wait! Where are you going?
Ingrid: Staten Island.

Engineer Douglas: Miss Morgan, we're not really sure what's wrong.
Claire Morgan: How long is it gonna take to be sure?
Engineer Douglas: I don't know. It could be a couple of minutes, it could be a couple of hours, maybe more.
Claire Morgan: Well, we don't have a couple of hours or maybe more. We only have...midnight. I have one job tonight, to make sure, even if I have to do it with my own two hands, that ball descends at midnight. Can't move midnight!
[the Engineer looks down]
Claire Morgan: Why are you looking at your shoes? I hate it when you look at your shoes. When you look at your shoes it means you're not telling me something. What are you not telling me?
Engineer Douglas: We need Kominsky.
Claire Morgan: The Kominsky?
[the Engineer nods his head]

[Griffin comes home and finds Tess standing on her head]
Griffin Byrne: What are you doing?
Tess Byrne: Yoga. It's supposed to help.
Griffin Byrne: I'm no expert, but it seems like that would just the baby in the wrong direction.

Tess Byrne: You're gonna make such a good veterinarian some day, Griff.
Griffin Byrne: Thanks. And if you were a horse, I'd know better what to do. Of course, if you were a horse, we'd never get invited to dinner parties and I'd be married to a horse.

[taking a sniff from the small bottle]
Griffin Byrne: This smells awful. Drink it.
[Tess shakes her head]
Tess Byrne: Mmumm.
Griffin Byrne: What? It's castor oil. Mary Poppins swore by this.
Tess Byrne: Mary Poppins also danced with cartoon penguins. You first.
Griffin Byrne: You're a coward.
[he takes a swig from the bottle but nearly spits it out as it's so disgusting]
Tess Byrne: I'm sensing a thumps down.
Griffin Byrne: Oh, Mary Poppins sucks!
Tess Byrne: Well you forgot about the spoon full of sugar.

[after feeling a twinge]
Tess Byrne: What was that?
Griffin Byrne: What was what?
Tess Byrne: Oh, my gosh! My water broke!
Griffin Byrne: All of it?
Tess Byrne: Oh...well what do you think?
Griffin Byrne: Well, that's too early! Can you turn it off?
Tess Byrne: And how do you suggest I do that?
Griffin Byrne: I don't know! Yoga! Why don't you get back upside down? You can't do a downward dog or an upward dog. Do one of the dogs!

[back at the hospital Aimee is sitting with Stan while he's dosing]
Stan Harris: Haven't you been here all day? When do you go home?
Nurse Aimee: Just before midnight.
Stan Harris: Oh.
Nurse Aimee: You know what? I don't care about all that hoopla and stuff anyway.
Stan Harris: So no big plans or party?
Nurse Aimee: No.
Stan Harris: No hot date? A pretty girl like you.
Nurse Aimee: Well, maybe. But right now you're my hot date.
Stan Harris: Why?
Nurse Aimee: Pardon me?
Stan Harris: Why are you being nice to me? I'm an ass. I've spent my entire life being an ass. I don't know how to stop.
Nurse Aimee: Well, you know what, Stan? Maybe being an ass is the reason you've gotten every single thing you ever wanted in life.
Stan Harris: Not everything.

[Randy and Elise are still stuck in the elevator]
Randy: I'm sorry I called you a groupie. We're stuck in an elevator together, you really, you're not gonna talk to me at all?
Elise: Fine. We can talk. But as long as we're making assumptions about each other, why don't I give it a shot? You grew up in suburben, fill in the blank. You went to la-di-da liberal art school. You didn't have enough drive to get a real job and then you grew half a beard and moved to Manhattan on your grandmother's inheritence. And...and now you think that, you know, just because you moved somewhere that you're cool. But the truth is that, it just, it doesn't! Okay? Because you're just some wanna be hipster who judges everything because you're too scared to take a chance on anything. And...and you know my guess is that this whole hatred for New Year's comes from just some boring as hell prom queen who broke you heart on New Year's Eve in high school. So, am I close?
Randy: Suberban Maryland. Tufts University. And I am comic book artist.
Elise: You draw.
Randy: I illustrate. And it was in college, when she broke it. And this beard took me like a year to grow.
[they both smile]
Randy: Cold coffee?
[he holds out the flask to her]

[back on the giant RV Sam is making small talk with the Pastor's family]
Sam: Last year there were so many speaches that I had to get outside and get some fresh air, so I actually went out and got a pizza.
Maude: Did anything else happen?
[Sam looks down]
Maude: Oh, my! Something else did happen, didn't it?
Sam: Yes.
Grandpa Jed: Is it R-rated?
Maude: Dad!
Sam: I met a woman and she was extraordinary.
[to her son]
Maude: It's gonna have a goose bump ending!
Pastor Edwin: Well take your time telling it, because here comes the traffic.
[Granpa Jed comes up behind Sam]
Grandpa Jed: Extraordinary build?
Sam: I have to get to this party.

[Ahern Records Masquerade Ball]
Penny Marshall: You're an actress, right?
Ahern Waitress: Yeah! I've played a nurse, a cop, a teacher.
Penny Marshall: How about playing a waitress and get me another drink?

[back in the elevator]
New Year's Eve Quotes Elise: I went to Juilliard and I'm a backup singer, not a back of the tour bus groupie.
Randy: Randy. A.K.A, Mr. Moron. How long have you been a backup singer?
Elise: Too long. Oh, I...I just got hired for tonight, but I was hoping that he would ask me to go on tour with him. But, uh...
Randy: Can you sing something for me?
Elise: Oh, no! The only time that I do performances for audiences of one is when I'm in the shower, so.
Randy: Well, we...
Elise: Don't...say anything.

[over in Times Square, the ball is still stuck and Kominsky has been called out to fix it]
Claire Morgan: Thank you so much for coming.
Kominsky: You fire me.
Claire Morgan: No. No. No. That was someone else. No. So what do you think it is?
Kominsky: Short.
Claire Morgan: What's short?
Brendan: There's a short in the ball.
Kominsky: You got it.
Brendan: It sounds pretty straight forward. Easy to fix.
Kominsky: Then you fix.
[he turns to leave but Claire stops him]
Claire Morgan: No!
Kominsky: Not so easy. This ball has thirty five hundred lighting clues.
Brendan: Cues. He means cues.
Claire Morgan: Wait. You have to find the one light that went out in over three thousand?
Kominsky: Mmhmm.
Claire Morgan: Well how do we not progress passed the string of Christmas lights that all go out because of one bad one?
Kominsky: My question also, and then I get fired!
[he turns to leave again but Claire stops him]
Claire Morgan: We need you! I need you.
Kominsky: Okay. Then I go visit my ball on the roof.

[while Kominsky is fixing the ball, Claire gives a speech to the reporters and the waiting crowd]
Claire Morgan: As you all can see the ball has stopped half way to its porch. It's suspended there to remind us before we pop the champagne and celebrate the New Year, to stop and reflect on the year that has gone by. To remember both our triumphs and our missteps, our promises made and broken. The times we opened ourselves up to great adventures or close ourself down for fear of getting hurt. Cause that's what New Year's is all about, getting another chance. The chance to forgive, to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more. And stop worrying about what if and start embracing what will be. So when that ball drops at midnight, and it will drop, let's remember to be nice to each other, kind to each other. And not just tonight, but all year long. Thank you.

[on the giant RV bus, Sam is telling the pastor's family how he and his mystery girl last New Year's]
Maude: I wanna hear the rest of your story.
Sam: We talked felt like hours.
Grandpa Jed: Did you bang her?
Pastor Edwin: Dad, you're talking to a man in a tuxedo.
Sam: Jed, I can't talk like that in front of a lady.
Maude: He's a gentlemen.
Sam: We talked, alright? I went on about the business and how our stock had just gone public and she stops me and she puts her hand over mind and she says, 'That's all great, but how's your heart?' How's you heart? Who say that? I mean, who...?
Grandpa Jed: Please! Please!

[referring to Sam's mystery New Year's Eve girl]
Maude: Did you at least kiss her?
Sam: Yes, at midnight.
Grandpa Jed: And that's it?
Sam: Well I went to the restaurant a bit later when I came back, she was gone. She left something on the table.
Grandpa Jed: Naked picture?
Maude: Let me see.
[Sam gets his wallet out and takes out a napkin note and puts it in front of Maude]
Grandpa Jed: Read it out loud, Maude.
Maude: Things are complicated. If you're still thinking about me in a year, meet me back here at LA Gambina Trattoria at midnight, next New Year's eve.
[Sam says the last lines out loud at the same time that Maude is reading it out loud]
Grandpa Jed: You memorized it.

Maude: You're gonna meet her, aren't you?
Sam: Yeah. I don't...I don't think so. I don't even know her name!
Maude: You're afraid!
Sam: She's not gonna be there. It was one night, it wasn't even real.
Grandpa Jed: But this napkin is and you've been carrying it around for a year. I mean, you went out for a slice of pizza and you may have run into 'the one'. Do you know what that is?
Sam: Insanity?
Pastor Edwin: Not insanity. Serendipity. Mm? And you don't mess with serendipity.
Pastor Edwin: I mean what's the worst that can happen? She doesn't show up and you go back to your party.
[Maude looks at Sam as he goes all quite]
Maude: Oh, that's not it at all. Is it, Sam? You're afraid that she will show up.
Grandpa Jed: I'll tell you what?
[he takes the napkin note from Sam]
Grandpa Jed: I'll take care of this for you. I can tap this.
[Sam laughs]
Sam: What? You can tap this!
Grandpa Jed: I'm gonna and tap this for you.
Sam: You're gonna tap that?
Grandpa Jed: Look, I'm a widower. Right?
Maude: Forgive him.

[Paul receives a call from his sister Kim asking if he's seen Hailey as Kim looks for her in a bar]
Paul: I'm confused, I though you had plans tonight?
Kim: I sort of did, but I chose to be with Hailey and now she's gone!
Paul: You know what? I'm not really worried about Hailey, I'm actually more worried about you. If you're not working, you need to go out and have some fun. You gotta let your hair down, you gotta leave the clogs at home.
Kim: What? Great. More clog commentary!
[suddenly a drunken man from the bar drops on Kim's lap and she moves him aside]
Kim: Listen, Paul. Right now, all I really...all I really need to do is just find Hailey.
Paul: Alright. Look, she's a good kid. Okay? If she did happen to call her cool uncle to say where she'd be, she may in fact have said the fifty fourth street pen. But please don't rat out the cool uncle.
Kim: Oh, my God! Paul, thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much! Thank You!
[as Kim is about to hang up the phone]
Paul: Wait! Wait! Wait! Sis! Sis, hold on! I got a huge favor to ask.
Kim: Anything. What? What? What?

[Paul finds Ingrid having a coffee in the museum cafe]
Paul: Be amazed! I got it. Ingrid, please don't let this whole thing be ruined because I'm a big mouth idiot. I'm sick and tired of being that guy. Please, Ingrid. Please! Come with me.
[Ingrid smiles]
Paul: Come on! Let's go!
Ingrid: On one condition.
[cut to Ingrid driving Paul's scooter while Paul hangs on to her at the back]

Brendan: That was a nice speech.
Claire Morgan: I was just trying to save my job.
Brendan: No, I don't think so. I think you were talking about you.
Claire Morgan: Okay, maybe I was. But all I can do is reflect and try and do better next year.
Brendan: Or sooner.
Claire Morgan: Why did I tell you about him?
Brendan: I'm a New York cop, people they tell me things.
Claire Morgan: I'm sure he's forgotten it by now.
Brendan: You should go.
Claire Morgan: I don't move until the ball moves.

[at the hospital, Tess and Griffin are ready to have the baby, but Grace and James Schwab show up at the same time to have their baby]
Male Nurse: Contractions?
Griffin Byrne: Contractions, six and a half minutes apart.
James Schwab: Six? We have five minutes apart.
Male Nurse: Cervix?
Griffin Byrne: She has one.
Male Nurse: Huh?
Griffin Byrne: Uh...four centimeters dilated.
James Schwab: Four? We have five, six, seven! Maybe eight!
[Grace moans with pain and James rushes over to her and sticks his head between her legs, talking to the baby]
James Schwab: Don't you show your head to me young lady! Not yet! Papa will tell you when it's time, okay?
[to Griffin as they watch the other couple]
Tess Byrne: Oh, please don't yell at my vagina.
Griffin Byrne: Oh, I never will.
Grace Schwab: It's amazing, she really listens to James! She just crawled right back up in there!
Male Nurse: Well the nurses will take you to your room. Gentlemen, to your corner. And ladies, may the best v-jay jay win.

[back at the hospital Stan talks to Aimee thinking she's someone he once knew]
Stan Harris: You're so good. You always were.
New Year's Eve Quotes7Nurse Aimee: Well, I'm not really that good.
Stan Harris: Yes, you are. I've been thinking about the ball drop and how that always used to be our thing. Remember when I took you to New York for the first time? We watched the ball drop together, remember? It was our night. I promised you we'd be...we'd go back there. Well, it's a promise I didn't live up to. I'm sorry. Why did I leave you?
Nurse Aimee: Stan, I'm Aimee. Remember? Nurse Aimee. Huh?
Stan Harris: Uh-huh. Right. Right. Aimee.

[back in the elevator]
Elise: We've been stuck in here for hours. I can't believe nobody's found us yet.
[she sits down to think for a moment]
Elise: We could have our own party.
Randy: Mm. I don't think so.
Elise: Oh, come on! We gotta do something to get you out of your...your New Year's Eve funk.
[she grabs some decorations out of Randy's garbage bag]
Elise: We're at a party. You're standing on one end of the room alone and I'm on the other.
Randy: We've never met.
[she puts on a party hat]
New Year's Eve QuotesRandy: Ooh.
Elise: The count down begins. You start scanning the room for cute girls amongst the sea of couples. Ten, nine...
Randy: Eight, seven...
[Randy pretends to look around the room]
Elise: Finally you see me.
Randy: There you are!
Elise: Our eyes meet. We smile tentatively at each other.
[Randy does giant fake smile]
Elise: Tentatively! We start walking towards each other.
Randy: Five...
Elise: Finally we meet.
Randy: Four...
Elise: Just as it's about to be midnight.
Elise and Randy: Three, two...
[they move closer to each other]
Randy: One.
[just as they are about to kiss they hear a loud noise and the elevator starts to move]

[at the hospital, Tess is ready to give birth but Griffin is distracted watching the other couple in the room next to them]
Griffin Byrne: Oh, this is amazing. I can totally see him.
Tess Byrne: What? He's coming out? You can see him?
[she leans forward and tries to look for the baby between her legs]
Spiritual Dr. Morriset: Okay, if you try to see, I can't see.
Tess Byrne: Look with your other eye!
Spiritual Dr. Morriset: Oh, hostility! That's good. Yes, now we're getting somewhere.
Griffin Byrne: No, I can't see the baby. I can see that couple who's trying to steal our money. Oh, this is great, babe. So, look. If I do this...
[he holds up his arm and waves his hand]
Griffin Byrne: That means they're having their baby.
Tess Byrne: I don't care about the money anymore.
Griffin Byrne: What?

Tess Byrne: Hey, Griff. Come here?
Spiritual Dr. Morriset: You are disturbing her calm zone.
Griffin Byrne: You're disturbing my calm zone.
[he walks toward Tess when he gets close she grabs his shirt and pulls him close]
Tess Byrne: I need you to focus. I'm just trying to squeeze a giant Escalade out of a compact fucking parking spot!
Spiritual Dr. Morriset: Nice. Swearing helps sometimes. But now we use our words right.

[Sam and the Pastor's family have finally arrived in New York City]
Sam: It's been a real treat, getting to know you with the family, Grandpa Jed. Pretty cool, very horny.
Pastor Edwin:Well you got a chance to see how the other half lives, huh, Sam?
Sam: You guys make the other half look pretty good.
Pastor Edwin: Ah, you seem to have a pretty fun life.
Sam: It has it's moments.
Pastor Edwin: Remember, follow your heart.
Sam: Alright. I will. I'll see you.

[at Times Square, Paul drops Ingrid as close to the ball drop as he can]
Paul: This is it. This is as close to the ball dropping as I can get you. Hey, good luck with that last one, alright?
Ingrid: Oh, I figured that was a long shot going in.
Paul: Long shot? What are you talking about? Going to Bali, that was kind of a long shot.
[they both laugh]

Paul: Thanks.
[she gives him the tickets to the Mask Ball]
Ingrid: Make a list of your own. Don't wait as long as I did.
[referring to the tickets]
Paul: Thank you.
Ingrid: Goodbye.
Paul: Goodbye.
[they shake hands]
Ingrid: Have a great time.
Paul: You too. Happy New Year.
[she turns and walks off and looks back to wave to Paul before going into the crowd]

[Sam runs into the Ahern Records party and meets his mother, Rose Ahern]
Mrs. Rose Ahern: All your pretty little girls are here.
Sam: Yeah. well, I'm starting to think I need something more than just a pretty girl with nothing to say. You know?
Mrs. Rose Ahern: Did maturity just walk into the room?
Sam: Well, maybe. Maybe not.
Mrs. Rose Ahern: You know what you're gonna say to all these people?
Sam: Yes. Yes, I do.

[the President of the Times Square Alliance rolls up in his limo to talk to Claire]
Claire Morgan: Mr. Buellerton, you wanted to see me?
Mr. Buellerton: Yes. Claire, you spoke eloquently about the ball getting stuck. You swayed everyone's views.
Claire Morgan: Thank you, sir.
Mr. Buellerton: Except mine.
Claire Morgan: Oh, of course.
Mr. Buellerton: Now, I like a speech. But I don't think you realize what's at stake here.
Claire Morgan: Oh, I...I...I do, sir.
Mr. Buellerton: You are about to let down the city of New York, the..the country, the whole world. Unless you get that ball fixed.
Claire Morgan: With all due respect, sir. I've been watching the ball drop since I was five years old and it's one of my most favorite family memories. We'll...we'll be sure to get this fixed.

Mr. Buellerton: You remember the eighty six Mets Red Sox World Series?
Claire Morgan: No.
Mr. Buellerton: Bill Buckner let a ground ball go between his legs and the Sox lost the game and eventually the world series.
Claire Morgan: Uh-huh.
Mr. Buellerton: Very few remember who was on the field that day, but everyone remembers that Buckner missed the ball.
Claire Morgan: Uh-huh.
Mr. Buellerton: Now the baseball's a lot smaller than your ball, which is not dropping.
Claire Morgan: Right, I'll be sure that I don't drop the ball on the ball drop.
Mr. Buellerton: Yeah. Yeah, whatever you said. Anyway, fix it.
Claire Morgan: I will.
Mr. Buellerton: Otherwise, you're gonna hear a speech from me about the new Vice President of the Times Square Alliance.
Claire Morgan: Okay. Uh...I'm not gonna let you down or the world. I promise, sir.

[in Times Square just as Elise is about to go on the mains stage Randy runs up to her and gives her the little pink plastic bracelet she dropped in the elevator]
Randy: Here, you left this in the elevator. I didn't know if it was lucky or something. And also it's a balance thing, so if you dance while you're singing, you'll need your balance.
Elise: Thanks. You came all the way here to uh...bring me my runner bracelet?
Randy: Sort of. And to say, Happy New Year.
New Year's Eve Quotes Elise: Happy New Year, Randy.
Randy: But you also left something else on the elevator.
[he kisses her]
Elise: Glad you remembered that.
[just then backup singers get called to go on stage]
Elise: I...I gotta go. Okay, well go...go watch.
Randy: For you.
Elise: Thank you.
Randy: I will be your groupie.
[he turns to walks away]
Elise: Thank you. Hey, nice pajamas.

[Jensen arrives in Times Square to give his performance, but he's unhappy and Claire goes over to him to find out what's wrong]
Claire Morgan: Mr. Jensen, what's the problem?
Jensen: I saw your speech on TV.
Claire Morgan: I'm...I'm Claire Morgan. I'm the one that hired you.
Jensen: Hi. Boy meets girl, boy screws up, boy loses girl.
Claire Morgan: Oh. there any way I can help you?
Jensen: I don't think so.
Claire Morgan: Well, it is New Year's Eve. Anything is possible.
Jensen: Not this time. I think I really screwed it up. I don't think I deserve a second chance. You know what that feels like?
Claire Morgan: Actually, I do. I have the same situation going on right now. Um...maybe all this is too much for her, huh? I don't know, maybe...maybe all she wants is to not have to share you with the rest of the world.
Jensen: Sounds familiar.
Claire Morgan: We girls, we have a handbook.

Claire Morgan: Um...well I need to go fix the ball, and you need to fix what you broke too. But will you please sing first? Please. And don't forget, second chances they don't expire until midnight. Okay?
Jensen: Thanks.
Claire Morgan: You rock. I'm a big fan.
Jensen: Thank you.

[at the Ahern Records party Sam is on stage delivering his speech the guests]
Sam: As we move forward into this new year, let's try to remember that sometimes it's okay to listen to your heart. I know it's risky, take that leap of faith. Happy New Year, everybody.

[we find out that Laura is the caterer for the Ahern Records party]
Mrs. Rose Ahern: I have to say, that he was absolutely right. The food is sublime.
Laura: Thank you. Thank you so much, it's great to hear. Um...who was right?
Mrs. Rose Ahern: Jensen! He told us that we had to hire you or he wouldn't sing tonight.
[Laura tries to hide her surprise]
Laura: Ah.
Mrs. Rose Ahern: I'm gonna recommend you to everyone I know, and honey, I know a lot of people.

[it's near midnight and we go back at the hospital where Stan is looking even more ill]
Nurse Aimee: Stan, it's just me, Aimee.
Stan Harris: Please go. I don't want you to see it happen.
Nurse Aimee: No, I'm not gonna leave you alone.
[suddenly we hear Claire's voice from behind the curtain]
Claire Morgan: He's not alone.
[Aimee pulls back the curtain to reveal Claire]
Claire Morgan: Hi, daddy.
Stan Harris: Hey, kiddo! Hey, kid. Did we miss it?
Claire Morgan: The ball hasn't dropped yet.
Stan Harris: You really here?
Claire Morgan: Yeah.
[Claire sneaks her father to the hospital rooftop where they can watch the ball drop at Time Square]

[in the kitchen at the Ahern Records party, Laura now all dressed up notices Ava has also dressed up]
Laura: Wow-e-wow! Where in the world is the rest of that dress?
Ava: Ah, New Year's is all about the dress! You said that we could change before desert. There's nothing wrong in showing a little something.
Laura: Oh, trust me. There's nothing little about those.
[referring to her boobs]
Ava: What? Did one fall off?
Laura: No! They...they didn't fall off. They're still there. You look great, perfect in fact.

[Aimee finishes her shift, changes into a party dress, then heads into a room with a computer and webcam set up, she turns it on and talks to her husband who's a soldier overseas]
Soldier: You look so beautiful. I think I need to be there.
Nurse Aimee: I think I wish you were. Hi, baby.
Soldier: How have you been?
Nurse Aimee: I'm okay.
Soldier: The guy's are all watching Times Square on TV right now. I tell 'em I'm better off, I'm watching you.
Nurse Aimee: I miss you, so much.
Soldier: I miss you too, baby. I do.
Nurse Aimee: But you know what? This is gonna be a great New Year, because you're coming home really soon.
Soldier: I hope so.
Nurse Aimee: You are.
Soldier: Yeah. Happy New Year!
Nurse Aimee: Happy New Year.

[Laura is alone in the kitchen eating chocolates, Jensen comes in and interrupts her]
Laura: So, you talked Mrs. Ahern into hiring me tonight, huh?
Jensen: Well, I knew you had a lot of other offers and I wanted you to take this one. I really wanted to talk to you.
Laura: Well, I'm glad you did. I'm glad we had a chance to talk.
Jensen: I'm canceling the tour.
Laura: Why?
Jensen: Because of you. I'm never gonna leave you again, ever. Best decision I ever made was asking you to marry me, and the worst decision I ever made was sprinting. I plan to make it up to you as long as it takes.
Laura: Well, you do realize that it could be an awfully long time before I choose to forgive you. I mean, we could be old and gray before I choose to forgive you.
Jensen: I'll wait.
Laura: It could be years of makeup sex, before I choose to forgive you.
Jensen: I'll suffer. It's almost midnight, do you wanna go out to a party?

[to Claire as they watch the ball drop in Times Square]
Stan Harris: I've made so many mistakes. You weren't one of them.

[as the midnight countdown ends everybody in Times Square kisses, but Ingrid is standing alone when suddenly Paul runs up to her grabs her and kisses her]
Ingrid: What the hell are you doing? I'm twice your age!
Paul: Final resolution; midnight kiss on New Year's Eve. Boom! Check it off!

[at the hospital James comes into Tess' room to congratulate Tess and Griffin on their new baby]
James Schwab: Hi. So you had your baby. Congratulations. Boy or girl?
Griffin Byrne: Boy.
James Schwab: A boy!
[referring to his baby]
James Schwab: A girl. Third one. Exactly at twelve-oh-four. And yours was when?
Griffin Byrne: Twelve-oh-five.
James Schwab: Really?
[Griffin shakes his James' hand]
Griffin Byrne: Yeah.
James Schwab: Thank you!
[crying with happiness, James kisses Griffin on the cheeks]
James Schwab: Thanks so much!
[as Dr. Morriset watches James walk towards his wife and new baby]
Spiritual Dr. Morriset: Twelve-oh-five it is then.

[outside La Gambina we see Sam sitting there looking disappointed, just as he starts to walk away, he sees a horse-drawn carriage approaching, a woman steps down and runs towards him]
Sam: You showed up!
Kim: You showed up!
Sam: You look beautiful.
Kim: Well, I had a year to get ready.
[he kisses her and they drive away in the carriage]

[last lines]
Sam: [voice over] Sometimes it feels like there are so many things we can't control, earthquakes, floods, reality shows. But it's important to remember the things we can, like forgiveness, second chances, fresh starts. Because the one thing that turns the world from a lonely place to a beautiful place, is love. Love in any of its forms. Love gives us hope, hope for the New Year. That's New Year's Eve to me. Hope, and a great party.
[as the credits roll, we see footage of Paul and Ingrid dancing at the Ahern Records party]
New Year's Eve Quotes

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