By Patricia (Ft. Myers)


Saw the movie and didn’t feel it insulted my religious beliefs. However, all would be better served if hadn’t added and/or changed things found in the Bible.

I’ll give the producer some slack because we really don’t know what it was like before the Deluge. Maybe they did have some advanced devices, knew how to knit and use buttons, use top-stitching and cut on the bias, had exploding stuff and glowing coals. And maybe not.

The Messengers could be the Nephilim found in Genesis. According to this movie, they took pity on Adam and Eve after the Fall and tried to help them out. God punished them for interfering by casting them into the earth and turning them in animated rocks. These beings are like a kid’s Transformers. Anyway, they help Noah build the Ark. Considering we’ve all wondered how one guy could have completed that contract, I can see where the director thought this made sense. Divine Intervention would have been welcomed.

Noah is a descendant of Seth, all the rest of humanity are from Cain and are the evil men whom God wants to destroy. Noah knows this from his dreams. Unlike the Bible, Noah does not converse with God. When befuddled he goes to his grandfather, Methuselah, who helps him sort things out.

Noah secretly visits the bad guys and comes away depressed by their depravity. Once afloat and safe, he concludes that God doesn’t want any men to survive because all harbor evil. He tells his family that if his pregnant daughter-in-law gives birth to a son, he’ll let him live to bury all at the natural completion of their lives. But if it is a girl, he’ll immediately kill her so she cannot grow-up to reproduce another generation. Population control.

Earlier, Noah tells his adopted daughter, who believes she serves no purpose on earth, that he first thought of her as a burden but now he and the whole family treasure her. Later, she’ll learn what purpose God had created her for.

Acting and visuals are good. The snake skin represents the last shreds of goodness lost by the serpent before it became evil. It is treasured by the tribe of Seth. Noah and clan are now vegans although I did see some of them wearing some nice boots. The stowaway was an unnecessary addition. I felt it was a pro-life film encouraging all to value the lives they have no matter what the age or species.

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