By Melissa (Pennsylvania)


I hated this movie. I wonder if the writers have ever read the Holy Bible. I feel they took bits and pieces of doctrine and just made it into a sad sci-fi.

This movie grossly misrepresented God’s true character. God is love. He truly is our merciful creator. This movie just made me sick inside. I feel like crying, not for the sad story portrayed here, but for the fact that the writers of this movie totally twisted facts in God’s word. There wasn’t much actual truth to it. I am sickened to think of the people that go to see this movie in an attempt to get better understanding of the Bible, when they’re only going to be misled into believing God is this unmerciful baby killer that turns angels into some kind of sci-fi stone creatures. What were they trying to accomplish with the foolish crap I just wasted my hard earned money to go see?

Noah’s sons AND their wives got on the ark…the Bible NEVER stated anything about Tubal Cain being on the ark. This whole movie made me so angry. This world was and is totally filled with wickedness and so is this movie. God clearly said do not take from or add anything to his word. I don’t know what kind of Bible the writer of this movie is reading from, but God’s word never said anything about stone creatures called watchers building the ark. He gave specific instructions to Noah as to how he wanted him to build the ark.

I am so very disappointed and angry about this movie. It seriously disgusts me. Please people, read the bible before you watch this movie so you will know the truth, then do yourself a favor, don’t bother going to even see the movie!!

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